Troyekurovskoe cemetery graves, list of celebrities, directions, opening hours

  • An active closed cemetery, a branch of the Novodevichy Cemetery.
  • Location: Ochakovo-Matveevskoye district, Western district of Moscow.
  • The nearest metro station is Kuntsevskaya.
  • Columbarium: yes, open.
  • Area: approx. 20.8 hectares.
  • It is planned to increase to 25 hectares by 2021.
  • Coordinates 55.697265,37.411589.

One of the most prestigious in Moscow is the Troekurovskoye cemetery.
Many famous Russians from various fields of activity are buried here and citizens with special services to the Fatherland are buried here. Troyekurovskoye Cemetery was founded in 1962 - then mainly prominent members of the Communist Party and Heroes of the Soviet Union were buried here. There is a large funeral hall for 500 people (the largest in the country) and a small hall for 100. There is a false cremation service. Why do you need an agent RITUAL.RU?

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At home

During transportation

In the morgue

At the cemetery

How to get to Troekurovsky Cemetery:

Below are the travel options to Troekurovsky Cemetery.

Address of Troekurovsky cemetery: Moscow, JSC, st. Rowan.

Phone for information: +7 (495) 100-3-100

Troyekurovskoe cemetery. Administration.

The administration is subordinate to the State Budgetary Institution “Ritual”.

Troyekurovskoe cemetery. Administration phone number.

Administration phone number.

Troekurovskoe Cemetery in Moscow - official website of Troekurovskoe Cemetery

There is no official website for the Troekurovsky cemetery (as of March 2018).

Detailed information about locations, prices and methods of officially purchasing a plot is presented on the website of the Troekurovsky cemetery on the portal of the state funeral service

Opening hours of Troekurovsky Cemetery:

Summer (from May 1 to September 30): daily from 9 to 19.

Winter (from October 1 to April 30): daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Burials may take place every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to get to Troekurovsky Cemetery:


From the Kuntsevskaya metro station (first car from the center, exit to the left) you can take bus No. 612 to the final stop “Necropolis Troekurovo”.

How to get there by car:

Along the Moscow Ring Road: inner ring, exit at signpost 52A (52nd km) to Troekurovskaya street, go to the Church of St. Nicholas in Troekurov, where the entrance to the necropolis is located.

From the center: Novy Arbat, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Mozhaiskoe Highway, after the junction turn left onto Ryabinovaya Street, go to the cemetery.

Cost of funeral. Turnkey packages

Economy class cremation cost

From 5 to 11 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin silk-smooth 3500 RUR
  • Cotton bed RUR 700
  • Silk pillow500 RUR
  • Cotton bedspread560r
  • Cotton slippers100r
  • Delivery1250rub
  • Transport5500rub
  • Total: 11000 RUR

Cost of funeral “Economy class”

From 7 to 20 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin silk corrugated 4700 RUR
  • Silk bed RUR 1800
  • Silk bedspread900 RUR
  • Silk pillow700 RUR
  • Slippers300 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin600 RUR
  • Sign800 RUR
  • Wreath 110 cm2000 RUR
  • Tape200r
  • Delivery2500 RUR
  • Transport5500rub
  • Total: 20,000 rub.

Cost of a “standard” funeral

From 12 to 32 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Combined coffin13900 RUR
  • Composition on the coffin1900 RUR
  • Silk bed RUR 1800
  • Silk bedspread980r
  • Silk pillow700 RUR
  • Slippers300 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin700 RUR
  • Sign800 RUR
  • Wreath 100 cm2500 RUR
  • Tape200r
  • Delivery2500 RUR
  • Transport7200rub
  • Total: RUR 31,480

Business class funeral

From 80 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin-Rurik 6-sided42500 RUR
  • Elite jacquart bed 5500 RUR
  • Quilted bedspread with sewing3500 RUR
  • Satin pillow with gold frill1500 RUR
  • 4 pens “gold”2000 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin lid - elite brass 3500 RUR
  • Sign on the cross900 RUR
  • Wreath of fresh flowers aa2729900r
  • Wreath of fresh flowers aa2423000r
  • 2 custom satin ribbons 3000 RUR
  • Delivery of accessories2500 RUR
  • Transport Mercedes Sprinter for the whole day12500 RUR
  • Total: 142800 RUR

Your application for a full package of funeral services.

