Rite of marriage in church, 5 reviews and 3 rituals

At a young age, relationships are most often platonic, without serious commitment on both sides. When it comes to adult relationships, a woman most likely dreams of a strong family, children, and stability. Sometimes the other half is in no hurry to go to the registry office, which begins to strain the fair half of humanity. What to do in this case? A conspiracy to make the desired man marry will help transform the status of the relationship into a more serious one without harm.

Conspiracy to find a betrothed

Most marriage conspiracies do not specify any time limits, so you have to wait quite a long time for a proposal. This ritual is not only fast, but also effective. The result can be achieved within a few months. This is one of the few conspiracies where a girl will need the help of a friend. The second girl should be a person from whom there are no secrets or secrets. The mother and other relatives are not suitable for the role of assistant.

To carry out the conspiracy you need:

  • White sheet.
  • White shirt.
  • Silk white scarf.
  • Wedding candle.
  • Holy water.
  • Crystal vase.
  • Salad bowl.
  • Seven red roses.

The conspiracy takes place during the daytime. Spread a sheet on the floor near the window. Put on a shirt and cover your head with a scarf. Both the girl and the assistant must remove all jewelry.

Fill a crystal vase with holy water and place it on a sheet. Kneel on the sheet so that the vase is in front of your eyes. The assistant must light a candle, stand behind the girl and, during the conspiracy, hold the candles over the “bride’s” head clockwise. At this time she should say:

Pure blood, heavenly blood, save and preserve the servant of God (the girl’s name), save from the evil hour, protect from the evil eye of anyone, from the eyes of men, women, children, hateful and joyful, from all judgments and gossip. May what has been said come true. Amen. Amen. Amen!

Then the assistant should sprinkle red rose petals on the girl’s head, saying:

Most Holy Mother of God and Nicholas the Pleasant, have mercy, protect and bless the servant of God (girl’s name) for a happy marriage, for bright and mutual love, for healthy children. It is not I who bless this marriage, the Most Holy Theotokos herself blesses!

The girl, not the assistant, must collect all the petals and dip them in holy water. Also extinguish the candle in water. Then, without getting up from your knees, wash with water three times and dry with a scarf.

Upon completion of the conspiracy, collect the sheets and shirt and place them in the closet. Hang the scarf on the icon of the saint for three days. Divide the petals into three parts.

On the same day, you need to take a bath and pour one part of the petals into the water. After fifteen minutes, collect them and put the petals back into the bag. Repeat this for two more days using other petals. Then take them all to the intersection.

Holy water should not be thrown away. You need to wash your face with it. The first night with the new chosen one should be spent in the shirt from the ritual, and lie on that same white sheet. This will help cement the plot.

Rituals performed in the temple

3.1 Ceremony for a wedding in a temple for a quick marriage

If the meeting with your betrothed continues to be postponed, and dreams of marriage, a strong and friendly family, and children remain dreams, we advise you to turn to the Higher Powers. Let's look at the basic magical rituals for a happy marriage. This ritual is an old magical folk method to get married faster. To do this, you need to go to the church where the wedding is taking place. Buy two wedding candles there, wrap them in a new white headscarf without a pattern and hold them in your hands, while reciting the spell:

“Go, dear, to the church threshold. On the way, the servant of God (name) will meet someone, and here he will get married. Amen. Amen. Amen."

After this, you can stand for a while during the wedding in the church. After arriving home, the candles should be removed until the evening. When it gets dark, you need to take out a scarf with candles, unfold it, and burn these candles for seven evenings in a row so that they burn out completely during this time. The scarf can be put on and worn whenever you please. While the candles are burning, you need to imagine your future spouse. The clearer this image is, the faster the ritual will take effect.

3.2 Ritual “in three churches” for a quick happy marriage

If you perform this ritual with a pure heart, you can say goodbye to loneliness once and for all. For three Sundays in a row in three churches before mass, you need to light three candles to three icons with the words:

“I’ll tell you about Sveta, my close friend. She broke up with her common-law husband and was in complete despair. It seemed that he would never love anyone else like that. And I’m already over 30, I want a family and children, but everything doesn’t work out. Melancholy and hopelessness! Someone told her a sign on how to get married quickly. You need to light 3 candles for 3 icons on 3 Sundays in a row in 3 churches before mass. And then you will soon meet a new love or get married. It’s nothing complicated, but my friend seemed to shrug it off as nonsense. And after 2 months I met a man with whom I got along surprisingly quickly. Six months later she got married. They have been living well for nine years now! Recently my girlfriends and I were sitting on the beach, basking in the sun and chatting about our own things, women’s things. Anya complains, she can’t find her soul mate, the good men have been taken away, only the selfish ones remain. What to do? And then Sveta admitted that she still went to church and did everything as she was told! Her omen worked. It may be a coincidence, but Anya suddenly married an old friend in September. We'll be celebrating her first wedding anniversary soon. I don't know if this is a ritual or a sign. You just need to ask God for happiness in your personal life. Here are two stories that I can vouch for.”

Plot for a quick wedding

Those girls who want to bring their wedding day closer can use a powerful conspiracy to get married soon. This ritual affects the energy of happiness. The success of the conspiracy will depend only on the girl herself. If the words are spoken in a good mood and confidently, without hesitation, then the wedding will not be far off.

To carry out the ceremony, you need to go to church and buy three candles there. Then immediately leave the walls of the temple. It is important not to pray or worship.

At home, go to a quiet and secluded room. Place candles on the table and light them. Then you need to take a piece of paper and write the words of the ritual on it:

Let the wedding quickly burst into fate, the Lord will marry a slave and a slave. Let the power of fire help me understand who I will have to hug as a friend. Let my wedding and feast speed up, let the groom approach the bride like an idol. I believe that happiness will rise to the threshold, my appointed time will come faster. Let it be so. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Then the girl should focus on thoughts about the wedding. The brighter the images, the stronger the conspiracy will be.

