We read very strong conspiracies to separate two people at home

Among the variety of conspiracies and rituals, love magic occupies a special place. Often it is she who gives a ray of hope in a seemingly insoluble life situation.

In every possible way, trying to attract attention, improve relationships, or bring things to a wedding, people use love spells. But there are also lapels - rituals designed to nullify the relationship between two people, break the connection between them and separate lovers.

Experienced people claim that even lapels can be used exclusively for good purposes and with a pure heart. Otherwise, this magic can turn against the person practicing it.

How do quarrel conspiracies work?

Spells for a quarrel help change people's relationships. Even if there was strong sympathy between people, they will begin to irritate each other, often conflict and sooner or later decide to break off communication . Such conspiracies are not damage; they cannot “kill” love or true friendship. The purpose of the conspiracy is to speed up the development of events and separate people who are initially incompatible and whose relationship is unpromising.

It is important to understand that any magical effect can be quite dangerous for someone who decides to resort to higher powers. To protect yourself, you must consider a number of rules:

  • if you want to harm someone, refuse to perform the ritual . If you intend to take revenge or destroy a strong family, higher powers can punish you, and quite cruelly. You must be sure that your actions will benefit the person you are going to quarrel with;
  • Always perform the ritual completely alone. No one should disturb or distract you;
  • you must be as focused as possible on what is happening. If you feel like you can't get your thoughts together, it's likely that higher powers don't want you to perform the ritual. Listen carefully to your inner feelings to understand whether you are moving in the right direction.

For the ritual to be effective, esotericists and magicians advise following simple recommendations:

  • believe that everything will work out. Before casting a spell, try to visualize the result you want as clearly as possible;
  • do not doubt your abilities;
  • perform rituals during the waning moon. According to the rules, love spells are read when the moon is waxing, but if you want to quarrel between people, wait until the lunar disk begins to decrease;
  • Make sure you have everything you need ready in advance.

Why is this happening

When you are overwhelmed with emotions, and resentment “eats” from the inside, it seems that a frank conversation is simply impossible.
But in fact, here you need to gather all your will into a fist, remember that your husband is not a stranger to you, but a loved one with whom you have lived for years, overcoming various obstacles, supporting and helping each other. If you are sure that you want to save your union, then you will try to treat your husband as a person who has stumbled. Any woman who is interested in how to separate her mistress from her husband understands that her husband has succumbed to the charms of the seductress. Deep down in her soul, she knows that she partially allowed a situation in which her lover began to look for affection and warmth on the side. Perhaps you devote little time to him because you are tired from work or with children.

Quarrel by photo

It’s quite easy to sort things out based on the photo. True, there is one condition: you will need a photograph in which the people you want to separate are captured together, and in such a way that they enter the frame at full height or at least waist-deep. You can find such a photo on social networks. Print the photo. There should be no strangers on it: only those whom you want to quarrel with.

You will also need a candle and scissors.

At midnight, close the room where you will perform the ritual and light a candle. Place a photo in front of you. Look at it carefully, imagine how the people depicted in the picture are quarreling and shouting at each other. Say these words:

“Fire-father, burn the love in the hearts of (people’s names) for each other, all feelings have subsided. Let them fight, let them not make peace, let them shout at each other, let them run from each other like from a terrible fire. They can’t be together, they can’t eat sweet bread together. Let it be as I said, and let no one violate my will.”

Drip wax from a candle onto the area where people's hearts are located in the photographs, imagining that you are “sealing” their sympathy for each other. After that, cut the photo into two halves to “separate” the people. Now you must take care to keep the halves as far apart as possible. For example, you can hide one of them at home and throw the other away.

Some time after performing this ritual, one of the people you planned to quarrel with (most likely, the one with whom you are emotionally close) will contact you and tell you about the conflict that occurred.

She does not care

The most unpleasant option is when a woman does not care how you feel in this situation, whether the man is lying to her or not, whether he has children who need a father. She chose him and is firmly moving towards her goal. Making contact with such a person will be difficult, and in some situations even dangerous. Usually such ladies are ready to violate all moral norms for the sake of their own goals.

By doing this, she will force your common man to choose who is dearer to him. However, in this situation it should become a little easier for you. After all, most likely, your beloved simply fell into the web of her manipulations and intrigues. Perhaps he betrayed you out of stupidity and helplessness in the face of such an avalanche of ambitions. In such a situation, it really makes sense to find out how to independently separate your husband from your mistress. After all, you can’t come to an agreement with a person like her. You can only fight with her and try with all your might to get yours back.

