Angel Alexandra Day according to the church calendar - the meaning of the name

The beautiful and majestic female name Alexandra first appeared in Ancient Greece from the word “protector.” Previously, only men, future warriors, were called this powerful name; a little later, girls began to be called it. This name is still very popular in Russia and all over the world. There are many famous personalities among the owners of this name.

Pronunciation of the name Alexander in different countries of the world: England - Alexandria, Germany - Alexandrine, France - Alexandrine, Spain - Alejandra, Portugal - Alexandra, Italy - Alessandra, Corsica - Lizandrina, Romania - Alexandrina, Hungary - Sandra, Ukraine - Oleksandra, Belarus - Aleksandra, Poland - Oleksandra.

Diminutive form of the name: Sandra, Sasha, Shura, Shurochka, Sashenka. Alexa, Alexandrochka, Sandrochka, Sashulya, Sashka.

Patron Saints of Alexandra

Famous saints named Alexandra:

  • Alexandra Pontiyskaya. Honored on April 2. She died with other Christians in 310 in the name of Christ, when the persecution of Christians began.
  • Alexandra Rimskaya. Honored on May 6th. She was the wife of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. She witnessed the torment of St. George the Victorious and his miraculous salvations, after which she believed in Christ, for which she was sentenced to death by her husband in 303. In Russia, she was the patroness of empresses named after Alexander.
  • Alexandra Ankirskaya. Honored on May 31 and November 19. From a young age she led a godly life; in 303, during the persecution of Christians, she was drowned in a lake.
  • Alexandra Romanova. Venerated on July 17th. She was the Empress of Russia, the wife of Nicholas II. The Bolsheviks executed the entire Romanov royal family on July 17, 1918.

Health and innate abilities

Good health in general. However, there are often disturbances in life cycles, insomnia, and irregular menstruation. Possible fractures. Pay attention to the lungs and respiratory organs.

It is also worth paying attention to the heart. It is necessary to carry out prevention by consuming fish oil. The menu should include rice, fish and chicken. It is necessary to monitor the joints, because there is increased energy in the pancreas and spleen. These problems can cause gastritis or pancreatitis.


From early childhood, Alexandra strives to become the best in everything; she begins to walk, talk, and take care of herself early. She is growing up as a restless and curious girl; it is impossible to sit her in one place for a long time. Parents should not limit her activity; she needs to throw out the accumulated energy, otherwise she will create problems not only for herself, but also for those around her. Since childhood, Alexandra has strived to control everyone, which not everyone likes. She learns to read and write early, the main thing is not to push her away from this, otherwise she will quickly lose interest and do poorly at school.

During adolescence, Alexandra changes, becomes stronger in character, can be rude and uncompromising. People respect her for her strength of character, but despite this, they do not strive to be friends with her. Alexandra's friends are mostly boys, with whom she finds it easier to communicate than with girls. Alexandra often quarrels with classmates because of her desire for justice and integrity. Alexandra’s studies progress differently; exact sciences are easier for her than the humanities. Many Alexandras in adolescence begin to engage in a certain sport, in which they are very successful. At home, he does not like to help his parents with housework and often quarrels with his mother.

Adult Alexandra becomes more diplomatic, but still strives to manage people and show her strong character. She does not know how to forgive betrayal; she erases the person who betrayed her from her life forever. She has no close friends, but relations with relatives, especially her mother, are improving. Almost all Alexandras go to college after school and clearly know what they want to work as.

Characteristics of the birthday girl Alexandra:

From the ancient Greek language - “protector of people, protector.” Feminine form of the male name Alexander. It is possible that the word originally comes from the name of the ancient Greek hero - Ales (Alez, Alest), a descendant of Hercules, king of Mycenae.

As a child, Alexandra was somewhat shy, read a lot, and studied well. Due to the fact that Sashenka often likes to “snack”, especially various “yummy” foods that her parents (mainly her grandmother) pamper her with, she looks like a “bun” compared to her peers.

However, in high school, intensive exercise, a moderate diet, and general cleaning of the house, which Sasha often voluntarily undertakes, completely relieve her of extra pounds. And already at the age of 17-18, Sasha turns from a “bun” into a gazelle - playful, cheerful, graceful, able to carry on a conversation with any young man. She has more than enough fans.

However, Alexandra is in no hurry to get married. First of all, she strives to get a good education, and she wants to choose an ideal life partner, such that he will be at the same time a friend, a lover, and an assistant in household chores. She herself is a wonderful housewife in the family, a caring mother, and knows how to find a common language with children. Alexandra is respected by her work colleagues. She can be a good doctor, translator (she has a penchant for foreign languages), economist (accountant), teacher.