Next you need to repeat the words of the conspiracy many times. You need to speak clearly and confidently. Then extinguish the candles and throw them away. Put the sheet in a hiding place and get rid of it only when an offer is made.

What conspiracies will help you get a marriage proposal?

Nowadays, many ladies do not agree with the statement that each of them strives to get married. However, this is a natural thing. A woman’s lot is such that she wants to raise children and enjoy the love of her one and only beloved.

What's there to be ashamed of? This is completely normal; nature requires its continuation in children. How can you start them without a “manufacturer”.

Although, nowadays there are no problems with this. Only children need both parents.

In general, we won’t try to persuade anyone. This article is for those who want to get a husband. The rest can safely move on to other texts.

We will learn how to correctly read a marriage proposal conspiracy. And perform this ritual so masterfully that not a single gentleman can resist our magical will.

Preparing for the ceremony

The matter must be approached seriously and thoroughly. Future life depends on the result.

A woman should understand that the effect of the ritual can be stunning, even frightening. After all, she has often already identified a candidate for her hand.

But fate can give you a gift. Yes, such that your eyes will pop out of your head.

This doesn't happen very often. But you still need to keep in mind the possibility of an unexpected turn. In order not to scare away your happiness, do not give up on it.

So sometimes it happens that a girl is looking in the wrong direction. She wants to see as her husband someone completely different from the one whom fate has already prepared. And after the ritual, we will begin to change at a rapid pace.

And the girl will marry exactly who she is supposed to marry. And not for the one he holds in his thoughts. This is how it happens.

Therefore, it is recommended to read the marriage proposal plot with thoughts about future happiness, and not about the existing candidate. Although, maybe you were not mistaken, you have your eye on your gentleman. Then there will be no surprises.

The marriage proposal plot is read at night. You need a pillowcase from the set that the potential gentleman used. Also prepare seven red candles.

Conspiracy to propose marriage

The ritual must be performed on the night from Thursday to Friday.

The moon must increase.

Choose the right time so you don't get disappointed later.

  1. Dress in white clothes. Eliminate anything that might distract you.
  2. Light the candles and line them up in a circle on the table. Place the pillowcase in the center.
  3. Focus on your future family life. Imagine her happy and cloudless. It is recommended to dream about children, about how good and fun you will be together.
  4. When you feel the lightness and joy caused by your dreams, read the plot. It must be said seven times.

The words are as follows:

“Seven towers have seven covers. The people come to them, bringing the gifts of the Magi. Along the sky bridge, unearthly beauty. In seven houses - towers - live heroes, rulers of fate. I will bow to them and confess my sins. I’ll ask for a share so that it’s worth more than bondage.

So that the hero is wooed and given chambers. Let him love me and love my children. Let him not know betrayal, but let our family glorify! Seven heroes, answer quickly, where is my destiny.

What awaits me? Give me my husband, open the mansion! I conjure with fire and fill with tears! Amen!"

Now put out the candles and go to bed. Place the pillowcase that took part in the ceremony under the pillow. Yes, remember the dream if it visits you that night.

Usually, in night visions you are shown what fate has in store for you. If you dream about your current gentleman, you will soon receive an offer.

If it’s a stranger, then don’t rush to get married. Your share has not yet come to you. Yes, but return the pillowcase to the owner.

Ancient conspiracy

This ritual is suitable for those who have not yet decided on a candidate for husband. Such women also want a family.

If the right person is not nearby, why sit in girls now? Previously, there were big problems with communication in general. Girls were not allowed, as they are now, to go out and meet guys.

But, basically, everyone got married. There was a different ritual for this. The girls conducted it in secret from other people, even family members.

It was supposed to go out into the sun in the morning with special words. Nowadays there is no reason not to do the same.

When you get up in the morning, go out onto the balcony or open the window and say the formula.

You will see that soon a reliable and faithful person will appear nearby who can become your husband.

Some say they got married within a month of starting the ritual.

The words of the conspiracy are:

“The sun is clear, shine brightly. So that the earth gains strength, so that the grain awakens, so that the water heats up, gives its strength, and revives our race. Yarilo is a luminary! Enter my destiny.

Contact the guy, declare your love. Start a family, start a family! You know where my darling goes. Enter his dreams. Show me the way, tell me how to find me! Yarilo is a luminary, erase what was.

Turn my fate around, give me happiness! Amen!"

A conspiracy to propose marriage from a specific person

This ritual is carried out if people have been dating for a long time, and the gentleman does not say the main words. You know, the man was caught indecisive.

You need to push him a little.

By the way, the ritual is also suitable for representatives of the stronger sex. It is carried out before making an offer if you are not sure of a positive result.

  1. Buy seven scarlet roses. At night, pour water into a basin.
  2. Throw a petal from each flower into it, saying the words of the spell.
  3. Leave the water and pour it directly on your head in the morning.

Afterwards, you can propose (or expect it from your sweetheart, if the ceremony was performed by a woman).

The words are:

“Behind the field and forest there is a mountain. There is a palace on it. My matchmakers were locked in the wards there. They locked them with bolts and put shackles on their hands. They sit crying, and the devils are jumping outside the doors.

I’ll take the moon’s sickle, drive away the devils, remove the constipation. The shackles will fall, the matchmakers will come to life. They will go to dear (sweetheart) (name), and they will cope with the task. I’ll start organizing the wedding and calling the guests.

Come, illuminate my family with happiness! Rose petals - to help. Amen!"

Source: //magizmo.ru/zagovori/na-predlozhenie-ruki-i-serdtsa/

Christmas ritual: photography

Christmas marriage conspiracies are incredibly powerful. Therefore, they should only be held once a year.

To carry out a plot to get married on Christmas, you will need:

  • White cotton fabric.
  • Two white candles.
  • Photo of the girl and the chosen one.

