Guardian angel of every zodiac sign. Find out who is protecting you!

Choosing a Patron by baptized name

In pre-revolutionary Russia, babies were usually given the name of the saint on whose day they were born.
This custom seems more correct from a spiritual point of view. But the history of the state developed in such a way that this custom was forgotten, and parents in most cases began to exercise their right to give their child any name they liked. At the same time, not only Orthodox, but also non-Orthodox names were often used, which are not in the Orthodox calendar. Also during the Soviet period, specially invented communist names were sometimes used. Therefore, if the child was baptized, it was under a different name.

Important. The Constitution declares complete freedom for a citizen to profess any religion or not to profess any.

Accordingly, the majority of babies born in our country are still baptized in the Orthodox Church, and they are given Orthodox names. But the custom of giving a name in accordance with the calendar remained unrevived.

By law, parents have the right to give their child any name. This leads to a wide spread of certain names, such as Alexander, Dmitry, Sergei, while some others have become almost forgotten.

Attention. If for some reason the parents gave the child a non-Orthodox or generally non-Russian name, then performing the Sacrament of Baptism is permissible only with an Orthodox name

Thus, a person often has two names - civil and baptized.

Moreover, the baptized name is usually chosen to be close in sound to the passport name. For example, Alice can be called Alina by baptism, Zhanna - Joanna, Christina - Christina, and the like. But you can take another path - look at the church calendar which Orthodox saint is honored on the child’s birthday, and give him that name.

By name

You can determine your Guardian Angel by name using the calendar - the Orthodox calendar named after n.
If a person grew up in a believing family, then from childhood he knows the name of his patron and when the date of his name day is. People who are not involved in the church, as a rule, may not even know in honor of whom he was baptized at an early age and who his Guardian Angel is. As a rule, a saint whose name coincides with the person’s name becomes a Guardian Angel. But there are subtleties to correctly identifying a patron. There may be many saints with your name - so which one is your Angel?

To determine your Angel, you need to look at the church calendar. Every day in such a calendar is a day of veneration of one or another saint. If a saint with your name has several memorable days a year, then you need to choose the one whose veneration date is closest to your birthday.

Glorification of the Holy Apostle

After his martyrdom, which became a worthy end to his life’s journey, the soul of the newly deceased soared to the Lord and found eternal bliss at His Throne. The great preacher of the teachings of Christ became their guardian angel for countless people. Saint Paul was an example of how even the most furious persecutor of Christians, who doomed himself to eternal torment, can, having received remission of his sins, become one of the pillars of the true faith.

In the 4th century, after the Christian faith gained official status and became the dominant religion of the Roman Empire, two cathedrals were erected in honor of the supreme apostles Peter and Paul, one directly in the capital, and the other in Constantinople. Since then, the celebrations dedicated to them, held according to the Julian calendar on June 29, have become so widespread that the Bishop of Milan Ambrose, an outstanding religious figure of that era, wrote that the whole world was taking part in them.

Zodiac sign

Astrology has nothing to do with Orthodoxy and the church. Despite this, each zodiac sign has its own Angel, which enhances the positive character traits of a person. According to the horoscope, the Guardian Angel represents a certain personal quality that most characterizes a particular sign.