The fight will not be easy, because such women are quite dangerous, cunning, smart and ruthless. They are used to getting what they want. They do not spare those who get in their way. Even your husband for such a mistress is most likely not an object of adoration, but just another thing that she wanted to get. Your goal is to not give her information that she can use against you. You also need to open your husband's eyes to how easily he is manipulated.

Ritual with salt

For this ritual you will need a pack of coarse salt, a frying pan, a knife and natural fabric.

At midnight, pour salt into the pan and start stirring it with a knife, from time to time “drawing” a cross on the salt. Be sure to mix the salt counterclockwise. During heating, the salt will gradually change its color.

To quarrel people with the help of salt, say the following words:

“As this salt turns black, so let the bright feelings (names of people) for each other turn black. As this salt heats up, let rage towards each other boil in their souls. They don’t break bread together and don’t eat a pound of salt. Let them run away from each other, let them not seek to meet each other, let them have no peace while they are together. Let it be as I say."

When the salt turns almost black, wait until it cools and wrap it in a cloth. In the morning, go to the nearest body of water, but do not talk to anyone along the way. If you utter even one word, the plot will not work.

Pour salt into the water and say these words:

“Salt dissolves in water, so the love of (name of one person) for (name of another person) disappears. The salt has dissolved - there is no more love, no more joy, only melancholy and sadness in the heart. Until (names of people) scatter, they will not find happiness. So I say, and so it will be.”

Spells using salt are considered very powerful. They start working quickly: usually on the same day they are completed.

Conspiracy with two dolls

Magic allows you to quarrel at a distance with the help of dolls. The doll spell is one of the most effective.

For the ritual you will need:

Make dolls that represent the people you want to quarrel with. It is not necessary to achieve a portrait resemblance: dolls can be sketchy. Write the appropriate name on each doll. Place mirrors in front of you with reflective surfaces facing each other to create a “mirror corridor.” Place the dolls between the mirrors, light a candle, and, looking into its flame, say:

Spell on an apple

To cause a quarrel between two people, you will need an ordinary apple. Also prepare black wool thread and a knife.

At midnight, cut an apple into two halves, and on each half scribble the names of the two people you want to quarrel with. Take halves of the apple in your right and left hands and say the words of the conspiracy:

“Before, you (names of people) were one whole, but I decided to divide you forever. Just as this apple will not become whole again, you will not be happy together. Now you only have quarrels and scandals ahead. You won’t want to spend time together anymore, you’ll run away from each other and won’t calm down until you part. Let it be as I say, the moon is my witness, the night is my protector.”

Now you must tie the two halves of the apple using black thread. The next day, you should bury the apple in the ground, for example, in the nearest park. As you do this, say: “The apple will rot, your friendship will rot. When the apple rots, (one person's name) will be gone from (another person's name) forever. Just as an apple will no longer become young and sweet, you will no longer be together. Let it be so, let no one stop me, my will is strong, my words are strong.”

After this, the relationship between the two people will become extremely tense: most likely, they will decide to stop all contacts.

If he was bewitched

Love magic is not always used by offended wives. Sometimes the mistresses themselves resort to it. What to do in such a situation? For example, on the question of how to separate a husband from his mistress, Olga Veda suggests protecting the spouse as much as possible from outside influences.

Of course, she doesn't reveal all the secrets. Olga, like all hereditary sorceresses, gives only basic advice, and for detailed methods you need to contact her directly. But she shares one secret on how to get your spouse back

The technique she recommends is a ritual with an object. It is done quite simply. Take any of your spouse’s things, put them on the sofa and cover them with your pillow. After this, you need to cast a secret ancient spell: “Miu Tiu Rin Rin Shibo Ribo Gin Bilin.” This will help return his feelings to you and remove the influence of another woman. Next, remove the pillowcase and take a bath, using it instead of a washcloth.

Onion spell

For this simple plot you will need an ordinary onion. On a moonlit night, sit by the window and place the onion on your palm so that the moonlight falls on it. At the same time, say these words:

“The onion is bitter, it only brings tears. So let the relationship (names of people) become bitter, but cause only tears. Let them forget about their former friendship, let them each go their own way. My wish will come true because my will is strong. I call the moon as a witness, I call the night as a witness, I call the wind as a witness.”

Simply bury the onion on which you have cast a spell in the ground or throw it away.