At night you need to retire and cover the table with a cloth. Place both candles on the table and light them. Run your hand over the fabric to form a cross. Designate each area with an element.

Next, put a photo in the center and say the words of prayer:

Powers of the Nativity of Christ, help me! Love my dear (name) to me! I want him to get engaged to me, to be united in body and soul forever. Amen!

Candles should be left to burn out. At this time, the girl should continuously look into the fire and imagine a wedding, a chosen one, a happy life with her future spouse. Then you need to wrap the photograph and the remaining candles with cloth. Put everything in a hiding place and wait for the result of the conspiracy.

Rituals for a successful marriage during lunar phases

The moon helps in carrying out marriage spells for single ladies, influencing the behavior of people in society and their state of mind. You can achieve the location of the desired object and its reciprocal love, focusing on the stage of the celestial body.

The moon will help you become the most charming bride

To the waxing moon

To perform the next activity, you must lock yourself in a room. Attach a photograph of your loved one to the wall opposite the mirror with an interval of about 3 m. Next to the mirror, put a gift for the man, which should be presented the next day. Place 12 candles on the sides of the path formed between the reflector and the photograph at intervals of about 20 cm. Put on white clothes and take one candle in your hands, light the first candle. Walking towards the mirror, look at the reflection of the photo in the mirror. Gradually lighting the remaining candles, say the words:

Light to light, and heart to heart. Let them fight and warm themselves together. I walk boldly, my cause is true. With a lunar path, I kindle a bright passion in my soul. You, my dear, from this moment be with me or perish!

Remain in place until the candle lights go out on their own.

Sometimes it is important to use spell words in life, especially those related to love and creating a family. Feelings are different, just like people themselves. Marriage is still a desired achievement for lovers. True, girls dream more about a wedding, since childhood they have dreamed of a snow-white dress, of a prince-groom. But what can you do if your prince is in no hurry to call you down the aisle? Of course, hurry him up! It is possible to speed up this process by using magic. The ritual for marriage during the full moon phase is endowed with powerful power, and every girl turns into a witch.

Having reached the mirror, fasten the candle next to it

On a full moon

The most powerful lunar phase, when you can easily attract a wave of luck, love, as well as a strong marriage into your life, occurs during the full moon. Quick ritual:

Spread a scarlet cloth on the table, symbolizing love.

Light 5 candles and arrange them in a circle

Then whisper a magic spell:

“The apple does not fall far from the apple tree, just like honey sticks to your hands, so my betrothed will find me and call me little wife. You will love very much and passionately. And together we will have a sweet time.”

On the new moon

Marriage rituals performed on the calendar days of the new moon will help you meet a worthy life partner and be happy in your marriage.

You need to start the action by visiting the temple

Purchase 7 wax candles from the temple. You should try not to talk to anyone on the way to the temple and in the temple itself. This will make the result much more effective. When returning home, you should go to the store and buy the most inexpensive men's wristwatches. You also need to buy a new hammer; its cost, size and color do not matter.

On the day of the new moon, it is advised to lock yourself in an empty room, close the windows and curtain all the mirrors. Then light the church candles. Place a hammer and wristwatch in front of you. Keep a piece of paper in front of you with a magical spell written on it.

It is advised to clearly imagine the image of a beloved man who wears a gifted watch and helps with the housework, driving nails with a hammer


“As soon as I wind my husband’s watch during the new moon, I will steal other people’s happiness. My desired man will stop suffering, find me and love me forever. Just as nails are driven in with a hammer, marriage overcomes me. I talk myself into marriage and family, I don’t hide anything from the moon. Help me meet a faithful, handsome, rich, but not married man. I’ll walk along the path, my legs won’t get tired. I won’t overlook what I want, I’ll bewitch him with my eyes. The clock is ticking, the hammer is knocking, I just have to be patient a little. Let it be so! Amen!"

The candles need to burn out on their own to cinders, which should then be wrapped in a handwritten piece of paper and buried in the ground or in a snowdrift.

It is necessary to monitor your watch and wind it regularly

The clock should not stop; this is the main condition for carrying out this ritual. The hammer can be stored with other tools. After approximately three new moons, you should repeat everything all over again. True, you won’t have to buy anything except candles.

Christmas conspiracy: numbers

This conspiracy will only work in cases where the girl is pure in heart and soul. She should not try to bewitch an already busy or married man. Also, to perform the ritual, you must sincerely believe in its power.

The conspiracy takes place on the night of January 7th. On the sheet you need to write the date of the current year. Then, focusing on these numbers, imagine all the good things that have happened in life. This should help the girl switch to positive thinking. When positive emotions fill the girl, then you need to switch to thoughts about marriage and read the plot:

Dawns, lightnings, you are two sisters - morning dawn and evening dawn. As the evening lightning comes, it will carry away all the troubles from me, the servant of God (name), carry them far away and burn them to the ground there. All the bad things will go away and will not come back. Just as the morning lightning comes, it will bring me marriage, it will bring joy into the house, and everything will happen this year. May what has been said come true. Amen!

The white sheet with numbers needs to be rolled up and tied with a red ribbon. You need to keep the sheet until the day the offer is made.

"Love Magnet"

This magical ritual will help get rid of loneliness. With its help, you can find your soulmate and get married successfully. “Love Magnet” will help you attract the “right” person who will love you, appreciate you and give you sincere mutual feelings.

For the ceremony, buy a red envelope, eighteen sheets of red paper, and a ballpoint pen with black ink.

First, meditate, ask everyone for forgiveness and free your head from extraneous thoughts. Forgive all your offenders and former lovers for past grievances. You should not hold a grudge against them, forgive them for their misdeeds and free your heart for new love relationships.

You need to take the envelope you prepared, write “Love Magnet” on it, and sign on the back.