We do not share contact information with third parties

Cemetery address: Moscow, st. Ryabinovaya, 24

How to get there by public transport: you can get to the Troekurov Cemetery on your own, from the Slavyansky Boulevard metro station you can take buses No. 205, 231, 818 or minibus No. 523 to the stop. "Skolkovskoye Highway" By personal transport: from st. New Arbat, straight along Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Mozhaiskoe Highway, follow the sign to Ryabinovaya Street, turn left and follow straight to the necropolis. Opening hours: From May to September: 9:00 - 19:00. From October to April: 9:00 - 17:00. Administration: 9:00 - 17:00 Burials are possible: 9:00 - 17:00 Every day, without days off or lunch breaks. “Troekurovskoye Cemetery” is a prestigious cemetery in Moscow where Russian celebrities and honored people who became famous before the Fatherland are buried. The cemetery is located in the village of Troekurov, which was the personal possession of the Troekurov boyars. The cemetery area is 20.8 hectares; in 2021 it is planned to increase to 25 hectares. Troyekurovskoye Cemetery is a branch of Novodevichy Cemetery, built in 1962, during these years Heroes of the Soviet Union and members of the Communist Party were buried at the cemetery. You can find out where the grave is located at the Administration of the Troekurovsky Cemetery (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). On the territory of the Troekurovsky cemetery there is a temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, erected in 1704. The Troekurovo necropolis has 2 halls for mourning ceremonies for 600 and 100 invited relatives. Necropolis services: • cosmetic and sanitary treatment • embalming • musical accompaniment • services of a master of ceremonies • false cremation (After the farewell ceremony, the coffin with the body is lowered down, after it is delivered to the crematorium and after some time, relatives and friends are given an urn with ashes.) Place on Troekurovsky cemetery: • for burial with a coffin • for burial of urns with ashes in the ground, • a place in the columbarium, • a place on the site for family crypts, relatives and ancestral burials.

Cemetery places

  • a place at the Troekurovsky cemetery can be registered free of charge for a related burial in a related grave;
  • places at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow are provided free of charge to citizens with meritorious service to the state;
  • plots at Troekurovskoye Cemetery can be purchased in advance for ancestral (family) burial through an open auction of the Moscow Government;
  • a family place at the Troekurovsky cemetery can be urgently purchased through the Moscow Department of Trade and Services;
  • You can buy a columbarium cell at the Troekurovsky cemetery for burying the urn through the administration of the necropolis.

Funeral arrangements

at Troekurovsky cemetery

Find out the cost

Prestige since its inception

The year of creation of the Troekurovsky cemetery is considered to be 1962. Initially, the idea was to bury prominent state figures there. At that time, party members and people with special services to the USSR were buried here. Later they were “joined” by scientists, artists, artists, writers, pilots and other famous personalities.

At Troekurovsky Pogost, a large ritual hall for farewell was erected - for 500 people and a funeral home-necropolis. This made the cemetery prestigious.

Now Troekurovo has its own morgue and seven funeral halls. The territory is conveniently zoned, it is impossible to get lost there.

Near the necropolis is the famous Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, erected approximately 300 years ago.

Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Troyekurovskoe cemetery. Price of the place.

Plots at the Troekurovsky cemetery vary in price. How much a place at Troekurovsky cemetery costs depends on:

  • plot size – from 0.88 sq. m up to 10 sq. m;
  • location of the place - in the center, at the entrance, on the periphery;
  • method of burial - a coffin in a grave or an urn in a columbarium cell;
  • columbarium type - open is cheaper, closed is more expensive;
  • method of purchasing a plot - through an auction or through the Department of Trade and Services.

