Anton's name day: when to celebrate Angel Day in 2021

Anton's birthday:

January 30 – Venerable Anthony the Great

June 23 – St. Anthony, Metropolitan of Tobolsk

July 23 is the day of remembrance of St. Anthony of Kiev-Pechersk

September 15 is the day of remembrance of St. Anthony and Theodosius of Kiev-Pechersk

October 11 - Council of the Reverend Fathers of the Kiev-Pechersk, resting in the Near Caves (St. Anthony)

August 20, October 24 - Venerable Anthony of Optina

Famous namesakes

Saints with the name Anton have been mentioned for a long time:

  • The most famous is St. Anthony the Great, born in the 3rd century AD, in Egypt. According to legend, he lived in the desert for 70 years and died at 106 years old, having previously taught a considerable number of people the knowledge of Christ.

  • Anthony of Pechersk: bore the name Antip in the world, he began his monastic path in Athos. Next he was expected to move to Kyiv and settle in the caves on Berestovaya Mountain. People were attracted by the pious behavior exhibited by the saint, and soon his community reached 100 people. At the same place, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected. The person under discussion is also the founder of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

  • The Monk of Optina: together with his elder brother Moses of Optina, he erected a monastery monastery, of which he later became the head. The elder, whose name was Anton, suffered from a leg disease, but at the same time he worked at the temple for another 3 years while awaiting dismissal. Even after leaving, he received and consoled the suffering. It is recommended to remember him on name days and at other times, as an example of a person who built a community from scratch.

  • Anthony of Roman Novgorod: Orthodox saint who became an orphan at the age of 18. During these same years, he distributes one part of the property to those in need, and puts the other in a barrel and sends it to the sea. Later, the martyr founded the Anthony Monastery.

The secular world also has its celebrities. Here's just a small part of them:

Anton Pavlovich Losenko is a famous Russian artist who gave birth to a historical movement in painting;

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is an excellent writer, satirist, advertiser and doctor, whose works are still valued in literary and media circles.

Anton Kerner is a botanist from Austria who was the first to discover the phenomenon of parthenogenesis. One of the first people to study phytocenosis.

Saints named Anton

Venerable Anthony of Kiev-Pechersk (983–1073)

The founder of the famous Kiev-Pechersk Monastery and the Russian monastic tradition was born not far from Chernigov in the city of Lyubech. From the life of St. Anthony, it is known that already in childhood he stood out among his peers: the child dreamed of becoming a monk. And when the future saint reached adulthood, he went on a journey and thus ended up on Holy Mount Athos. Here, having taken monastic vows, the young monk spent several years in one monastery, becoming imbued with the way of monastic life. Seeing with what zeal and obedience the saint labored, the abbot of the monastery once said to him: “Anthony! Go back to the Russian land, and let those who live there prosper through you and become established in the Christian faith; May the blessing of the Holy Mountain be with you!” The blessing of the abbot turned out to be fateful: thanks to the return of St. Anthony, a monastic tradition was born in Rus', which gave the world many saints.

According to the life, Anthony, once in his homeland, settled in a cave near Kyiv. Only by the example of his deep prayer life did the saint gradually begin to attract people to himself. Admiring his feat and wanting to imitate him, they began to settle around the saint’s cave. Gradually the first monastic community began to take shape. Among them were Christians from the inner circle of the Kyiv prince Izyaslav Yaroslavich (1024–1078) Varlaam and Ephraim. Later, this provoked a conflict between the prince and Anthony: Izyaslav was indignant that his best people were leaving him for the monk.

Meanwhile, there were more and more people desiring monastic life, and then Anthony, so as not to disturb his prayerful solitude, retired to a cave nearby. Before this, the saint appointed the first abbot of the newly formed monastery. Until his death, he remained an unquestioned authority for the entire brethren.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Photo by Vladimir Eshtokin

It was with his blessing that a wooden church was erected in honor of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and cells for the monks were built. Among the brethren of the Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery was the future legendary author of the first edition of The Tale of Bygone Years, Rev. Nikon of Pechersk. Thus, the monastery of St. Anthony became not only a place of special spiritual life, but also the main cultural center of Kievan Rus for several centuries. Not only chronicle and literary traditions arose here, but also its own school of icon painting (founded by the Monk Alypius of Pechersk).

Around 1062, the Monk Theodosius, one of Anthony’s closest students, was elected as the new abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery, who introduced the monastic charter and founded one of the first libraries in Rus' on the territory of the monastery.

Caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Photo by Vladimir Eshtokin

The Monk Anthony finished his feat in 1073. He was buried in his cave. The saint is remembered in the Russian Orthodox Church as “the chief of all Russian monks,” and the main work of his life, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, still attracts a huge number of pilgrims and guests from all over the world.