Next, imagine what your future chosen one will look like, describe him in every detail, and do not forget to mention bad habits and character traits. Don't forget to clarify what he will do, where he will work and by whom.

Each subsequent day you need to take one of the eighteen red pieces of paper and write on each one the quality of your betrothed. Place each piece of paper in an envelope and mentally imagine it next to you, how it becomes closer and closer to you.

On the eighteenth day, when the envelope is completely filled with leaves, place it in the southwestern part of your bedroom. Imagine him as a “magnet” that will attract your soulmate to you.

If it happened that one day you forgot to write your wish on a piece of paper, you need to start all over again. To do this you will need a new envelope and new leaves.

Conspiracy for Easter

Easter is a sacred holiday, therefore the rituals performed on this day will be strong. To make a marriage plot, a girl must take some wheat and go to church with it.

During the service, the millet should be at the level of the girl’s chest. Upon returning home, wheat should be scattered in front of the threshold, saying:

As many candle lights in the church as there were suitors for me.

There are as many suitors as there are in a handful of grains.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

This plot is suitable for both those who are already in a relationship and those who have been single for a long time.

We use a church candle

One effective conspiracy to get married involves the use of a church candle. Preliminary preparation takes three days - you need to fast intensely. For this powerful plot, only the new month is suitable, and you will also need a white cloth. Procedure:

  1. Wake up at dawn.
  2. Spread the cloth (it should be natural) and fill the cup with blessed water.
  3. Dissolve a little honey in water (a teaspoon is enough).
  4. Place a burning candle in the middle of the table.
  5. Bring the cup to your lips.
  6. Say the plot for a quick wedding twelve times.
  7. Sprinkle sweet water on the door frame.
  8. You need to drink the rest.

Epiphany ritual: crossroads

Among the large number of rituals that help to get married faster, conspiracies and rituals for marriage at Epiphany occupy a special place. This day has a special meaning for many, so on the day of Epiphany they tell fortunes and predict the future.

To fulfill the conspiracy to get married on Epiphany on January 19, the girl must stand at a crossroads the night before the holiday. And, turning in each direction, say the following words:

A man's soul, my betrothed. Come follow me and to my home. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Easter ritual

White magic, affecting the area of ​​family relationships, is extremely effective on major religious holidays. To find long-awaited happiness, try organizing a ritual for Easter. First of all, prepare nine Easter eggs. Further algorithm of actions:

  1. On the eve of the holiday (in the evening), paint the eggs with red, blue and green paint.
  2. If you can get stickers with love pictures, it will enhance the magic.
  3. While sticking pictures, read the spell words.
  4. Place the eggs in a bowl and leave on the windowsill (overnight).
  5. In the morning, eat your favorite egg.

The above spells are read by the girls themselves, but sometimes mothers of brides prefer to do household magic. Of course, witchcraft will work if you sincerely believe in the end result. The second factor is strict adherence to our recommendations. Good luck.

Conspiracy for the Intercession: ring

Intercession is the day when girls can ask the Mother of God for good luck in their personal lives. Also on this holiday, strong conspiracies for marriage are carried out.

For one of these rituals you will need:

  • Ring.
  • White candle.
  • A glass of holy or spring water.

You need to pour the water into a glass, then light the candle. Then throw the ring into the glass and say:

I throw the ring into the water and repeat the magic words: So that my betrothed will find me, So that there will be love and happiness between us, So that there will be a wedding and children. As I said, so be it! Amen!

After this, the girl must move to the center of the room. Pour water from the glass onto your head and place the ring on your ring finger. The decoration should remain on the finger until the morning.

A mother's word for her daughter to find a good groom

This ritual is performed by mothers for their daughters in order to attract good grooms for them.
Light a wax candle, place a photo of your daughter in front of you, a new wedding ring on it, cover it with your left hand, and hold your heart with your right. Feel love with your whole being and read: “As a thread stretches from my heart to the heart of God’s servant (name), so let it continue to stretch. Let love be attracted into her life. May she never part with her betrothed. Let the betrothed be according to her temper and to her liking. It’s a joy to her, and a delight to my heart. Amen".

It is favorable to read on a full moon. After that, extinguish the candle with your fingers and put it together with the photo in a secluded corner. After your daughter finds happiness, light a candle to the Mother of God for this, and use the ring at your discretion.

Spell for the Intercession: candle and honey

Strong conspiracies for a successful marriage help girls find their personal happiness. For the ceremony you will need:

  • White tablecloth.
  • Candle from the church.
  • Honey.
  • Water.

On the day of the Intercession, at dawn, the girl should retire to a quiet room. Lay a tablecloth on the table. Place a candle on top, then light it. Next, place a bowl containing honey and water on the table.

During the ritual, the water will need to be spoken twelve times. You cannot be distracted or interrupted. While pronouncing the words, you need to constantly imagine your betrothed and the wedding, a white wedding dress and a celebration.

I will light a church candle and burn incense. I will express my desire to God. I will tie two red threads with three knots. Of these, one knot will be for love, the second - for passion, and the third - for fidelity. I’m not tying threads, but connecting our souls with our future husband. They will be together, they will live together, conduct business, give birth to children. Friendship, understanding and respect - these are our relationships! From the very beginning of the century to its end. No one will untie the knots, no one will destroy our relationship, no one will be able to cancel our family. Everything will be strong and tenacious.

After the twelfth plot, the girl must wash herself with water and honey. Use the remains to bless all the doors in the house. The main condition is not to tell anyone about the ritual.

Preparation for the rituals

Study the description of the ritual first. Purchase the necessary paraphernalia, wait for the appropriate phase of the moon, the right time of day.

Stay home alone. Make sure that no one will disturb or disturb you. To avoid being distracted by calls and SMS messages, turn off your mobile phone or put it on silent mode.

Rest first and meditate. This will make it easier to concentrate on the upcoming ceremony. If you cannot get rid of worries and negative emotions, it is better to postpone the witchcraft to another day.