Coin spell

For this plot you will need a coin of any denomination. The ritual must be performed in the morning, when the Sun rises. Stand in front of a window or on a balcony, take a coin in your hand and say:

“The sun is coming, illuminating new paths for every person. Let (the name of one person) leave (the name of the second person) along such a path, just as this coin leaves me. Just as the coin will not return, so (the person’s name) will leave and will not turn around. Let it be so".

On the day of the ritual, you must spend a coin. If you do this, people will soon quarrel.

Magicians claim that it is very easy to quarrel between people at a distance. Therefore, before performing a ritual, think about why you are doing it and whether you have selfish motives . If you are looking for benefits only for yourself, the ritual will either be ineffective or will result in trouble for you. Indeed, in magic, for every action performed with a bad conscience, you have to pay with luck, health, or even love.

Fighting over a rival or mistress at home

At the very beginning of the relationship, you discussed almost everything; you and your beloved man had frank heart-to-heart conversations. Trying to get to know your future husband, you looked into his soul and looked for those notes thanks to which you are now married. Now, most likely, suspicions, resentments, disappointments have changed your behavior. Now, instead of emotional communication, every conversation is very tense.

If you find out that your husband has a mistress, you cannot make a scandal. You won't achieve anything with this anyway. To understand how to separate a mistress from her husband, you need to get as much information about her as possible. You also need to find an approach to your lover and carefully ask him what he found special in your competitor.

Onion picker

Conspiracies to separate two people

Before starting a separation ritual, consult with a professional in the world of magic. Ask an experienced sorcerer about the presence of a “trick” or a possible rollback in order to reduce the negative effects of the conspiracy. By killing people's love, you can get consequences that affect the life of the customer, the victims of magical influence.

For salt

Salt is considered an effective seasoning in the witchcraft world and is used in spells. This version of the spell is suitable for a ritual to separate a husband from his mistress. The return of the spouse to the family with the help of a magical act will forever restore love in the couple. An important condition: the beloved should not be under the influence of a love potion.

Prepare a handful of salt crystals for scattering. At 12 o'clock at night on the outgoing moon, take it in your palms and say magic lines at the window above the salt. You need to read the separation spell at home in a whisper. Repeat three times, pour the crystals onto the windowsill:

“Witch-homewrecker, step back from your beloved. This is a salty circle for you, you won’t get out of it, you’ll be separated from our family forever. Let my other half go, don’t torture, don’t maim. We will live and get along together, our love will be strong. Key. Lock. Language. Let it be so".

Without touching the curtains, go to bed. Having woken up, you need to collect salt and take it to the home of the homewrecker. When pouring witchcraft salt under the threshold during a conspiracy, you need to re-read the magic words for separation.

The result of the conspiracy does not last long, the guy or girl will return. The main thing is faith and following instructions. So that the consequences do not touch the reader, you must go back in silence.

On the window

A light conspiracy to break up is carried out during the phase of the outgoing celestial body through an open window or window. The success of casting separation spells will increase if a strong wind blows during the ritual.

During the ritual, imagine in your thoughts how the paths of your lover and your rival are allotted. Shout the magic words of the conspiracy:

“The wind is mighty, strong, as fast as you rush, so let separation between (name) and (name) come. Take them away from each other, they will live separately until the end of their days. My word is strong."

The next day you should go to church and light candles for the health of those who have fallen out. The negativity that can happen in fate after witchcraft will go away.

On the water

You can separate a couple forever with a conspiracy by taking water between two banks, soil between two hills. Water from a stormy river will help; the concentration of magical power will be higher during the separation ritual.

Fighting over a rival or mistress at home

The quarrel is carried out with simple rituals. That is why this effect is used very often. The negative consequences of such rituals are minimal. For the performer, the ritual may result in only a slight deterioration in well-being. And if you return your husband to the family in this way, then there will be no negative consequences at all.

Quarrel for salt

The most common is salt squashing. This ritual is considered a classic, and its effectiveness has been proven by time. This ritual is most suitable for wives who suspect that their husband has a mistress.

“Salt always irritates, opens open wounds, so let the servant of God (name of the woman) begin to irritate the servant of God (name of the man). Let it seem to stand across your throat, like over-salted water. My words are strong, you will not live together in harmony and harmony, you will not be able to see each other and will soon scatter in different directions. Amen".

The salt dispute is pronounced three times. After this, the charmed salt should be used when preparing food for your husband.

