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With the help of magical spells, you can improve not only your personal life, but also your professional one. The procedure for getting a job, asking for a salary increase, relationships in a team, all this is a huge part of a person’s life. In these situations, a conspiracy to work will be very helpful; if you do it correctly, you can get rid of many unresolved issues in this area.

Conspiracy to work

How does the conspiracy work?

The good thing about a conspiracy to work well at home is that it creates a certain information field around the person who pronounces this conspiracy. That is, in fact, the customer conjures the information field around him so that events happen in the way he desires.

If you work in this ritual only with yourself, not for a specific person, then you attract to yourself the events that you need. If you have a specific problem with your boss, then you already need some kind of love spell that will allow you to improve your relationship with your boss. In this case, with the help of a conspiracy, the boss is instilled with a certain way of thinking. In this case, the person thinks about you the way you need, and due to this, some issues are resolved.

But in the second case, there is a possibility that the boss will develop an intrapersonal conflict after the conspiracy. This happens if he openly didn’t like you before the conspiracy. Then after the ritual, in his mind there are two completely opposite opinions that cannot get along with each other. One opinion will be his own, true, and the other will be a conspiracy. In this case, the customer influences the psyche of the victim, so it is better to avoid such conspiracies.

Conspiracies are much more effective for, in general, finding a good job. Then the Universe will bring you a place of work where like-minded people simply work.

When should you use white magic?

Magic rituals will help you find a job.
Often people unexpectedly lose a lucrative job and want it back. In such a situation, you should first analyze what caused the dismissal. Perhaps you do not meet the employer’s requirements - in this case, you need to improve your skills and gain new knowledge.

If there were no objective reasons for dismissal, and negotiations with management did not yield any results, then you can try to get your job back using magic.

A correctly performed ritual creates a special energy field around a person that will attract necessary events, help find new opportunities, and change the course of life.

When can you use a spell at work?

  • Spells for work can be used if you are looking for a suitable place for yourself.
  • Perhaps you don't have the courage to talk to your boss about giving you a day off, raising your salary, or paying you overtime. You can also correct the situation with the help of a conspiracy.
  • If you have experience of being kicked out of work by colleagues or bosses, then you can work with a conspiracy here too. It will help remove negative experiences and make sure that a person finds a worthy place in work.
  • It may happen that you are tired of scandals at work, and you yourself may not participate in them, but the situation is very nervous. A conspiracy will also help to improve the atmosphere.

These are just example situations when you can use spells for good work. These examples are given so that you can better understand what you are not happy with at your place of work. In fact, even if you don’t fully understand what exactly doesn’t suit you in your work, you can still use a spell to harmonize the workplace.

Strong prayers for returning to your previous place of work

Prayers are another way to return to your previous job or avoid being fired. Saints always listen to the sincere requests of believers.

To the Lord God

It is better to memorize this sacred text. It is recommended to repeat it for several days in a row, after calming down and asking the Lord for forgiveness for all wrongdoings.

The prayer goes like this:

Prayer to the Lord God.

The same text can be repeated before meetings with the manager, before an interview. You can ask for God’s help not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

To Nicholas the Wonderworker

Many people who have lost their jobs turn to St. Nicholas. The miracle worker always helped the needy and the poor. If you have lost a good job, then this prayer will help:

Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

To achieve greater effect, it is recommended to repeat the sacred text daily in the mornings and evenings. If possible, it is better to pray in church, at the icon of the saint.

To Spiridon

During his lifetime, Spyridon of Trimifuntsky helped people in need, fought against poverty and ignorance. After his death, the saint did not leave believers - businessmen, as well as people looking for work, turn to him. To achieve your financial goals and increase the flow of money, you need to repeat the following prayer daily:

Prayer to Spyridon of Trimifuntsky.

To Matrona of Moscow

Throughout her life, Mother Matrona helped people solve everyday and financial problems. Even after death, the saint always listens to the requests of Christians, helps to improve their financial situation, return to their old job or find a new profitable occupation. It is recommended to read the prayer every evening, kneeling before the icon of the Matrona of Moscow.


Request to Matrona of Moscow.

To the martyr Tryphon

The saint always helps people who find themselves in difficult financial situations. To stay in your job or advance your career, it is recommended to repeat the following words every day:

Prayer to the martyr Tryphon.