Choose women's days of the week: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. On Sundays and church holidays you should not cast spells.

Old New Year: ritual for marriage

Those who want to finally hear a marriage proposal from their companion, but cannot wait for it, should use the old New Year's plot for marriage.

You will not need any amulets or sacrifices to perform this. The only condition for carrying out a marriage conspiracy for the old New Year is faith and purity of soul.

At midnight, January fourteenth, a girl who wants to get married needs to read the words of the ritual:

Oh You, Lada Mother! Mother Sva Most Pure! Don't leave us without love and happiness! Send your grace upon us, as we honor and glorify Thee, now and ever, and from Circle to Circle, until the end of Time, while the Yarilo-Sun shines on us!

The plot must be carried out in a quiet and secluded place. And pronounce the words of the ritual clearly.

How love magic works

Naturally, at the time of active intervention, that is, the ritual, the thoughts and emotions that you or the magician you hired were experiencing were the most positive. Magic is energy, if you leave a trace of this energy in your or someone else's life, let it be the most positive.

The same goes for the ritual to attract love. It is considered very effective for those who want positive changes in their personal lives. For example, people bound by marital duty can use this ritual to paint their family life with new colors and be happy with their chosen one for many, many years to come.

But nevertheless, it is recommended not to think about a specific familiar person when performing this ritual. What if he is not your destiny and, by imagining him, you are thereby preventing fate from bringing to you someone with whom you will truly be happy? When performing rituals related to the magic of love, try to detach yourself from what surrounds you. Imagine the harmonious and wonderful feeling of true love, and it will definitely appear in your life soon. Well, if your current loved one is your betrothed, then he will still be attracted to you by the energy of fate and love, do not worry about it.

Christmastide conspiracy: ritual with photo

The period between Christmas and Epiphany is one of the most favorable for fortune telling and rituals. Therefore, conspiracies for marriage on Christmastide are carried out quite often.

A ritual with a photograph is suitable for those who have already decided on their chosen one. For the ceremony you will need:

  • Holy water.
  • Three candles purchased from the church.
  • Fresh bread.
  • New white tablecloth.

The location of the conspiracy should be quiet and secluded. Lay a tablecloth on the table and a photograph on top of it. Next you need to say:

I, the Servant of God (my own name), will light the holy church candles, and I will kindle the longing in the heart of my beloved, the Servant of God (the name of my beloved). Every day my beloved’s soul will be filled with love for me, and day by day his feelings will only intensify. May my beloved desire me and remember me often. Let him come to me quickly and stay with me forever. Amen!

After saying the prayer, you need to put bread on the photo. Then stick candles into it and set them on fire. The girl needs to wait until all three candles burn out. Looking at the burning candles, the girl should imagine a long and happy life with her partner.

Then you need to collect the cinders and bury them next morning near the walls of the temple. Dry the bread and grind it. Until the end of Christmas time, you need to add it to your partner’s food.

Spells and prayers to get married quickly

An ideal wedding, a strong family and a cozy home are the ultimate dreams for every girl. This is probably why representatives of the fair sex begin planning a wedding celebration and holding a ceremony in childhood. However, things don’t always work out the way we would like.

And your beloved may be in no hurry to ask you to marry, while you have long been ready to walk down the aisle. In such situations, magic and light spells can be of real help. By applying this method of energy influence, you can significantly speed up the approach of a significant event.

And today we will tell you how to do this in order to attract marriage and get married quickly.

Rituals during which you need to read prayers, incantations and other magical texts are quite universal. If you want to quickly receive a proposal from your loved one, you can use one of the spells below for these purposes.

An effective ritual for getting married soon

If you want to receive a marriage proposal from your lover, take matters into your own hands. To gain the long-awaited status of a bride, perform a simple ceremony by reading the corresponding plot. To do this you will need:

  • determine when the new moon occurs;
  • buy a new broom and yellow dustpan without change on one of these days;
  • after the purchase, silently return home and prepare a canvas bag for the ritual.

Late in the evening, start cleaning the yard (at the entrance - for apartment residents) with a new broom. Start sweeping from the far corner so that you can collect the rubbish in a dustpan at the threshold of the house (apartment). At the same time, read the text of the prayer to quickly marry your lover. The plot should sound like this:

“I’m driving a young man (the name of my beloved) into my house, handsome, handsome, good. Quickly leave the stranger’s hut and come to me to make me your wife. Let family life be clean and smooth, my dear one will not turn out to be a quitter and a greedy person. Let it be so! Amen".

It is important to sweep the floor as thoroughly as possible to leave the surface as clean as possible. And after the procedure, collect the trash in a dustpan. Bring the garbage into the house in this form, pour it into a prepared bag. Having tied it with a ribbon so that the contents do not spill out, put the bag in the most secret place.

When the groom appears and calls for marriage, on the same day take out a bag of collected garbage. Read the text of the “Our Father” prayer over it nine times in a row.

To consolidate the effect of the conspiracy and facilitate the speedy execution of your plan, take the bag away from your home. Bury it in the ground without untying it. At the same time, make sure that no one sees what you are doing.

It is also not recommended to tell anyone about the conspiracy you have made.

Ritual to quickly go down the aisle

If you are familiar with the situation described above, when your loved one is in no hurry to offer to become his wife, you can bring your marriage closer on your own. In order for the significant event and wedding to take place as quickly as possible, carry out a conspiracy with the ring.

In addition to the ring for the ceremony, you will need:

  • wide wooden bowl;
  • white wax candle;
  • some holy (spring) water.

After waiting for a moonless night, take out the prepared items. Carry out the ceremony in the kitchen. Place a bowl on the table, pour some water into it, then place the ring in it. Next you need to cross yourself three times and say the following spell:

“I throw a ring into clean water to get married quickly. I want the cherished words to come true, so that the servant of God (the name of his beloved) will propose to the servant of God (his name), and get married as soon as possible. (his name) marry me immediately! My word is firm, strong, as I said, so it will be! Amen".