Characteristics of the birthday boy Anton:

From the Latin language - “entering into battle, opposing everything.” Life consists of ups and downs. Unbalanced nature. All the time he strives for freedom, forgetting that the price for it is loneliness. Anton is constantly looking for someone's friendship, good disposition, and love for him is self-torture. Observes others more, analyzes their actions and draws conclusions. He does not get involved in any adventures until he has calculated everything himself. An introvert by nature. Tends to withdraw into himself. Relatives must take this into account. Anton is objective and capable of self-sacrifice, although he lacks self-confidence and decisiveness in actions. He has willpower, but he doesn't show it often.

Other famous saints named Anthony:

Venerable Anthony the Great (c. 251–356) is the founder of the Christian monastic tradition. According to legend, one day he entered the temple and heard the gospel words: If you want to be perfect, go, sell your property and give it to the poor; and you will have treasure in heaven; and come and follow Me (Matthew 19:21 ). Anthony took what he heard as a personal call from God, renounced his parental inheritance and retired to the Thebaid desert (Upper Egypt). Here he lived for 20 years in complete solitude, leading a strict ascetic life. Later, he interrupted his solitude to arrange the lives of imitators who began to settle in the area. This is how the tradition of monastic hermitage developed. In old age, the Monk Anthony died surrounded by his closest disciples.

Saint Anthony, Metropolitan of Tobolsk (1671–1740) is one of the most famous missionaries and educators of Siberia. Having received an education at a prestigious educational institution at that time - the Kyiv Theological Academy, the saint took monastic vows. By personal decree of Emperor Peter I, Anthony, already an archbishop, was elevated to the rank of Metropolitan of Tobolsk and Siberia. Here the saint worked a lot in the missionary field, sending preachers to Kamchatka and China. The saint also raised the general educational level of his metropolis. In particular, he reformed the Slavic-Russian school in Tobolsk, introducing Latin into the number of subjects taught, in which most scientific works were then written. Saint Anthony was canonized in 1984.

Reverend Anthony of Optina (1795–1865) - one of the founders of the St. John the Baptist monastery, whose head he was for 14 years. The saint was not able to take monastic vows immediately after coming of age: family circumstances prevented him and the young man himself carefully tried to think over his future path. Finally, he secretly left his parental home and lived for several years in the Oryol province, in the monastery where his elder brother (later the Monk Moses of Optina) labored. Later, he took monastic vows and moved to the monastery of St. John the Baptist of Optina Pustyn, who later headed and supervised its establishment. In 1839, Anthony was appointed abbot of the St. Nicholas Chernoostrovsky Monastery (city of Maloyaroslavets). Here, through the works of the saint, the lost spiritual life of the monastics was revived. Having retired to Optina Pustyn, shortly before his death, the Monk Anthony accepted the schema. Canonized at the Council of Bishops in 2000.

General characteristics of the name Anthony

Anton is a very contradictory person. His life often consists of ups and downs, as he is constantly eager to fight, being in an eternal search for his own destiny. He is responsive, prone to self-sacrifice, kind and sincere to others.

This person values ​​his freedom very much; he will prefer quiet solitude to noisy company, where he will have the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts. In difficult life circumstances, Anton can withdraw into himself, but this does not mean that he is ready to give up and go with the flow. He just needs time to think and make the right decision.

Anton will never get involved in frivolous adventures, even if this promises large monetary profits. Anthony's actions and actions are always adequate and correspond to his precise calculations.

Choice of profession and career

Anton does not have strong leadership qualities, but is able to influence the opinions of others. In the company of friends, Tosha prefers to listen more than talk. But if others demand it, he is able to give valuable and wise advice.

Anthony is able to successfully implement himself in his profession, but only if he likes his work and is interested in the positive result of his work. A series of failures for this strong man will not be a reason for depression. Most likely, he will perceive this as another useful experience and draw certain conclusions.

This man is brave and inquisitive. He is often dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and he is constantly looking for a balance of spiritual harmony and material well-being. Sometimes he can succumb to influence from the outside - both good and bad. He is always decent and honest with friends.

Love and health

Personal life, like fate in general, is not always calm and prosperous. This temperamental man in his youth is very hot, impulsive and amorous. Such character traits lead to Anton often choosing the wrong women and quickly becoming disillusioned with them. Therefore, with age, he becomes distrustful of beautiful young ladies.

Antonio will approach starting a family responsibly and seriously, but a successful marriage will most likely happen on the second or third try. The chosen one must be of a meek disposition, not materialistic, kind and loyal.

Anton is a very hot-tempered person and sometimes emotionally unbalanced. He often takes difficult situations too closely, experiencing problems deeply. At such moments, he is prone to rash actions, which he later deeply regrets.

Anton should pay attention to his psycho-emotional health, learn to control attacks of anger, jealousy, and rage. Otherwise, actions against the backdrop of emotional distress can lead to irreversible consequences.

With age, Anton's character changes. He becomes wiser, calmer and more reasonable. Perhaps after forty years he will begin to use his emotional intelligence, controlling his behavior and influencing the lifestyle of others.