Prayers are not magical rituals. They are no less effective, but act slowly. Results do not always appear instantly, but this does not mean that you need to refuse the help of Higher powers.

Money plot

This job plot can be done if you are tired of failures in finding a job and want to finally be offered a profitable position. This is an effective ritual with the help of which you will create a field where you will be paid a sufficient amount of money.

To make this spell you will need dry poppy seeds and a church candle. Siberian healer Natalya Stepanova herself recommends doing this ritual before looking for a job. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a part-time job or a main job, such a strong ritual will attract money to you.

You need to read this spell for good luck in finding a job on the night when the moon is waxing. Pay attention to this, because during this period nature itself will help ensure that the money place finds its workers.

Get some privacy. In the evening, when the moon is already clearly visible, take out and light a candle. Scatter poppy seeds on a saucer in front of you. You can read your favorite prayers before the conspiracy; they will increase your body vibrations. Then move your index finger along the poppy and you need to read the following ritual:

“For good luck in my work I read, I’m talking to you. A good employer will hear me and call on his employees. When we get settled, we will see each other and immediately understand that we will get along without any problems. Money will flow like a river from there, a new, wide river. I open my life to you, I find a job for myself. I let money work into my life. I find it quickly, they called me right away, I’m happy and everyone around me feels good and not to lose it myself, but to gain it. I am in the decision, I am in the intention. Amen".

You need to read confidently for the white magic to work. Only then will the place find you on its own. After that, the next day, bake a bun with this poppy seed. Eat half of this bun yourself, and feed the other half to the dogs near your house. And then, riding the wave of success, you can start looking for a job. Most likely, you will not be able to return on the third day without a lucrative offer. Employers themselves will be grateful for such a ritual, because they also think about how to attract better workers.

To be called back to your previous job, there is a strong conspiracy

You posted your resume on the Internet. But this is not enough. The main thing is that you are called to work. While at a distance from your employer, read magical spells.

It's possible that a dozen interviews are already behind you.

But calls for employment are not coming.

To get interested in you and call you to work, you need to direct a powerful flow of energy in the required direction.

You don't have to go to Church.

You won't need candles.

Exactly at midnight, retire to a locked room.

Mentally imagine the job offer that you accept when you take on a new position.

Read the suggested occult formulations repeatedly and confidently.

I cast a spell, cast a spell at work. So that they would call me, give me money, and not take anything away. Let it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!

The phone will ring, I’ll come up, and instantly gain your trust. I will call on the power of the Moon to help, avoiding the evil chaos in my work. Let it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!

I will attract good luck to myself in everything, let the envious people burn with fire. Now I won’t be left without work, I will avoid cruel losses in fate. Let it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Read each magic spell at least 13 times.

If you are not called to work after a week, perform all occult activities again.

Looking for a job? Do you submit your resume, send applications, go to interviews, but they never call you? Then our conspiracy to get a call at work will help you! Believe me, household magic is simply irreplaceable in such cases! The rituals given in this article are quite simple, you can easily read them yourself!

A powerful plot to get your dream job: try it and your future boss will call you today!

In our modern world, work is the key to a successful future. Especially when it’s a job you love, that pays well, with a convenient schedule and a friendly team. But what to do if it so happens that you don’t have one? You were laid off or your current job doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t matter! It is necessary to look for a new place. But after we encounter several failures, our hopes are dashed. We wait for a positive call after every interview, we constantly check our phone, but there is silence!

In this case, you simply need our employment plot. In our article we will look at what conspiracies for getting a job exist and how to read them correctly.

Carrying out this conspiracy requires following certain rules:

  • First, you must unconditionally believe that this conspiracy will help you get the job you need! Do not doubt it under any circumstances! Doubts destroy the entire effect of the conspiracy and bring discord into our lives! Belief in a conspiracy charges it with very strong energy and attracts into your life the fastest possible fulfillment of your desires!
  • The second is absolute secrecy. You can't tell anyone about this conspiracy. This rule applies to everything in our lives. It is better to always keep any plans and intentions secret! Because people are different. Having learned that you have carried out a conspiracy to get a good job, they will try to dissuade you, dissuade you, and introduce their doubts and fears into your life. Therefore, the sacrament of all conspiracies and prayers is an important integral part of them.
  • And the third rule is to carry out the plot in accordance with the lunar calendar. Namely, on the first lunar day. The power of the moon will charge spells and prayers, and attract benefits into our lives every day.