  • Aries is protected by the Angel Bakariel, personifying sincerity. It is he who encourages people of this sign to learn to admit their mistakes and not lie to themselves.
  • Taurus is guarded by Amatiel, the Angel of Loyalty. If the demons in the heart of Taurus incline him to material values, then Amatiel, on the contrary, encourages him to remain true to his nature.
  • Gemini is patronized by Bahram, the Angel of Joy. It protects against impulses of deceit and lies, giving Gemini cheerfulness and positive emotions.
  • Cancers are helped by Dean, the Angel of Feelings, who gives them intuition and a desire to seek truth.
  • Leos are ruled by Aquariel, the Angel of Cordiality, who fights the demons of vanity and encourages people of this sign to do everything from a pure soul and heart.
  • Virgos are under the protection of Kadmiel, the Angel of Wisdom. It guides you on the right path and bestows developed intuition.
  • Libra is assisted by Barchiil, the Angel of Balance. It is very difficult for representatives of this sign to maintain balance in many areas of life. Barchiil makes them more balanced and confident people.
  • Scorpios are protected by Gabriel, the Angel of Truth. It helps calm your thoughts, make the right choice, and protects you from impulsive actions.
  • Sagittarius is protected by Andachiel, the Angel of Justice. Ambitious representatives of this constellation can find success and freedom by communicating with their protector.
  • Capricorns are empowered by Kambiil, the Angel of Endurance. Capricorns are already quite stubborn and strong people, but the help of an Angel makes them even more efficient and energetic.
  • Aquarius is patronized by Katetil, the Angel of Friendship. Not surprisingly, these are the friendliest signs in the horoscope.
  • Pisces is ruled by Egalmiel, the Angel of Love. It is this feeling that is saving in any difficult situations in the life of Pisces. Only with the help of love can they know happiness.

Perhaps you shouldn’t ask for protection from all your patrons at once. It is better to choose one Guardian Angel and concentrate on connecting with him. By what principle you choose your protector (by date of birth, by zodiac sign or name) depends on your faith.

Water signs

This is the last triad of the zodiacal constellation. Water signs are united by a subtle intuitive sense. They can gain information simply by observing a person and his behavior.

These are romantic, emotional natures who take absolutely everything to heart. Water signs sincerely wish to see the world harmonious and happy. They are distinguished by changeable moods, a need for support and a mysterious nature.


Perhaps this is the most romantic of all water signs. He is patronized by:

  • Dean's angel of sympathy;
  • the demon of lies and lust for power Shikhriron.

The demon encourages Cancers to torment their loved ones with endless complaints that they are not loved enough and show little attention. They blame their loved ones and make them suffer for it.

Cancers tend to make up incredible stories to get what they want. They rarely manage to keep everything under complete control, so they take out their irritation on loved ones.

The patronizing angel teaches Cancers a sense of empathy; they will always help the weak and disadvantaged. The angel also leads them along the path of enlightenment, opening up more and more new horizons of knowledge.


Is under the guardianship of:

  • the angel of truth Gabriel;
  • the demon of revenge Necheshetiron.

Scorpios are noble knights fighting for freedom and truth. Just avengers, they will always punish the wicked, wherever he may be. Scorpios often find themselves in difficult situations, but they always come out unscathed, thanks to the support of the angel Gabriel.

The demon of revenge tirelessly insists that there is only deception and betrayal all around. From this, Scorpio begins to fly into a rage and display the most disgusting qualities of character.

He will take revenge in the most cruel way if someone greatly disappoints him. Scorpios can hold grudges for a very long time, so be careful when communicating with them.


This sign is patronized by:

  • angel of love Egalmiel;
  • demon of vices Neshimir.

This demon can put fish into a state of detachment in which they live for decades. They are afraid to take responsibility for anything and show indecisiveness.

The angel of love bestows charm, attractiveness, compassion and charm on his charges.

Where to hang and help the guardian angel icon

There are no prohibitions on placing a face at home. Usually it is hung in the corner of the room. It will be best if the image faces east. If this is not possible, then it’s okay. It would be better if you made a special cabinet with shelves for icons with glass, which will protect them from dust and various damages.

This cabinet is called an icon case. There should be nothing nearby, because nothing should distract from prayer. Religious believers recommend hanging the faces of saints in every room. Don’t forget about the kitchen, because prayer while preparing food will sanctify the food.

Some people think it’s not right to hang the image in the bedroom. This opinion is erroneous, because marital intimacy is not a sin at all. It is advisable to pray before going out so that your guardian angel will protect you and help you in various matters. The Orthodox prayer to the guardian angel is pronounced precisely and clearly; thoughts, desires and requests should be formulated in advance.

Your guardian angel is with you from the moment of baptism. It not only prevents you from doing bad deeds and thoughts, but also records all your good deeds and deeds. He does this in order to present them before God's court. He is also the protector of soul and body. Those who are not baptized are under the control of demons. You can be baptized at any age, as long as it was not done in childhood.