After pronouncing the words of the magical spell, pour water from the bowl onto your head, standing in the center of the room. Then place the ring on your right ring finger. After this you can go to bed. Rest assured, in the near future your lover will come and ask you to marry him.

A ritual to get a girl without a boyfriend married

There are situations when a girl, for some reason, does not date anyone for a long time. In order for such girls to get married quickly and successfully, you can also use magic.

If you want the conspiracy to contribute to your wish for a quick marriage, perform the following ritual. It is advisable to carry out this ritual in spring, when nature comes to life and buds appear on the trees. This will make it more likely that you will meet your betrothed in the near future.

Any day, go to the willow (or other tree) in the morning. Bow and apologize to her. Pick two small branches. After thanking the tree, go home. At home, place the branches in water for a day. The next morning you can begin to perform the ritual and read the plot.

Getting up at dawn, wash with spring water, wipe your face with a clean towel, put on fresh, light clothes. Taking the broken twigs, symbolizing you and your soulmate, cast a spell. If possible, read the words from memory while looking at the rising sun. The text of the prayer is as follows:

“Jesus Christ, Son of God, I ask you for help. Send me a young guy so that he can be a reasonable groom, a faithful husband, and a kind father. So that I can marry under the blessing, grace and generosity sent to me by You.

I ask you, do not bypass me, heal the wounds of my heart, send me a wise, generous and handsome husband. Hear me, all Saints, do not leave your soul to wander alone.

So that my betrothed and I can live in love, happiness and joy for many years to come. Amen".

Ritual for marriage at Christmas

Conspiracies that are read on holy church holidays are very effective. So, for example, in order to marry your beloved, you can do a ceremony on Christmas.

On Christmas evening, when no one is in the house, take out the following items:

  • a square piece of white natural fabric;
  • two white wax candles;
  • felt-tip pen (cosmetic pencil);
  • a photo that will show only you and your boyfriend.

Cover your living room table with a piece of white fabric. Draw a cross on it, dividing the canvas into 4 equal squares. In each of them write the name of the element (water, earth, fire and air).

In the center of the cut, at the intersection of the lines, place the joint photo. Place candles on both sides of the piece of fabric and light them. Looking at the photo, first say the prayers “Our Father” and “Theotokos”.

Then read the plot to quickly receive a proposal from your lover.

The text should sound like this:

“I ask the Power of the Nativity of Christ for help, so that he will love and become engaged to me, the servant of God (his name), forever the servant of God (the name of the young man). I want us to unite in love and happiness, create a strong family forever and ever, so that our bodies can nourish our passion for each other. Amen".

Next, look at the photo until the candles burn out. At this time, you can visualize what you want. You can think about how you get married, how you will look in your wedding dress, or imagine your future together.

Remember that only sincere faith in a positive result and good intentions will help the conspiracy come true.

Source: //SovetMaga.ru/zagovory/na-otnosheniya/molitvy-chtoby-bystro-vyjti-zamuzh.html

Paraskeva Friday: wedding plot

One of the most powerful conspiracies for marriage is considered to be the prayer to the martyr Paraskeva. The saint is considered the guardian of women; she takes care of their health, helps them find a worthy chosen one and conceive a child.

Saint Paraskeva is depicted as a girl with light brown hair. On her head is a crown of thorns. The saint's feast day is celebrated on the tenth of November. The prayer to Paraskeva must be said in the church. A girl must be pure in heart and soul.

Holy bride of Christ, long-suffering martyr Paraskeva! We know that from your youth you loved with all your soul and with all your heart the King of glory, Christ the Savior, and you were ignorant of Him alone, distributing your possessions to the poor and poor. You shone with the power of your piety, your chastity and righteousness, like the rays of the sun, living holy among the infidels and fearlessly preaching Christ God to them. You, from the days of your youth, taught by your parents, have always reverently honored the days of the redemptive passions of our Lord Jesus Christ, for whose sake you yourself voluntarily suffered. You, who by the right hand of the angel of God were wonderfully healed from incurable wounds and received indescribable lightness, amazed the unfaithful tormentors. You, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of your prayer in the pagan temple, having cast down all the idols, you have crushed them to dust. You, scorched by the lights, with your single prayer to the omnipotent Lord you extinguished the natural fire, and with the same flame, miraculously kindled through the angel of God, having burned the frantic lawless people, you led many people to the knowledge of the true God. You, for the glory of the Lord, having accepted the sword beheading of your head from the tormentors, valiantly died your suffering feat, ascending with your soul into heaven, into the palace of your longed-for Bridegroom, Christ the King of Glory, joyfully walking away with this heavenly voice: “Rejoice, righteous ones, for the martyr Paraskeva was crowned!” In the same way, today we greet you, long-suffering one, and, looking at your holy icon, we cry out to you with tenderness: all-honorable Paraskeva! We know that you have great boldness towards the Lord: pray to His Lover of Mankind and for us who are present and praying, that He may grant us, like you, patience and complacency in troubles and sorrowful circumstances; May He, through your intercession and intercession, grant a joyful, prosperous and peaceful life, health and salvation, and good haste in everything to our beloved Fatherland, may He bestow His holy blessing and peace, and may He grant all Orthodox Christians, through your holy prayers, confirmation in the faith , piety and holiness, and success in Christian love and all virtue: may He cleanse us sinners from all filth and vice, may He protect us with His holy angels, may He intercede, preserve and have mercy on everyone with His holy grace and make us heirs and partakers of His Heavenly Kingdom. And having thus improved salvation through your holy prayers, intercession and intercession, all-glorious bride of Christ Paraskeva, let us glorify all the most pure and magnificent name of the true God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, in our saints, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen

Wedding plot after divorce

According to statistics, a large number of marriages do not stand the test of time. They fall apart after some time. And in such a situation, many women are worried about one question: “Will they be able to find a new husband?”