Straightforward, deliberately rational, forcibly entering into the perfection of virtues, Alexandra is such in her phenomenality, in her cruel truth, while in the depths she is blind, insanely persistent. Female chaos, not seeing itself and not admitting to itself, that’s what it is. Meanwhile, pushed by blind will, Alexandra is persistent, stubborn, holding tightly to what she has outlined as a reasonable and proven goal.


Alexandra usually receives an excellent education, which gives her an excellent path to a career. Even in childhood, he knows what he wants to become and confidently moves towards his goal. Alexandra often chooses male professions and is very successful in them. If Alexandra chooses a profession related to finance, she will be able not only to become an indispensable employee, but also to easily climb the career ladder. The best profession for Alexandra would be one that involves business trips and trips around the world.

Daily Prayer

Girls who have been given the beautiful name Sasha can read the following prayer every morning, dedicated to their patron saint:

“Pray to the Lord God for me, holy servant of God Alexandra, how I diligently resort to you, to your helper, intercessor and prayer book for my soul! Amen".

This prayer gives protection and intercession, brings peace to the heart and strengthens faith. It can also be read in front of the saint’s icon when girls named Sasha celebrate Angel Day.

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Alexandra, who puts her career first in her life, usually gets married late. Powerful and strong in character, Alexandra in family life turns into a soft, thrifty and loving wife. She will become an excellent friend to her husband, a wonderful wife, and will help him climb the career ladder. Usually Alexandra has at least two children, for whom she is the undisputed authority. Alexander’s children will be looked after even when they become adults. Alexandra will not forgive her husband for his softness, despotism and betrayal; she will divorce him without regret and begin looking for her next husband. It follows from this that Alexandra can marry more than once.

Origin of the name

This beautiful name came to us from Ancient Greece. Today it is one of the most famous and popular. When exactly this name appeared is still unknown. But it is known for sure that the male name Alexander, translated from Greek, means “courageous” or “protector . Yes, initially the name was masculine, but later a feminine version appeared.

Famous generals, scientists, poets, and emperors bore this name. It is revered by the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The name became widespread in Europe thanks to the great Alexander the Great. It is known that after the Macedonian campaigns in Muslim states, a male analogue was formed there - Iskander.

In Rus', the name gained popularity after the canonization of Alexander Nevsky. It was then that girls began to be named after Alexander . This name still remains unchanged in Orthodoxy, since it is church. That is why name days are so revered among Orthodox believers.

Where to place the icon and how to pray

The icon of St. Alexandra is not a talisman or a magical object, so it is not necessary to hang it over the bed of girls named by this name or carry it with you. An icon of any size is placed in a place convenient for prayer, a home iconostasis.

Icon “St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Holy Queen Alexandra”

You can receive help and protection from the patron saint only through sincere prayer. Before prayer, you should cleanse your soul and thoughts from evil, forgive all insults to loved ones and open your heart to goodness, calmness and humility.

Famous women named Alexandra

There are many famous women in history with this name:

  • Alexandra Ekster - artist, theater decorator;
  • Alexandra Romanova - Russian Empress;
  • Alexandra Kollontai - activist in the international and Russian revolutionary socialist movement;
  • Alexandra Pakhmutova - composer and songwriter;
  • Alexandra Zabelina - Soviet athlete, three-time Olympic champion in fencing;
  • Alexandra Zakharova - Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of Russia;
  • Alexandra Glagoleva-Arkadyeva is a physicist who created the so-called mass emitter;
  • Alexandra Efimenko - historian, ethnographer, the first woman - honorary doctor of Russian history;
  • Alexandra Zaretskaya - Israeli figure skater;
  • Alexandra Pivovarova is a Russian top model.

There are both children's and adult poems about Alexander: Agnia Barto “A Joke about Shurochka”, Alexander Dolsky “Sanka”, Elena Frantsuzova “Suitcase”.


The iconography of the holy martyr Queen Alexandra of Rome includes several common types:

  • half-length single images;
  • individual full-length icons;
  • multi-figure iconographic compositions.

    Icon of Queen Alexandra of Rome

In most images the saint is dressed in royal robes. The head is crowned. The empress's right hand is occupied by a cross, and her left is either pressed to her chest or with her palm facing the audience. Most often, single images of the queen are located on a golden background. In some icons, city walls and a river can be seen in the background.

Multi-figure compositions with the participation of the holy martyr Alexandra can be seen in the following museums and churches:

  • full-length mosaic image in the iconostasis of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg;
  • mosaic in the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood;
  • icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and St. Queen Alexandra of Rome in the Hermitage;
  • The icon “Selected Saints”, kept in the Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Art.