God bless you!

In this video you will find out who the Guardian Angel is:


Determining your Guardian Angel icon

When the sacrament of baptism is performed, the child is given an Orthodox name, after which he has his own heavenly protector. According to tradition, it is chosen during Christmas time, but there is no strict indication of this. You can decide on a saint on any day, especially when an adult is baptized.

We advise you to study the Icon of the Mother of God “All-Blessed”

The Guardian Angel does not have a corporeal shell and has never been a person. Therefore, it is a mistaken opinion that people canonized as saints can be chosen as protectors. If a person is named Paul, then Saint Paul becomes his patron, and not his Guardian Angel.

The name of the Guardian and the icon are sometimes determined by the zodiac sign. Bakariil is suitable for Aries, Taurus asks for protection from Amatiel, Gemini is protected by Bahram, Cancer - Din, Leo - Akvariil, Virgo - Kadmiel, Libra - Barchiil, Scorpio - Gabriel, Sagittarius - Adnachiel, Capricorn - Kambiil, Aquarius - Katetil, Pisces - Egalmiel.


The powerful patron of the sign is Angel Katetil. He is no stranger to endowing his ward with harmony and giving the opportunity to connect with nature. Its functions also include instilling new knowledge and applying untapped possibilities. It is worth offering a prayer to your guardian before an important event or on the eve of making a decision.

The guardian has the name Egalmiel. He puts all his inner strength and thirst for knowledge into his sign. He is able to bless the opening of a good deed or career advancement. You can turn to him with a request if love affairs have reached a dead end. The best time to ask your Angel is in the afternoon.

By date of birth

Each period of the year is under the protection of certain Angels and icons. By choosing your icon-protector, you can enlist her support in all endeavors

It is important to believe in the divine energy of patrons and be able to communicate with saints through prayer.

Select your icon by birth number and do not forget to find a suitable prayer for it to connect with the holy image. To enhance the protection of your patron, carry the icon with you as a talisman.

The icon of the Mother of God is the patroness for all periods of the year. As you know, the image of the Virgin Mary on a number of icons has different meanings and powers. Each icon of the Mother of God represents the revelation of one of its facets.

The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God is the patroness of those who were born from January 22 to February 20. They pray to this miraculous image for healing, asking for protection and salvation from troubles. Athanasia and Cyril are considered the angels of this period.

The “Sovereign Icon” is a talisman for those who celebrate their birthday from December 22 to January 20. They pray to her for peace, tranquility and health. Saints Sylvester and Seraphim of Sarov are considered the Guardian Angels of the people of this period.

The Iveron Icon is revered from March 21 to March 20, and accordingly, it will be the intercessor for those born on these days. You can ask her for prosperity, health and protection from natural disasters. And the Guardian Angels will be Saints Milentius of Antioch and Alexius.

The Kazan icon of the Virgin Mary shows mercy to those born from March 21 to April 20. This image is considered the most powerful intercessor among other icons. She is asked for protection and healing. The Guardian Angels in this case are Sophrony and Innocent of Irkutsk.

The “Sporuchnitsa” icon will help those who celebrate their birthday from April 21 to May 20. This image patronizes everyone who seeks repentance and forgiveness. John the Theologian takes his protection of the people of this period of the year.

The “Recovery of the Lost” icon will help those born from May 21 to June 21 to find happiness and avoid failure. They pray to her for a strong family, protection of children and healing. Alexei of Moscow and Saint Constantine are considered protectors during this period.

If the birthday falls between June 22 and July 22, then the patronizing icon is “Joy of the Sorrowful.” This is the intercessor of all the deprived and needy. In this case, Saint Cyril protects.

The Intercession Icon of the Virgin Mary protects people born from July 23 to August 23. The image on the icon asks for protection of the whole family, for finding peace and salvation from vice. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker and Elijah the Prophet are their Angels.

Those who celebrate their birthdays from August 24 to September 23 are helped by Saints Alexander, Paul and John. Their icon-protector is “Passionate”. It protects against diseases, vices, drunkenness and enemies.