After all, each of them dreams of great and pure love. About the person who will take care of her. None of the divorced women wants to believe that the chance for a happy life was missed. Especially after an unhappy marriage, a woman wants to find someone with whom she can build a happy family.

However, often everything turns out in such a way that the years go by, and the man still does not meet on the way. Undoubtedly, there are companions in life, but they are not suitable for the role of a spouse. Then the girls and women decide to turn to the Higher Powers for help. They believe that prayers and conspiracies will help them find such long-awaited family happiness.

In order for a divorced woman to get married again, she needs to go to church. Then find the icon of the Virgin Mary. She is the patroness of women in the Orthodox faith. It is believed that the saint helps women find happiness and get married.

A woman who comes to church must read a prayer. The conspiracy must be pronounced from the heart.

O Great Virgin Mary, hear this prayer from me, Thy unworthy servant, and read it to the Throne of God Thy Son, may He be glorious to our requests. I ask you as our Intercessor: hear us praying to you!

There are dozens of stories when, after turning to the Mother of God for help, divorced women met their betrothed.

Prayers for family happiness

To find your betrothed and find family happiness, you can go to the ancient city of Murom, where the relics of Peter and Fevronia of Murom are located. These famous Slavic saints are the patrons of love, family and happy marriage. If on the day of their remembrance, which is celebrated on the eighth of July, you attend the morning service in church, and after it venerate the relics and read a prayer, then you can soon meet your betrothed or get married. The text of the prayer can be anything - just ask the saints for what you want most in the world.

If changes for the better come soon in your personal life, then do not forget to go to church again and kneel with gratitude before the relics of the saints. It is very good if you have the opportunity to take your loved one with you, because joint prayers will help you find family well-being. Mothers often come to Murom with their children, for whose birth they asked Peter and Fevronia. If you do not have the opportunity to make a short pilgrimage, then simply purchase an icon with the image of the holy couple and read prayers in front of it, asking for a quick and happy marriage.

Plot for marriage after divorce: cases with a child

Finding a new spouse after divorce is difficult. It is even more difficult if a woman has a child after an unsuccessful marriage. However, a child is not a death sentence for a woman. Many men are ready to marry girls who already have children. And in marriage they treat them like family. Therefore, there is no need to despair.

But if there is no faith that a new spouse will meet soon, then you can use conspiracies and prayers.

For a marriage plot for women with children, the previous ritual is excellent. Prayer and atonement for sins before the Mother of God is a good way to attract good luck and a new partner.

Witches do not advise single mothers to resort to love spells. This is black magic, which has its consequences. Perhaps love spells are much stronger and more effective than conspiracies, but their consequences are much worse. A rebound from a love spell can affect not only the mother, but also the child.

Therefore, divorced and single mothers need to resort only to the help of light magic - the magic of words.

Conspiracy from Natalia Stepanova

Before starting a conspiracy, a girl must understand that this is not just a set of words that are pronounced without emotion or internal message. Every word is in its place. Each letter in the plot is part of a ritual that helps single girls find their betrothed. Word prayers have their own secret power. Therefore, you should resort to them only in extreme cases.

The words of prayer cannot be said unless absolutely necessary. They should be said out loud only once - during the ritual. Divorced women need to carry out the conspiracy only alone. During the ceremony, you need to turn off all electrical appliances in the room, lock the door and light a candle.

Before performing the ritual, you need to visit the church and pray to the Mother of God. Then you need to tune in to the right mood. The girl must focus on what she is asking for.

So, a single woman with a child should first imagine meeting her future spouse, then starting a relationship. After this, the girl should think about the day when the proposal will be made. And then - about weddings.

In her fantasies, she should not forget about the child. The child must be part of a new family. So, a woman needs not only a loving husband, but also a father who will take care of her child.

Only after being completely immersed in these thoughts and receiving a charge of positive energy can a girl begin to read the prayer:

Like the moon alone shines in the sky,

So I can't be alone

And to my children.


It is important to remember that any magic of words is an appeal to Higher powers. Therefore, during conspiracies, you need to be in harmony with yourself and believe in every word spoken.

What you need to know about conspiracies

This type of magical procedures is suitable for both the fair sex and the stronger half of humanity. Before you begin performing rituals to force a quick wedding, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations and rules.

Ritual wedding activities are usually held on the days when the moon begins to rise

This is the most important condition that helps to program a person’s happy life in marriage. If the wedding took place during this period, then the married couple will live in harmony for the rest of their lives. A love spell ritual can only affect the man with whom there is mutual love

You should not read wedding conspiracies so that a guy gets married, because the ritual will not be able to fully work if people do not know each other well. The magical influence here only pushes one to make a decision, but cannot create feelings between people. If a guy wanted to marry someone else, it would not be possible to disrupt their wedding with a white magic ritual and provoke separation. It is recommended to carry out the ritual while indoors without strangers. Also, do not tell anyone about the actions being taken. It is inappropriate to conduct rituals on major church holidays, since undesirable consequences of a strong love spell on the groom or the girl herself may occur. A mother cannot perform such rituals on her son.

If the ritual was nevertheless carried out on a holiday, then it is necessary to visit the church and confess the sin committed near the icon. Ask the Higher Powers for help. Thanks to spiritual cleansing, the effect of love magic will only intensify.

The love spell only works when there is mutual love.

This kind of rituals are not performed on days when the moon is waning. Usually during this period, a reverse ritual is carried out, done in a hurry, so that the wedding does not take place and the love breaks up forever.

Marriage conspiracy: consequences

But any conspiracies and rituals are magic. And therefore, marriage conspiracies also have consequences. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of cases where rituals and prayers helped girls find a partner and marry him. But if the ritual does not work, then the woman may not only not find her love, but also face terrifying consequences.