Onion picker

Bow cutting should also be carried out during the waning moon. For this purpose, under no circumstances should you use a vegetable grown in your own garden. It should be purchased at the market or in a store.

“Bitter onions add tears to life! Quarrels come with them. People's desire to communicate is suppressed and bitterness is added to relationships. The natural onion gradually dries out and darkens, so over time people’s feelings disappear. In relationships, misunderstandings that lead to separation occur. Amen!"

After this, the saucers must be placed in a dark place and wait until the bulbs dry. After this, all attributes should be burned and the saucers thrown away. The field of this quarrel will begin to work.

If you manage to find out who she is and have the opportunity to talk to her, then this is a great option. But you should not be rude to this woman or insult her. Yes, she offended you, she takes the attention of your lover. But your goal is not to get rid of negativity. You need to solve the problem, find a way to separate your husband from his mistress forever.

How to remove a conspiracy to separate spouses

The success of eliminating the magical effect will depend on the desire and forces applied. To remove the conspiracy you will need holy baptismal water, illuminated salt and candles. You must act according to the instructions:

  1. First of all, you need to fast for 2-3 weeks, read a prayer, and visit a temple.
  2. If damage to separation is applied using a lining, it is important to detect and burn it, having previously covered the objects with illuminated salt and sprinkled them with holy water.
  3. You need to go around all the rooms, holding a burning candle in your hand and in a place where it is very smoky, throw in a little illuminated salt and sprinkle with holy water.
  4. Cleansing from the conspiracy is being carried out; circle the body with a burning candle while reading a prayer.

Perform manipulations to remove witchcraft to separate a couple until the relationship returns to normal. Rituals are dangerous, they should be carried out after consultation with a magician or sorcerer. Mistakes can lead to health problems.

Love spells

Nowadays it’s enough just to find a person who will offer you help in separating your husband from his mistress. According to the photo, many of them also work. They can cast a love spell on your husband so that he only thinks about you. Also, modern magicians and witches can turn away from their rival. Solving the problem this way is easy.

But you need to understand that you have to pay for everything. In this case, it's not just about money. By making a love spell, you suppress the will of a person. In many cases, bewitched husbands or grooms began to have health problems.

Yes, the betrothed will be nearby. Moreover, he will never look at anyone but you again. But his subconscious will feel that something is wrong. He may start drinking, and his usual activities and hobbies will not be enjoyable for him. Excessive jealousy and suspicion may also arise; any trip you take to another city, even to a business meeting, will unsettle him. His whole world will focus on you. Perhaps you yourself will not be glad that you took this step.

The consequences of such conspiracies and are they safe?

Magic rituals are reflected only on the face on which the action is directed. The consequences of a separation conspiracy include:

  1. Feeling confused.
  2. Problems with the body, immune system.
  3. Lack of interest in life.
  4. Depression, psychoses developing due to quarrels and scandals.
  5. Formation or worsening of bad habits after the ritual of quick separation.

The choice of whether to perform a ritual for separation remains with the sorceress; it is important to know about the consequences. It is necessary to understand the reason for the separation and try to solve it. A rollback from the conspiracy can turn against the health and life of the customer.

Preparing for separation rituals

You can carry out a ritual that will separate partners forever, on your own. But in order for the plot to work, you need to prepare and familiarize yourself with some rules:

  1. Before performing the ritual, it is advisable to fast for several days.
  2. It is important to enter an appropriate emotional state and achieve inner peace - prayer, visiting church, and meditation will help with this.
  3. It is worth understanding why you are going to apply the lapel, what final result you want to achieve, and concentrate on this thought.
  4. Similar rituals are performed in the evening or at night, on the waning moon, which symbolizes the fading feelings of the people you are going to separate.
  5. It is better that there is no one in the home at this moment - it will be easier to concentrate.
  6. Turn off the phone, lock the door - remove all possible interference.
  7. Learn all the actions required by the ritual. The text of the conspiracy can be read from a page, but it is better to learn it by heart.
  8. Since during the ritual you will have to ask for help and even order otherworldly forces, it is important to feel calm and confident in your abilities. Fear and indecision can distort the result.

Difference between lapel and rassorka

Conspiracies have different properties, so first you should figure out what result you need to get.

The breakup plot (lapel) is used in situations where it is necessary:

  • destroy family relationships;
  • separate your loved one from your partner;
  • break up with a man who has already bored you or is not able to satisfy all your needs (in this case, the effect of the ritual will be directed towards your own personality);
  • lead to a quarrel between colleagues (business partners);
  • sow enmity between friends.