A detailed description of the execution of a conspiracy to call about work.

For the plot itself, we will need a candle, a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The conspiracy takes place at night after eleven in the evening. Light a candle, sit at the table so that you are facing the window, open the curtains. Now you should think carefully and write down the main points on paper:

  • Describe in the smallest detail what kind of specialty you want for yourself. What functions will you be required to perform and how to perform them. Tell the paper all the intricacies of your profession.
  • Now imagine what your workplace will look like, and also describe it in great detail. Where will your chair, table, computer, or machine, easel, etc. stand? Describe such subtleties as the color of the walls, the structure of the furniture, is there tiles or parquet on the floor? What is your ideal workspace like? Other employees or are you sitting alone in your own office? If yes, describe the interior of the office.
  • How do you imagine the team? Describe these people. How they look, how they talk, how they behave. Imagine how you go to lunch with them, have friendly conversations in between work, and also write this down in detail on paper.
  • Think about exactly what salary you need and write this number in words. And also write how you want to receive it, on what dates of the month, etc. and also write it all down in detail on a piece of paper
  • Last point. Describe whether you plan your career growth at this job. If yes, then write a plan after how long you would like to receive a promotion? If not, and you plan to work on it until a certain point in your life, then describe this in detail too.

It is very important to write everything down in the present tense. It's like this is happening to you now. After this, wash your face three times with cold water, while saying the following spell-prayer:

I (your name) will find good luck. I will wake up strong, brave.

I’ll go outside the gate and find happiness.

All roads flow, angels lead.

My wish is destined to come true, nothing else is given...

Afterwards, wipe your face with a towel, and put the piece of paper in an envelope and hide it for exactly a month, until the next first lunar day. After a month, you can take out the envelope and compare it with what happened in your life. This plot is very powerful and will lead you to success. Your candidacy for a vacancy you are interested in will be noticed, the employer will definitely call you, and you will find the job of your dreams.

It’s not often that people manage to quickly find their dream job and get a job without any problems. Of course, in such a matter all knowledge, skills and abilities will be useful in order to achieve the desired goal. Additionally, a spell before an interview or before looking for a job can help. The plot to get hired must be read at home, observing all the rules and adhering to the recommendations. This will help you achieve success in your career.

Strong conspiracies to get a job must be read in compliance with certain rules. Before you cast a magic spell for your purposes, you need to prepare:

  1. To get a job, it is best to perform magical actions during the waxing moon. Better yet, perform spell rituals to get a job on Wednesday.
  2. It is very important to believe that prayer or conspiracy will help achieve the desired goal. If you don't have faith in the power of magic, you are unlikely to succeed with it.
  3. You must keep your actions secret. Moreover, there must be confidentiality, regardless of the final result.
  4. Visualization is very important. To do this, imagine as often as possible that you were invited to the job of your dreams, and how you managed to get the desired position.
  5. Eliminate negative thoughts and get rid of thoughts that you will fail this time too.
  6. When performing white rituals there should be no feelings of revenge, envy, anger, or hatred towards more successful people.
  7. Don't accept gifts from people who treat you badly.
  8. You should not allow the person you have offended to iron your things, as this can transfer their negativity.
  9. Before you read conspiracies or prayers to get hired for a new job, you need to make sure that your clothes and body are clean. For the duration of the ritual, wear light, loose clothing.

In what situations will white magic help:

  1. If the desired effect after previous interviews is absent. There is no apparent reason for the refusal of the position.
  2. There is no desired level of income despite the person’s efforts. Salaries remain at the same level for a long period of time.
  3. The team is constantly faced with conflicts, with nagging from superiors, often undeserved.
  4. Immediately after coming to work, a person encounters various troubles, for example, equipment breaks down, and health deteriorates.

To find a suitable vacancy, it is recommended to carry out a simple but effective ritual. When leaving home, throw a coin on the road, saying the following words:

This ritual will help you quickly find a suitable vacancy.

To overcome anxiety before an upcoming interview, among many rituals, the following ritual will successfully help you cope with emotions. When a person goes for an interview, before entering the boss’s office, you need to linger a little in the doorway. Grasp the door frame with your right hand and quickly read the following words to yourself:

After which you can go for an interview without fear of anxiety.