After reading the words of the ritual, the girl may still experience headaches and nausea for several days. A ritual performed on a specific person can turn into a nightmare if a slight infatuation is mistaken for strong feelings. For example, a companion may marry a girl, but the marriage will be unsuccessful.

Therefore, conspiracies and rituals should be treated with caution and used only when there is no other way out.

How to get a man to propose

Almost every girl dreams of hearing from her boyfriend an offer to marry him.

In her dreams, she imagines a white dress, a beautiful car, friendly guests and much more, which symbolizes the most significant day in her life - a wedding.

But it often happens that a young man is in no hurry to please his beloved with a long-awaited proposal. Then the girls ask themselves the question of how to force a man to marry.

And in addition to cunning and ingenuity, they often use unconventional methods to solve this problem.

Plot for marriage

If you decide to resort to magic and make a conspiracy to force a man to marry you, first study the consequences to which it can lead.

So, in addition to a stamp in your passport and a wedding ring, you can purchase:

  • Mentally unstable husband.
  • Health problems, infertility.
  • Ancestral curse.

Impact on the psyche

Any conspiracy carries energetic violence against a person’s subconscious. Usually this process leads to mental disorders and imbalance.

Therefore, before you force a man to marry, think about the fact that your husband will become a nervous person, with periodic outbursts of anger in your direction.

Entering into an unconscious conflict with his psyche, such a man may soon begin to abuse alcohol, gamble, or get involved with other women.

Health effects

If you use a spell to force a man to marry, think about yourself. By wasting your energy on magic, you put your physical health at risk.

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The conspiracy reduces the body’s ability to resist negative energy. Therefore, do not be surprised when after your wedding you notice health problems, which often lead to serious consequences, including infertility.

Impact on future generations

The conspiracy may also affect the future of your children. Negative energy passing from mother to child is the basis for future problems in personal life.

Girls can be subject to celibacy from birth, while boys face impotence after the age of 20. Is your desire to get married as soon as possible worth such suffering? Can you forgive yourself for your children's tears?

If you value the health and well-being of your loved ones, try to find for yourself the best way to get a man to marry. You don't have to use a conspiracy to do this.

The best way to get married

Before you go to any lengths to get your loved one to marry you, have a sincere conversation with him. Ask how the man sees your future. Listen to him respectfully.

Calmly tell him about your desire to have a strong and happy family with him. Your desires must coincide, otherwise, even after forcing a man to marry, the dream of a happy family life will remain a dream.

If your loved one also wants to have a loving and long-term relationship with you, but has not yet decided to propose, it is enough to find an external reason that would push your man to such an important decision.

Women's tricks

Knowing the character traits of your lover, choose for yourself the method that will surely make him marry you.

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There are many ways to achieve what you want. But when choosing one option or another, remember that you take responsibility for your action and possible consequences.

Get pregnant

This method has an almost one hundred percent result, even if your pregnancy is a fiction. Convincing a man that you are expecting a child from him is not at all difficult.

The stronger sex is not particularly versed in tests. And when your beloved hears the good news, it will be easier for you to force him to marry you.

This method is especially effective when a young man admits thoughts about marriage, but has not yet fully decided. Many men imagine fatherhood very seriously.

Therefore, having learned about your pregnancy, your loved one will certainly offer you his hand and heart. Agree that this method is much safer than a conspiracy.

Carefully! The possibility remains that your loved one will simply disappear from your life after such unexpected news.

Separate for a while

If you live together, but can’t force a man to marry, invite him to live separately for a while. It is unlikely that he will want to miss the opportunity to always be with you.

Say that before a more serious stage of the relationship, you want to give him and yourself time to make an important decision. This will encourage your man to start a family.

Give an ultimatum

If you consider a method such as a conspiracy unacceptable, talk frankly with your lover. In a conversation, convey to him the idea that he will either have to marry you or go to all four directions.

Explain this by saying that official relationships are very important to you, and since childhood you have dreamed of a beautiful, unforgettable wedding. Only a truly loving man can be forced to marry in this way.

Enlist the support of his relatives

In order not to resort to the most extreme measures and not to use a conspiracy, try to please the young man’s parents. Thus, you will not try to force him to marry you alone, but with the help of people dear to him.

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Make it a rule not to conflict with his mother, help her with housework and arouse the admiration of his father. It often happens that only his parents can persuade a young man to marry.

Make him jealous

Male psychology is designed in such a way that when a man is afraid of losing his chosen one, he will do everything to keep her close. Imagining how his beloved spends time with others, he activates all his inner powers.

He begins to perform actions that prove his superiority over potential rivals. It is not at all difficult to force a man to marry in such a state.

Become self-sufficient

This is the most complex method that will require much more intelligence and imagination from you than conspiracy or manipulation. Its essence is that you stop constantly thinking about marriage.

Stop telling yourself that the most important thing in life is to get married. Switch to other things: take up sports, volunteering, career, etc.

Then your beloved man will see in you not a whining, spineless lady begging for a stamp in your passport, but a bright, independent person. This will make the man decide to get married sooner.

Nothing helps

If you have tried all the traditional methods, but your loved one has not walked you down the aisle, you should seriously think about the feasibility of this relationship. When you are ready to start a family, and he wants to hang out a little more, clearly decide whether you see an alliance with this man in the future.

At first it will seem to you that if you could not force this man to marry, then others will also not want to start a family with you.

But soon, when you meet a like-minded person, it will become clear to you that it is not at all necessary to force you to marry. He himself will make you an offer, and you will decide whether to accept it.

In order not to get hung up on the question of how to force a man to marry and, especially, not to make a conspiracy, listen carefully to your inner voice.

If he firmly says that there is a reliable, loving person next to you, then you will definitely hear from him the words: “Darling, become my wife.” Author: Vera Drobnaya


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