From September 24 to October 23 is the time of patronage of Sergius of Radonezh. The amulet icon for those born during this period is “The Burning Bush.” She is asked for protection in war and fires.

“Quick to Hear” is a talisman for those born between October 24 and November 22. The angel venerated these days is Saint Paul.

People born from November 23 to December 21 receive the protection of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. And their protective icon is the “Sign”. People turn to her for help in solving family problems and quarrels between loved ones, ask for protection from enemies, and pray for the return of what was lost.

Prayers to the archangels (every day)

D. Virce “Archangels: How to work with them in everyday life”

  1. Dear Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting me and my loved ones. Thank you for looking after us, our houses and cars. Thank you for the courage and confidence you give me to move towards my Divine life purpose.
  2. When traveling in motor vehicles: Thank you, Archangel Michael, for protecting my car and everyone in it, as well as everyone in cars and on the street around us.
  3. Protection of property Dear Archangel Michael, please protect my home and all my property so that I feel safe and protected.
  4. Spiritual Protection: Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me, my loved ones and my home with your dark purple light to dispel and ward off any lower energies. Please give me clear instructions so that I associate only with those people who live in truth and honesty.
  5. Protection of work and reputation: Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting my career and my reputation from lower energies. Please guide my actions so that they reflect the highest integrity and my true spiritual path.
  6. Life Purpose Direction: Archangel Michael, what changes would you like me to make in my life right now? Please guide me clearly towards my life's purpose.
  7. Repairing Needed Things: Archangel Michael, thank you for making this thing work so that I can use it to fulfill my Divine purpose in life.
  8. Prayer for a Sign: Dear Archangel Michael, please send me a clear sign that I can easily notice and understand that you are here and helping me with guidance and peace in this situation.
  1. Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for filling me and my loved ones with your healing light of pure Divine love.
  2. Instant Healing: Thank you, Archangel Raphael, that right now you are completely healing me.
  3. Referral to a medical provider. services: Dear Archangel Raphael, please guide me to the one who can best cure my illness and help me meet him sooner.
  4. Pain Relief: Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for helping me feel good and comfortable in my body.
  5. Travel Assistance: Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for accompanying me and my fellow travelers on our journey, helping us and our belongings reach our destination safely.
  6. Guidance for Physicians and Healers: Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for guiding me in my career as a physician (healer) and helping me bring blessings to everyone I meet.
  7. Calling Raphael to help a third party: Dear Archangel Raphael, please protect (name) and help him be healthy, happy and strong. Please guide me in helping this man.
  1. Dear Archangel Gabriel, thank you for giving me clear messages about (name topic) and for guiding me and helping me to be a messenger to help others like you.
  2. Caring for our children: Archangel Gabriel, thank you for your help in raising my beloved child. Please protect me and my baby so that we can be healthy and happy.
  3. Life Purpose Related to Children: Dear Archangel Gabriel, please guide me to meaningful work that will fully support me while I help the children of the world.
  4. Clear Messages: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for giving me absolutely clear guidance in (…).
  5. Helping Other Messengers: Archangel Gabriel, please guide me, guide and support me in my work as a messenger (describe the details) and help me through this work to bring Divine light and love to others.
  1. Archangel Uriel, thank you for giving me information, ideas and insights about (name a topic that interests you).
  2. Dear Archangel Uriel, please help me focus my mind and gain all the knowledge, all the wisdom and all the understanding I need.
  1. Thank you, Archangel Chamuel, for the pure Divine peace that you bring to me, and I can rest easy knowing that you and God are protecting us all.
  2. Dear Archangel Chamuel, thank you for guiding me in my search for (specify what).

Prayers to Archangel ARIL

  1. Dear Archangel Ariel, please help me connect with the healing power and spirit of nature.
  2. Life purpose associated with protecting the environment. Wednesday: Thank you, Archangel Ariel, for guiding me to a better path in which I can help the nature of the Earth.
  3. Life Support: Dear Archangel Ariel, please help me and my family have the tools we need to live a happy and healthy life.
  4. Clear Messages: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for giving me absolutely clear guidance in (…).
  5. Connecting with Nature: Thank you, Archangel Ariel, for guiding me in connecting with nature.