Another version of the ritual in order to overcome strong anxiety and get rid of stress before an interview. It is recommended to carry it out during the waxing moon. Looking at the moonlight in the evening, read these magical words:

When the interview has passed, you can perform a ritual to ensure that the employer approves your vacancy. When applying for a job in order to be hired for the desired position, it is recommended to read the words when leaving the office, turning your face to the door:

The spell will help you get your desired job. This option will also help you return to your previous job if, in the opinion of employers, you were not suitable for the position, but a vacancy remained and you did an excellent job. After the ritual, the old employer should call soon.

To get hired, and to quickly find mutual understanding in the new team, you can perform another ritual at home after the interview. To carry it out you will need a church candle. Light it and read the words:

In order for good luck to accompany you at your new place of work, you need to arrive before everyone else on your first day of work. Grasp the doorknob and quietly whisper:

Such words can be repeated throughout the week.

A new nail will be needed. Cast the following spell on it:

Bring a carnation to work, hide it, drive it in a secret place.

There is an effective conspiracy to get the husband hired to help the wife find the desired vacancy if they can’t do it on their own. You will need a photo of your spouse and a green candle. Light a candle, put a photo next to it and read on it:

Let the candle burn out until the end, hide the stub in a secret place. This ritual is also suitable if you were unfairly fired from a good position.

There is an effective plot from a mother for her son to quickly find his path in life and become financially secure. Let the mother secretly write her son’s name and his date of birth on the paper. Next to the piece of paper write the following words:

Seal a piece of paper in an envelope and place it in the mailbox. This ritual is very effective for children.

To help your daughter find a job, you need to smear her photo with liquid honey, read:

Take the photo to the forest or forest plantation. Bury it under a birch tree. Leave a piece of black bread on top.

Before turning to white magic for help, it is important to think carefully about the situation and decide whether it is really necessary to perform rituals for a job vacancy. In most situations there are no consequences. But if the rules are not followed, you could get hurt. In this case, you will not only not be hired or fired from your current job, your health may worsen, and you will face the wrath of higher powers.

It is very important to take your actions seriously, not to play with witchcraft and not to use magic as entertainment.

Conspiracy to get your job back

Good luck with work is what every person dreams of. If you love your workplace, then you really don’t want to lose it, what should you do if you need to be hired back? But, unfortunately, there is always the option of layoffs; what should you do with this decision from your superiors? You shouldn’t grieve for a long time about this; it’s better to influence the situation in every possible way, including magical ones. You can make a conspiracy that can help you return to your previous job. If you have a situation where it seems to you that you might be laid off, then also perform this ritual so that they will find fault with you less, and in order, in principle, to save your job.

To perform the ceremony you will need an old key and three church candles. To keep a well-paid job, perform the ritual in the evening when the moon is waxing. Arrange the candles in a triangle and light them. Take the key in your hands, turn it counterclockwise and say the following words:

“I’m turning back time, I’m returning everything that belongs to me. I don’t refuse offers, but I don’t lose the money I’ve earned or my place. Whoever turns back time is protected from unemployment. I found my key, everything is now mine with me. I found the key, the money is with me. I found the key, the place with me, found it and saved it. You can't leave, you can't stay. Returning to where the prophecy was. Where my soul felt good, and so that demons did not interfere, did not scold me, I was protected from rivals and failures, I avoided loss, as I was lucky, so I am lucky. My strength is with me."

Your spell text must be spoken confidently for everything to really work out well. While the word is being spoken, turn the key in the opposite direction. Now this key is your amulet. You can hang it around your neck and wear it for three days. Or you can put it under your pillow. Now you will always be sure that there will be a money job for you.

Other rules

You can enhance the effectiveness of the ritual by following simple rules:

  1. For 7-14 days before the ceremony, it is recommended to fast, meditate, and attend church. This will help clear away negative emotions.
  2. For the same purpose, it is better to refuse to watch TV, read the press, communicate with toxic, envious people who negatively affect your aura and impose negativity.
  3. It is important to clearly visualize your goal and understand why you want to achieve it. Try to imagine how you will feel when you return to your previous place of work, how you will communicate with employees, how you will get to the office every day and spend your day.
  4. If possible, then on the eve of the ritual it is better to confess and take communion.
  5. It is necessary to cleanse yourself not only spiritually, but also physically. Before the ceremony, it is better to take a shower and thoroughly wash your hair, which accumulates negative energy.
  6. Wear loose, clean clothes. Women are advised to let their hair down. It is necessary to remove all jewelry - only the pectoral cross is allowed to remain.
  7. You cannot tell anyone that you are going to return your workplace using magic. Envy, mistrust and skepticism of others can reduce the effectiveness of the ritual.