The cost of a plot at the Troekurovskoe cemetery for urgent purchase through the Department in 1-2 days is 2 times higher than the price of a plot at the Troekurovskoe cemetery at auction

Related (repeated) burial in a related grave is arranged free of charge

Famous buildings

Monuments on the graves of famous people are real works of art that can be admired for a long time. There are simple ones, but there are also real full-length monuments. It all depends on the financial condition of the relatives, as well as the wishes of the deceased himself. Such graves are of considerable interest for study by historians, art critics and ordinary visitors.

In addition to the graves, other buildings are also located on the territory of the cemetery. Among them:

  • the Troekurovo Necropolis complex, which includes two ritual halls that can accommodate up to 600 people;
  • crematorium;
  • an open-type colembarium for the burial of urns with ashes;
  • a rental point for equipment for landscaping the area, as well as caring for the grave.

The Troekurovo necropolis is considered the largest ritual complex in all of Russia. As already mentioned, the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is also located here. It was built back in the 18th century. During the Soviet era it was closed and began to function only in 1991.

In addition to burial and sale of land plots, the administration can provide you with information about the services they provide. The maintenance staff is engaged in landscaping the area. For a fee, they can also look after and maintain the plots of your relatives.

The best article for you, go to: Nikolo-Arkhangelsk celebrity cemetery, how to get there, opening hours, visiting schedule

Lately, everyone has been trying to learn from the experience of their foreign colleagues. Thus, any resident abroad can buy a plot in a cemetery via the Internet, as well as see the condition of the grave online and find out the news. The administration of this necropolis also wants to make this service available.

Average prices for services at Troekurovsky Cemetery

Official starting prices for a plot for family burial at an open auction, established by the Moscow Government:

  • For burial with a coffin: from 387,870 rub. up to 4,188,996 rub.
  • For burial with an urn: from 170,662.8 rubles. up to 341,325.6 rub.

Prices are as of January 2021; source:

The register of plots for family (tribal) burials in cemeteries in Moscow and New Moscow, put up for auction by the Moscow Government, is being updated. Keep an eye out for new offers on the website

Kinship (repeated) burial at Troekurovsky cemetery is free.

A place at the Troekurovsky cemetery is free

You can get a place in the cemetery for free:

  • if there is a related grave (and direct relationship with those buried in it);
  • if the deceased had services to the state or Moscow (awards, titles, regalia).

A free place for citizens with merit must be requested and processed in a special manner through the Department of Trade and Services. This can be done by relatives of the deceased or a ritual agent on behalf of the family. In a number of particularly important cases, the decision to allocate a site is made at the government level.

Registration takes place at the “one-stop service” of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services at 1st Krasnogvardeisky Proezd 21с1. Consultation on the possibility of providing a free cemetery plot can be obtained on the official website of the Department of Trade and Services or from the Central Dispatch Service by calling +7 (495) 100-3-100.

Order the production of a monument at the Troekurovsky cemetery


The cemetery is divided into 2 parts: old and new. The old one contains older burials that look dilapidated. In the opposite part there are newer burials. They are more gentrified.

One of the most notable sections of the cemetery is Actors Alley. Here, according to special schemes, key theater and film workers are buried.

Monument to Alexander Barykin at Troekuroskoye Cemetery

The entire Troekurovsky complex is made in such a way that one side is a funerary side, where the graves are located, and the other is created for relaxation and emotional relief, there are lawns, alleys, etc. on it. To make it more comfortable, benches were installed, curly sketches and openwork compositions were created, and flowers were planted.

At the entrance there is a parking lot with a capacity of 250 cars. Taking into account the specifics of the funeral, the markings and parking of cars may be changed to make the ceremonial processes more comfortable.

However, the most prominent landmark in the necropolis is the Great Funeral Hall. One of the largest in Russia, it can accommodate guests of 600 people. In addition to the large one, there is also a small one, which can accommodate 100 guests. At the main gate you can pick up a map, which is made in the form of a booklet. It will help you move around the area conveniently.

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