Prayers to Archangel METATRON

  1. Dear Archangel Metatron, please help me deepen my connection with God and guide me so that I can feel and understand the deepest Divine love.
  2. Thank you, Archangel Metatron, for using your healing cube to cleanse the energy of my body, my mind and my emotions.
  3. Prayer for Highly Sensitive Children: Dear Archangel Metatron, please watch over my children and guide me so that I can best help them develop and maintain their spiritual abilities.
  4. For those who work with highly sensitive children: Thank you, Archangel Metatron, for your guidance and support of my work as a healer and teacher of highly sensitive children.

Prayers to Archangel SANDALPHON

  1. Dear Archangel Sandalphon, please take my prayers to Heaven so that they can be heard.
  2. Prayer for Musicians: Dear Archangel Sandalphon, I ask you to transmit the harmonious and healing music of the spheres through my voice and my instruments.

Prayer to Archangel AZRAEL

Dear Archangel Azrael, please heal my heart and help me move on in my life.

Prayer to Archangel JOPHIL

Dear Archangel Jophiel, thank you for helping to make my thoughts and my life beautiful.

Prayer to Archangel CHANIEL

Dear Archangel Haniel, thank you for helping me to accept and value myself, others and my life with dignity.

Prayers to Archangel RAZIEL

  1. Dear Archangel Raziel, thank you for guiding my spiritual understanding to a place of knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Prayer for release from past life pain: Thank you, Archangel Raziel, for helping me heal from all the fears coming from past incarnations so that I can focus solely on my Divine life purpose today.
  3. Prayer for release from vows made in past lives: Dear Archangel Raziel, I wish to break all my vows of poverty, self-sacrifice and celibacy; and I ask you to help me undo all the consequences of these vows in all directions of time, for all the people they affected.
  4. Prayer for secret knowledge: Dear Archangel Raziel, I ask you to teach me knowledge about God, universal wisdom and the secrets of the universe, especially their use for harmonizing life.

Prayers to Archangel RAGUEEL

  1. Dear Archangel Raguel, thank you for harmonizing all my relationships and helping me to be a good friend to myself and all other people.
  2. Relationship Healing Prayer: Thank you, Archangel Raguel, for healing my relationship with (name) and for helping us both to let go, forgive, and understand the other’s point of view.

Prayer to Archangel JEREMIEL

Dear Archangel Jeremiel, thank you for helping me receive clear visions of Divine guidance that will best lead me along my path to my life's purpose.

Prayers to Archangel ZADKIEL

  1. Dear Archangel Zadkiel, thank you for helping me remember that I am a sacred child of God.
  2. Help for Students: Dear Archangel Zadkiel, thank you for helping me remember everything I need to know about this topic.
  3. Healing Memories: Thank you, dear Archangel Zadkiel, for helping me focus on the good memories and let go of everything else.


Dream Interpretation - Icons

Dreams about icons often reflect either POWER or unity. You want to feel unity with the Universe, and icons are the right link to make this unity possible. Sometimes you may dream of a situation in which you need supernatural power to resolve a conflict. Icons in this case will serve as a guide or symbol of such power. There are a huge number of icon images available to all people. The ones you find in your dreams will also be relevant to your life experiences. (For example, crucifix, full MOON, Star of David, Stonehenge, Buddha). Is the experience somehow related to icon images related to sacred or supernatural phenomena that took place in your life? In your dream, do other people honor these icons or neglect them? How do you feel about this?


The earthly path of the Supreme Apostle Paul, according to Church historians, ended in 64 - 67. The exact date could not be established. There is no consensus regarding the circumstances of his death; all that is known is that he was beheaded in Rome by a sentence passed by Emperor Nero. The reason, according to one version, was the help provided by Paul to Saint Peter in his opposition to Simon the Magus and the conversion of two beloved wives of the emperor himself to the faith of Christ.