It is important to sincerely believe that the magic will work. It is not recommended to perform rituals for fun or curiosity - this can bring new problems and misfortunes into your life. Only faith helps to create vibrations around a person that help achieve all goals.

Plot for a successful interview

One of the most exciting moments in finding a job is the interview. To make it most successful, you can also use magic. It is impossible to remove this conspiracy, but this is good, it means that at each interview, luck will be on your side. This ritual is also good for making the person hiring you more like you.

The plot needs to be read early in the morning at dawn right before you go for an interview. At the same time, you can look at yourself in the mirror:

“I go and hire myself, show myself to the owner. I was called, so I'm going. I will be able to protect myself, I will apply a reservation of luck. The master looks at me and sees - a good worker, a good person, good and handsome, just what we need. He liked me, I realized that at the reception, and they gave me a seat. I walked and found joy, it was not mine, it became mine. And I don’t make mistakes, I don’t make mistakes, I correspond to the desired picture. Master wants me to be near, to be. Our friendship was improved through conversation and strengthened by wages. The word is strong."

It’s good to say that and just admire yourself in the mirror. At this moment, you need to create a lot of good emotions - self-pride, self-love, self-esteem. Then before you even notice, the place is given to you.

Conspiracy to increase

If you have long wanted to be promoted, but this does not happen, then you can also use a spell for good luck at work. By the way, it often happens that you are not promoted because there is an evil eye from enemies, perhaps it is someone from the team. If this is so, then the ritual at the same time helps to help get rid of such damage and from the opponent, the rival who created it for you, from their nagging. This is a way to force opponents to stop pouring poison, white magic is good at this too.

To carry out this ritual, you need to go into nature and find a dried branch there. Take the branch in your hands and say the following magic text on it:

“Just as life in this thread has ended, so let the life of the conspiracies that were sent to me end. So let all my failures in work be broken. There is no more dried up, there is no more lifeless, where the energy has ceased, it is no longer there. New energy flows to a new place, where there are more payments, and the bad things are gone, everything that is bad is not for life. From now on, you just want and get, want and get everything you want. I no longer depend on intrigues, I trust my angel, he said, that the servant of God (his name) will be happy, so he will be happy. There is protection from evil spells. The father hears and agrees.”

While you are reading the plot, the branch needs to be completely broken into small pieces. If you read this plot with feeling, like any plot, then it will work very quickly. The very next day you will feel a surge of strength that will allow you to talk about getting a promotion to a high-paying position. Here is a conspiracy for work, you need to read it quite energetically. This way you can secure a promotion for free.

Effective spells to return to your old job

There are various rituals that help you return to your old job.

But beginners are recommended to start with white magic rituals - they are safer and rarely provoke backlash and other complications.

A curse on a domestic cat

This ritual is performed before an interview or in a situation where a person is about to be fired from a good job. It can be carried out by those people in whose house a black cat lives.

Before leaving the house in the morning, you need to take your pet in your arms, caress it and say the spell:

Repeat the ritual three times.

Then you should hide 3 cat hairs in your wallet. If the results of the negotiations/interview become clear after a few days, then during this period it is better to feed the cat his favorite treats, pamper him, and pay more attention.

To avoid translation

If layoffs begin at work, and they want to transfer you to another office or give you a lower-paid position, you can use a special ritual. You should go to a forest or park where pine trees grow, find 2 cones, glue them together, and then whisper:

Ritual for cones.

The talisman must be brought home and hidden. If you want to quit, the cones should be separated.

So that the authorities come to their senses

If managers decide to fire or transfer you, then to keep your job, you can perform a ritual with a test. In the evening you should knead any sweet dough. While cooking, repeat the spell 40 times:

Dough ritual.

Bake cookies from the dough and treat them to your bosses. After this, managers will immediately begin to show sympathy and respect, and you will become an indispensable employee.