Consequences of a failed plot

When resorting to magic, one should not forget that the help of higher powers is never given for free, especially when it comes to dark rituals.

A conspiracy to break a relationship can affect both the object of magical influence and the person performing the ritual.

Lapels are always associated with the suppression of a person’s will, and he will subconsciously resist this. Therefore, profound personality changes are possible - the target becomes extremely irritable, suffers from attacks of apathy, aggression, inexplicable fear and anger.

There may be constant quarrels between husband and wife, scandals, a painful break in relationships is fraught with psychosis, depressive states, and loss of interest in life.

Emotional instability affects the physical state - the activity of the immune system decreases, headaches, constant weakness and fatigue appear. It is possible to develop or worsen bad habits, including alcoholism and drug addiction.

Precautionary measures

Separation spells are easy to carry out at home. But, before starting the ritual, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the contraindications and restrictions, including the following:

  1. Rituals should not be performed on Sundays, on church holidays, or during fasting - during this period it is important to maintain purity of thoughts.
  2. You should not use spells to break up a family with children and get a man. After all, in this case, you will hurt not only the guy’s partner, but also his offspring, and the children’s tears will return like a boomerang.
  3. Healers do not recommend breaking up a church marriage. A conspiracy can lead to the separation of spouses, but a person should not destroy what was concluded in heaven. There will be a price to pay for trying to break God's law.

She feels sorry for him

There is also a less pleasant scenario. Perhaps your beloved has come up with many stories and embellished the facts. Now your rival is sure that there cannot be a worse wife than you. In this situation, many women feel sorry for men. Against the background of their own loneliness, they justify their connection with a married guy by the fact that they will definitely make him happy, save him from an unsuccessful marriage, put him on his feet, and restore his faith in himself.

If this is your case, solving the problem will be much more difficult, but there is a chance of success. Feel free to start being friends with her, look for approaches and common ground, swallow all barbs and insults. Remember, the end result of these actions is much more important than minor insults. You can show by your behavior that you are not at all what your husband describes you.

Popular conspiracies with rituals

There are many rituals that can keep two people at a distance. For some of them you will need personal belongings of the objects of the conspiracy, for others you only need attributes that are easy to get in the store. The main thing is to decide on your own goals and choose the right ritual.

For black wool

This ritual will help separate partners in the shortest possible time. To carry it out, you will need to find a piece of fur from a black cat and a dog. The ritual is performed on the last day of the full moon.

Tie the animal hair into one bundle using black thread, then light it from the flame of a candle (preferably also black). While the props are burning, you need to read the text of the lapel: “Black wool, take the man (insert name) away from the woman (name his partner) so that they get along with each other no better than a cat and a dog. So that they can’t look at each other forever.”

In a strong wind

The ritual is used to cause a couple to quarrel. To carry it out, you will have to get out into nature and find an open place that is well blown by the wind (this could be a hill, a wasteland, or a seashore). Stand with cool air blowing on your face and read the text expressively:

or this conspiracy:

On the dried aspen

This ritual must be performed where the people you are going to quarrel with live. In the evening on the last day of the full moon, come to visit, taking with you a dry aspen branch. Left alone in the room, break the branch in two, saying the text: “Just as two parts of a branch will never grow together, so the servants of God (name the partners) will never come together. They will neither live nor love each other.”

Pictured using salt

Salt is widely used in magical rituals because it has special energy. To carry out the procedure, you will need a photo of the guy and your opponent (2 separate photos must be clear, printed on paper). Prepare a packet of rock salt, a black wax candle and matches in advance.

Place the photographs on the windowsill so that moonlight falls on them, then read the plot:

Then throw a pinch of salt on your rival’s photo, and place a picture of a man on top. Light the candle wick with matches, and use it to ignite the photographs.

The ashes formed after burning the paper should be scattered to the wind, and it is better to hide the candle and store it until the ritual gives results.

On a personal item or strand of hair

If you need to get your husband away from your mistress, you should try to get some of her personal belongings or a strand of hair (you can simply remove it from the brush). The ceremony is carried out at night. The existing item is packaged in a plastic bag and generously sprinkled with black pepper, pronouncing the phrases of the lapel:

On pins and needles

This ritual is very strong - the partners will have almost no chance of getting back together. To carry out the ceremony, you need to buy 13 needles, and then break off their ears. Needles are stuck into a spool of black thread (necessarily new) - the enchanted object is buried at night in a cemetery, uttering the words: “Just as a needle will never grow an ear, so the betrothed will never love his rival: he will neither name her beautifully nor press her to her chest. Every needle will stick into the heart of God’s servant (name her mistress) and turn into a snake. The order from me is strong - they are not destined to be together.”