However, there is reason to believe that he provoked an outburst of anger by the fact that he managed to make the chief court cupbearer a Christian. In any case, the future Saint Paul, as a Roman citizen, had his head cut off with a sword, which at that time was a kind of privilege. If he had no citizenship, he would have faced a long and painful death on the cross.

There are countless icons in churches, and they are all revered

One, the Guardian, protects us from evil and troubles, the other, the holy saint, intercedes for us before God.” Therefore, in the red corner of the house, next to the images of the Savior and the Mother of God, icons of the namesake saints are necessarily placed.

We advise you to study the Mother's Prayer

Saint Nicholas the Pleasant and Elijah the Prophet protect those born from July 23 to August 23, and the icon “Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos” protects them. Almost every believer has Orthodox icons in their home, and if someone doesn’t, then these people go to church and pray there. Although an icon is not at all necessary for prayer. Orthodox believers should not forget that their guardian angel is, first of all, a patron saint by name and date of birth.

The influence of a name on a person’s personality has at all times been recognized by all religions. People believed that the name was on the border of the spiritual and material world and contained a certain idea. And a person can express this idea through a name or “ignore” it. And yet, by calling the child a certain name, parents assign to him the main common features of this type of personality.

What is the meaning of the doctrine of protection of the holy name?

In Christianity, the name of a newborn was given at baptism according to strictly defined rules - in honor of the saint who was remembered by the church in the next eight days after the birthday. Among the common people there was an opinion that the names of the venerable saints promised a happy life. And the name of a martyr condemns one to continuous torment. The outstanding Russian philosopher and theologian P. Florensky believed that it is the name, and not the holy bearer of this name, that determines a person’s life path. Both Divine and natural principles are revealed in each personality. A person is free to manage this “resource” himself. But only within the framework defined by his name. The upper limit of the name is the limit of perfection, the personification of which is the holy bearer of this name. « By name and life

" - says the
“The name is assessed by the Church, and after it by the entire Orthodox people, as a type, as a spiritual concrete norm of personal existence, as an idea, and a saint as its best exponent, who has made his empirical existence transparent so that through him the noblest light of this given shines upon us.” name."
(P. Florensky). Such an understanding of the power and meaning of the name, which unites all its bearers, helps to accept the doctrine of the patronage of this particular saint and imitation of him.

How to choose a patron saint by name?

The atheistic period in the history of Russia almost completely destroyed the traditions of Orthodox naming. In our time, they are beginning to be revived, but few of the adults who were once baptized with the Orthodox name know their heavenly patron. How to choose the name of a patron saint by

? The Orthodox calendar contains the names of all the saints revered by the Orthodox Church. And the days are designated on which the day of remembrance of each saint is celebrated. The namesake saint, whose memory is celebrated on the day following your birthday, is your heavenly patron. For example, Arkady, born on April 12, celebrates his name day on August 14 in honor of the Monk Arkady of Vyazemsky.

If there are several saints with your name in the calendar, you can choose the patron saint whose life is close to you in spirit. For example, not the closest Saint Nicholas, but rather Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. It happens that the official name is not on the church calendar. Then the saint or name for baptism is chosen according to consonance or by literal translation: Agata - Agafya, Ruslan - Leo, Svetlana - Fotinia, Zhanna - Joanna, Yuri - George. A traditionally revered saint in the family, with whom family members have maintained prayerful contact for years, can also become a patron saint. Then the same name is repeated from generation to generation.

The Church advises having an icon of the patron saint and knowing his life, so that a righteous life can serve as an example and inspiration for a person.

In the modern world, few people honor the traditions of their ancestors. For example, at the birth of a baby, he is given a name in honor of his grandfather, grandmother or favorite book character, famous actor, singer. But choosing a name is a very important moment in anyone’s life; one might say it has a sacred meaning. After all, it is then that your baby receives a patron saint forever. They are identified either by date of birth or by the same name as a child (or adult).

In the article we will explain how to find out which saint is “yours”, what is the difference between the Guardian Angel and the heavenly patron, how name days differ from birthdays, and we will give a lot of other useful information.