Great and famous people named Anton:

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741) - famous Italian composer, was born in Venice in the family of a violinist. He received his first music lessons from his father, and later, instead of him, he headed the chapel in St. Mark's Cathedral. In 1703, Antonio abandoned his ecclesiastical career and became Maestro di Violino (violin master) at an orphanage and music school in Venice, the Ospedale della Pietà. Later, the composer was appointed manager of the Pietà Conservatory and was invited to Mantua, where he wrote music for the ducal court. In total, Antonia Vivaldi composed 90 operas, as well as 517 concerts, one of which is the famous cycle “The Seasons”. The forgotten and ill great composer died in Vienna at the age of 63.

Anton Antonovich Delvig (1798–1831) - Russian poet, was born in Moscow, in the family of a major general. In 1811, he entered the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where he began writing his first poems and met Alexander Pushkin. Later, their communication grew into a close friendship. Since 1824, Anton Delvig published the almanac “Northern Flowers”, and later edited the “Literary Newspaper”. He gained the greatest poetic fame for his elegies, as well as romances and songs (“My nightingale is my nightingale”, “Not a fine autumn rain ...”). Anton Antonovich died at the age of 32 from typhus.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904) - one of the most famous Russian writers, was born in Taganrog in the family of a merchant. After school, he entered the medical faculty of Moscow University. In 1880 he began writing his first short humorous stories. In 1887, Chekhov's first play, Ivanov, was staged. During the same period, the writer took part in the general population census, and also worked as a local doctor during the cholera epidemic. Later, Chekhov travels to Siberia to visit the island of Sakhalin, a place of exile for convicts. Anton Pavlovich left travel notes “Sakhalin Island” about his trip. In total, the Russian writer wrote 19 novellas, 574 short stories and 17 plays. On July 15, 1904, Anton Chekhov died of tuberculosis.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900–1944) - famous French writer, poet, and professional pilot. . Exupery worked as a car dealer, bookstore salesman, pilot and test pilot. In the 1930s he became a journalist. During World War II he flew several combat missions. After the defeat of France, he moved to his sister in New York. Here he wrote his famous book “The Little Prince”. In 1943, Anutan de Saint-Exupéry joined the Free French Air Force. Having taken off for reconnaissance from the Borgo airfield on the island of Corsica, he did not return. The death of the writer could be documented only at the end of the last century.

Character traits and fate

As a child, he is an affectionate and gentle boy. At school he may not have tremendous success, but further learning and development will be easy. Mom and dad should try to instill a love of education at an early age, and also help Anton realize the importance of knowledge.

Note! Name days are a great time for a family vacation. Remember what Hegumen Nikon said: “Keep the family strong at any cost!”

In adolescence, a young man is impulsive. May show aggression towards peers, which must be replaced by faith, sports and useful sciences. At the same time, the Antons greatly value their friends. The strongest bonds often arise in quarrels, but then remain for life. Let's summarize the features for brevity:

  • Loyalty;
  • Strength of spirit;
  • Impulsiveness;
  • Independence;
  • The desire to act.

Interesting facts associated with the name Anton

— “The Temptation of St. Anthony” is the famous triptych of Hieronymus Bosch, the plot of which is the temptation of St. Anthony the Great during his exploit in the Egyptian desert.

— Antonovshchina — a mass peasant uprising in the Tambov province (1920–1921), named after its leader, Alexander Stepanovich Antonov.

— Antonovka is an old Russian winter apple tree variety that was bred through folk selection. The famous Tula gardener S.V. Batov associated this name of the apple tree with the name of a certain gardener Anton, who independently bred this variety a long time ago.

— “Anthony's fire” is a disease that is accompanied by a violation of the cellular nutrition of tissues due to narrowing of the capillaries in the extremities, which causes, in particular, the appearance of gangrene on the skin. The disease received this name due to the fact that its treatment in the Middle Ages was carried out by the Antonite Order, a Catholic order in France, whose patron was St. Anthony the Great.

Days of Angel Anthony

Church name: Anton

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Name meaning: entering into battle, opponent, competing

(Read the full meaning of the name Anton)

Anton's next name day: November 26

Translation of the name Anton into other languages

in Belarusian - Anton in Bulgarian - Anton in Hungarian - Antal in Greek - Αντώνιος and Αντώνης in Spanish - Antonio in Italian - Antonio in Chinese - 安东 in Latin - Antonius in Latvian - Antons in Lithuanian - Antanas in German - Anton in Polish - Antoni and Antoniusz in Portuguese - Antônio and António in Romanian - Antoniu and Antonie in Serbian - Antonije in Ukrainian - Anton in Finnish - Anton and Anttoni in French - Antoine in Croatian - Antun and Anto in Czech - Anton in Japanese - 力士

Church name Anton

(in the Orthodox faith) - Anthony. Since the name came into the Russian language from Greece (Byzantium) along with the adoption of Orthodoxy, it is pronounced in the Greek way in church.

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