To living water

Water is capable of absorbing, storing and transmitting any energy, therefore it is often used in rituals of both dark and light magic. This plot will help to quickly quarrel between partners. At midnight, place a glass of water on the windowsill and read the text:

For verbal magical influence

There are a large number of quarrels in magic. Which ritual to choose is decided by the master himself. The strength of the impact depends on his knowledge, practice and energy. Conspiracies can be read both at home and at a distance.

Weekly feud

If a beautiful girl begins to pursue someone else’s husband and show signs of attention to him, a seven-day ritual will help stop her by introducing discord into communication. For this purpose, use simple table salt.

The wife needs:

  1. Take a handful of white crystals in your right hand.
  2. Say spell words on them.
  3. Prepare breakfast for all family members.
  4. Add a pinch of the spoken powder to your husband's food.

Salt spell.
Over the course of a week, pleasant communication between people who like each other will develop into conflict. Quarrels with a seductress will lead to the fact that a man will stop noticing his potential mistress and will not think about her.

A prerequisite: the sorceress must know the name of her rival, otherwise the plot will not work. It will affect the other person and lead to conflict with outsiders.

Conspiracy over a chicken paw

You can quarrel between your husband and your homewrecker by performing an ancient ritual. The ritual is suitable for abandoned wives.

The following attributes will be required:

  1. Well water.
  2. Taz.
  3. Chicken paw.

The performer needs:

  1. Pour water into the basin.
  2. Take a chicken paw and move it over the surface of the liquid, chanting mystical words.
  3. Pour water into a container and wrap the paw in a rag.
  4. Pour the liquid under the threshold of the house where the couple lives.
  5. Give the paw to be eaten by the yard dogs.

The spell is strong and fast-acting.

An ancient plot with a chicken paw.

Using threads and fabrics

To make a man tired of his mistress, they perform the sacrament on a black needle and thread.

At 00:00 o'clock the sorceress should take her betrothed's underwear, sew 2-3 stitches in an inconspicuous place, charming them. In the morning, put some clothes on my husband. As soon as the traitor puts it on his body, he will become irritable towards his friend.

You can get rid of the homewrecker in another way, no less effective. The wife must buy a piece of black cloth. You cannot take change; it can be given as ransom to the seller or to the poor. At home, you need to tear the fabric into 2 identical parts with your hands, and at the same time say the magic phrase:

Ritual with thread and needle.

Take the pieces to different churches, light a candle for the health of the lovers.

Calling out hatred towards another woman

A photographic ritual can cause a feeling of hostility and disgust between partners. The picture should contain images of a couple in love: the husband and the homewrecker. You can take photos yourself, watching people from afar, or download them from social media accounts.

The conspiracy works at a distance, even if the spouse is far away.

Instructions on how to incite hatred towards a woman who stole someone else's husband:

  1. Prepare a needle, a candle and a photo of a couple in love.
  2. Seclude yourself in a room.
  3. Place the photo on the table.
  4. Light a candle.
  5. Heat the end of the needle from a burning flame.
  6. Separate the depicted people by piercing through the paper.
  7. Whisper the turning words: “A winged bird flew, touched the sky with its beak, the sky fell to the ground, and there was a great quarrel. That quarrel spread across the seas and oceans, across islands and distant countries, found (names), squeezed them in their arms, and eternal abuse enveloped them.”
  8. Hide the photograph in a secret place, wrap the needle in black material and throw it away from the house.

A simple technique, but a strong fight against fighting animals (dogs, cats):

Ritual with photo.

Disgust for mistress

With the help of a bow, you can break contact between a homewrecker and her husband. It is enough to cut the root into 2 parts, rub with salt and combine, saying:

Razorka using a bow.

Tie the pieces with black thread, take them to the forest and bury them under an old tree. The result is expected in 7 days.

To break up a husband and his mistress, you must:

  1. Turn the table upside down.
  2. Take a knife and tap them with the handle.
  3. Say loudly: “Don’t sit at the table, don’t look at each other, don’t be together, don’t live until old age. Amen".
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