Angel Barchiel, prayer, guardian angel of blessings

Angel Barchiel known as the angel of blessings is also the chief of all guardian angels. Archangel Barchiel (who is also often known as "angel Barakiel") means "God's blessing."

Angel Barchiel intercedes in prayer to God for people in need, asking God to give them blessings in all areas of their lives, from their relationships with family and friends to their work.

People ask for Barchiel's help in achieving success in their pursuits.

Since the angel of blessings is also the head of all guardian angels, people sometimes ask for Barchiel's help by giving a blessing through one of their personal guardian angels.

Angel Barchiel. Symbols and photos of the guardian angel in religion

In art, the angel Barchiel is usually depicted with scattered rose petals, which represent God's sweet blessings showering people, or holding a white rose (which also symbolizes blessings) near his chest. However, sometimes the photo of the angel of Barchiel shows him holding a basket that is overflowing with bread, or a staff, both of which symbolize the blessings of childbirth that God bestows on parents.

In photographs, guardian angel Barchiel sometimes appears in female form, which emphasize the guardian angel's caring work in delivering blessings. Like all archangels, Barakiel does not have a specific gender and can manifest as either male or female, depending on what works best in the situation.

The color of energy. The green color of the angel Barchiel symbolizes his presence. It represents healing and prosperity and is also associated with Archangel Raphael.

Role in religious texts. The Third Book of Enoch, an ancient Hebrew text, describes the archangel Barchiel as one of the angels who serve as great and revered angelic princes in heaven.

The text mentions that Barchiel leads 496,000 other angels who work with him.

Barchiel is part of the rank of seraphim angels who guard the throne of God, as well as the leader of all guardian angels who work with humans.

Other religious roles. Barchiil is an official saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and he is also venerated as a saint by some members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic tradition holds that Barchiel is the patron saint of marriage and family life. He may be shown with a book presenting the Bible and the Papal Encyclical, which guide the faithful on how to conduct their family and family life.

He also traditionally dominates lightning and storms, as well as seeing the needs of converts.

Barchiel is one of the few angels that are represented in the Lutheran liturgical calendar.

In astrology, the angel Barchiel rules the planet Jupiter and is associated with the zodiac signs Pisces and Scorpio. Usually, guardian angel Barchiel inspires a sense of humor in people who encounter God's blessings through him.

Angel Barchiel, prayer to the great Archangel of blessings

Prayer to the angel Barchiel helps every time you ask for a blessing. Write down a prayer to the angel Barchiel and do not forget about it.

Barchiel, angel of blessings, I thank God that you have made a generous channel through which God pours out many blessings in people's lives.

Please intercede in prayer with God on my behalf, asking God to bless me in every area of ​​my life—from my relationships with family and friends to my work.

Grant me success in all my pursuits that are in accordance with God's will for me.

Teach me to understand blessings from an accurate perspective. If I focus primarily on the blessings I want God to give me, my view of God will change. Show me how to approach God relationally rather than transactionally.

Help me focus on God himself and not on the gifts God can give me. Remind me that the ultimate blessing is a relationship with God.

Ask me to make my relationship with God—my loving Father in heaven—my top priority and base my daily decisions on what will help me draw closer to God.

When I am hoping for a specific blessing in my life, remind me to pray for it.

Intercede in prayer with God for me for each specific blessing I pray for, asking that God will answer my prayers by sending blessings into my life at the right time and in the right direction.

If God chooses not to give me the blessing I want, help me move away from anger and toward peace, trusting that God knows what is best for me. Refocus my thinking on another blessing God wants to give me.

Help me recognize and appreciate the many small but significant blessings that God continually pours into my life.

Encourage me with some tangible signs of your presence after prayer, such as your signature: rose petals, symbolizing God's sweet blessings falling into my life.

Remind me to celebrate every blessing God gives me and enjoy it to the fullest.

Thank you for your work guiding the many guardian angels who watch over people on Earth so closely. Please ask my guardian angel to give me as many blessings as God wants me to enjoy every day.