To avoid being denied admission back

If you are going to ask management to take you back to your old workplace, then before the interview you need to repeat 3 times:

We repeat the spell three times.

This is a powerful spell that works instantly.

Conspiracy on a third party

Parents always worry about their child being well-settled in life. A mother’s help to her son or daughter may also consist of casting a spell to attract a good job for her daughter. The wife may also worry about her husband, who cannot find a decent job, because this also affects her well-being. Some relatives start a real conflict on this basis, but this is not constructive. You need to support your loved one. You can influence a specific family situation using a magical spell. You can read the following plot to your son, husband, or brother while they are sleeping:

“My protection will envelop you, the servant of God (the person’s name), from head to toe. The trouble has left you, only happiness will be with you. I'm talking you into it. Whoever is nearby will protect you, so that no one offends you, so that you don’t offend yourself. So that I could get a job myself, I wanted to work and earn good money. I want to give you money, I want to attract a nice payment, but you hear and remember. I am always with you, we are always together and close, angels fly above us.”

You need to say this with love and care, from the bottom of your heart, then everything will work out. Don’t be surprised if this loved one tells you the next day that he had a good dream about his favorite job. You can repeat this ritual several times in a row. This will lead to the fact that a loved one will have more determination in relation to work, more diligence. There will be fewer situations where he can be driven out of his place because of some documents, and he will be valued more.

This ritual is very useful for relatives of disabled people; their rights are often violated. You may not even have to push him anymore to get him to look for a job himself, after which he will do it successfully without your instructions. It is possible that you will hear gratitude from your daughter and son for this.

Conspiracy for your favorite job

It happens that you are looking for a job and don’t fully understand what you are looking for. In this case, you can carry out a conspiracy that will help attract to you a place that you will like in all respects. Moreover, now a person himself may not have any idea what exactly he will like.

To perform such a magical ritual, you will need a photograph of a place that you really like. This could be a photo of nature or a cozy home. The main thing is that this photo evokes in you the emotions that you want to experience in your future job. You will need another church candle.

Sit down in the evening in front of a lit candle. Look at the photo and enhance your feelings from it. Try to understand what you are experiencing? A feeling of comfort, lightness, relaxation or, conversely, concentration. Bring these feelings to the maximum, if possible, then notice where they appear in the body. Maybe it’s a pinching sensation in the chest or a certain concentration of thoughts in the head? Then you need to take a deep breath and as you exhale read the following plot:

“My feelings expand to the whole world, they search for me where I feel good, and they find it. A place where they and I will feel just as good as now, I send out prayers. I’m talking about my success on the way, to a new place. My place, God's place, companies for me, respond. I'm the first to occupy it. It will feel me and will also begin to look for me, I will be the first to find. We go towards each other, let's go and meet. And the money is there waiting for me.”

Speak this active text with reverence. These are proven conspiracies to find your favorite business and wealth. The more your heart is open at this moment, the faster you will find your favorite place of work. When this happens, be sure to thank the Universe. Even before this happens, cultivate a feeling of gratitude in yourself; with the help of this feeling it is easier to get what you want. Hang the photo somewhere visible. This will help you keep your focus on what you want to receive from the Universe. You won’t even notice how the Universe followed your desire.

Conspiracy for your favorite thing

This ritual is slightly different in meaning from the previous one. It is aimed at attracting an interesting business for which you will receive money. For example, a wife got tired of depending financially on her husband, and she decided to open her own business, but she doesn’t know which one. By the way, this is a way to check whether you are living with a man out of mercantile interests. So this magical ritual will help you discover what the talent of this activity is, from which you can earn money.

The ceremony must be carried out during the waxing moon. To carry it out, you need a new pack of salt, three church candles, a glass of drinking water, and an empty glass.

A man locks himself in a room alone, lights candles. An empty glass is filled with salt. He places two glasses in front of him. Closes his eyes and says this magic word:

“As the servant of God (his name) opens his eyes, so he will know what he is fit for. I rejoice with the release of energy. The consequences are successful. I clean the channels with God's water. To be useful to me, to be joyful to me, so that I stay happily at work, to help me in the world. Amen".

Say this magic word joyfully. Open your eyes and drink a glass of water. And then you need to take a shower and use the charmed salt as a body scrub. The very next day you will have several fresh ideas in your head about your purpose. You can also read prayers for your favorite thing.

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