The secret of the name Alexander, beliefs, signs

What inexplicable curtain can hide the secret of Alexander's name? For many years, people studied everything that happens on the holiday of veneration of the saint, and learned to predict the weather and natural disasters. What signs are associated with the day of the saint who will patronize the baby?

The spring holy day is the most popular among people, because it is by certain signs that one can predict the weather for the entire summer. What should you pay attention to on this day to prepare for the vagaries of the weather? Most often they look at the clouds - they must certainly be bright blue. It is this sign that promises wonderful weather - plenty of sun and rain. Usually you can confidently predict the harvest - it will definitely please you and will be generous and plentiful. Fruit trees will be especially productive - there will be enough supplies for the whole winter if stored correctly.

When was Sashenka born?

Winter Alexanders are always looking for adventures on their own and find them. They often find themselves in difficult life situations that they are unable to solve on their own. They are quite stubborn and capricious, and perceive any criticism with hostility.

Spring Alexandra is whimsical, arrogant, selfish. She puts her priorities above all else, this harms not only her career, but also the creation of family relationships. If such a girl becomes responsive and friendly, her financial and family situation will change for the better.

Alexandra, born in spring, can be arrogant and selfish

Summer Alexandra is impulsive and vindictive. You shouldn’t piss off such a woman if you don’t want to be cruelly revenged in the future. She has the makings of a leader, but Sasha, who was born in the summer, is not always able to competently build a plan for achieving what she wants and calculate her capabilities.

Autumn Alexandra is overly persistent, sometimes annoying and whimsical. She is often grouchy and dissatisfied with something. This condition can cause nervous disorders and apathy. To avoid this, Sasha, who was born in autumn, needs to be in the company of happy and friendly people.

Name horoscope

AriesA hot-tempered and energetic woman. Her actions cannot be predicted. Being alone for a long time can make her feel depressed. Alexandra-Aries is always surrounded by optimistic friends. She doesn’t like people who constantly complain about fate; they make Sasha sad.
TaurusResponsible, prudent and practical, in important matters she never gives free rein to her feelings. Many colleagues and acquaintances consider her cold-blooded and insensitive, but this opinion is false. Alexandra-Taurus is a sensitive, calm and modest woman. In relation to her partner - tender and caring.
TwinsPositive, energetic, cheerful, graceful. He does not dwell on the past, he proudly moves forward towards new achievements. No difficulties or obstacles can stop her. Nothing can ruin Alexandra-Gemini’s mood. She enjoys every little thing that happens in her life.
CancerSensitive, vulnerable, kind-hearted. She worries not only about her own life, she is also worried about the hardships of those around her. Alexandra-Cancer is understanding and responsive, which is why she is most often chosen as a vest in which to cry. Such a girl is responsible and will always come to the rescue.
a lionShe is always in the spotlight and sets a good example for her colleagues and acquaintances. Alexandra the Lioness has high self-esteem. She is a strong personality, capable of overcoming all obstacles on the path to success. She has few friends, since she cannot open up to everyone.
VirgoDelicacy, foresight and practicality are characteristic of Alexandra-Virgo. She purposefully goes towards her goal without any losses. She leads a modest life, does not like noisy companies, but her life is filled with various surprises and amazing events.
ScalesElegant, graceful, fragile. Capable of charming anyone with her lightness and good nature. At the same time, Alexandra-Libra has a persistent character and will never allow herself to be insulted or humiliated.
ScorpionSubject to frequent and sudden mood changes. Because of this feature, she has practically no friends. But Alexandra-Scorpio’s eccentricity attracts interesting and bright people to her, who bring new colors to her life.
SagittariusLeads an active lifestyle. She is one of the first to know about all important events. Such a girl is a very curious person; sometimes other people’s destinies are more interesting to her than her own. She should be careful, as she may lose the trust of others and end up alone.
CapricornDelicate, prudent, meek. Alexandra-Capricorn is almost impossible to piss off. She is able to find a way out of the most tense situations. She has well-developed intuition: before panicking, she will think through all the options for solving a problem. Those around her value her for her strong-willed character, accuracy and tact.
AquariusSecretive, vulnerable and sensitive. Often thinks about the meaning of life. Alexandra-Aquarius loves history and philosophy. She often lives in her own world, which is why such a girl is often considered strange. She does not know how to express her emotions, believing that it is a waste of time.
FishCharming, graceful, charming. Alexandra-Pisces knows her worth. She skillfully uses her attractive appearance to achieve her own goals.
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