If I need help from more than one guardian angel to protect me when I am in danger, arrange for additional guardian angels to help me.

Teach me to develop a close friendship with my main guardian angel, so I can discern the angel's voice communicating with me and listening to his or her guidance, which will help me draw closer to God and enjoy the best life possible.

Gently remind me that the guardian angels at work are recording everything I think, say, and do for a comprehensive record of my life that will be reviewed when I die. Encourage me to make only the best, most loving choices every day so that I can be a blessing to others and build a positive, faithful legacy.

Help me enjoy God's blessings and express my gratitude for those blessings by loving God and loving others. Amen.

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How to find “your” Guardian Angel icon

At baptism, the child receives a name, and a certain saint is considered his patron. Usually it is chosen according to Christmastide, but it can be done arbitrarily, especially if a person is baptized as an adult. If the life path of a particular saint inspires, you can safely choose him as your heavenly patron. Such a saint is mistakenly called a “guardian angel.”

It would also be a mistake to “bind” some icon of the Mother of God as a guardian angel by date of birth. Such a classification is inappropriate; it has nothing to do with the Orthodox tradition. The Queen of Heaven is the patroness of all people without exception. This is rather a type of modern paganism, which appeared due to widespread illiteracy in matters of religion.

The church holiday is common for all angelic ranks - it is celebrated on November 8 (Cathedral of Heavenly Powers). The names of each specific angel are hidden from people; only a few of them are named in the Bible. However, there is a tradition according to which the icon of the guardian angel is selected according to the name of the person. In fact, it will be the image of a saint who bore the same name, but not an Angel.


This messenger of heaven is given the name Bahram. He faithfully guides his star subordinate along the path of life, does not allow him to make mistakes and prevents all obstacles that arise. The patron will always help in difficult times if he is asked to ease the burden of difficulties. The sunset of any chosen day is a wonderful moment to thank your guardian and protect you from various trials of fate.

This short name of Dean contains the enormous power of an Angel. The task of the guardian is to endow his representative with great power of knowledge, wisdom and the ability to quickly make important decisions. You can pray to him on any day, with the exception of major church holidays. For overcoming obstacles or conquering heights, thank your assistant with prayer.

The name of the patronizing messenger for the sign Aquariil. The main function is to help the representative develop on a spiritual level, teach him to appreciate important moments and point out his true purpose. The Angel will help only when the sign asks him for help with his prayer. If there is no way out of a difficult situation, the keeper will always suggest the right path to solution.

The angel of the zodiac assistant is named Kadmiel. It is his responsibility to help solve all complex problems, pointing to the very reason with his hints and signs. Intuitively ask for help at the end of the day, and your ability to improve will begin to act on its own. Don't forget to thank your Angel for your support.

The guardian of the zodiac is blessed with the name Barchiel. He bestows his representative with spiritual strength and helps to find understanding with others. This Angel helps even those other signs who ask him about it. With his help, you can change your destiny, but only if he sees the need for it. In other cases, he leads through life with an already predetermined destiny.

How to pray in front of an icon

Before praying to Guardian Angel Kirill, you need to read his biography. This way a person will show respect for the saint. Anyone who is involved in education or science can pray to him - schoolchildren, students, teachers, professors. A saint can help in a situation where you need to speak in front of a large audience. Kirill previously had problems with public speaking, but was able to overcome his natural shyness.

Before the face of St. Cyril, people can ask for life wisdom and help in solving everyday problems. He can help a family in which disagreements have arisen between the spouses if he is asked to do so. The saint helps parents whose children have bad behavior - Kirill tries to guide them on the right path.

We advise you to study the Prayer of the Kazan Mother of God

You can pray to him for good luck. If a person is going through a dark period in life, it seems that he is surrounded by problems - you can pray in front of the face of St. Cyril, and everything will work out.

The most powerful prayer to Saint Cyril will be on those days that are dedicated to him. During these periods, candles must be lit in front of the icon to honor his memory.

Often the saint is asked for help before important events in their studies: exams or difficult tests, but one should not assume that they can not prepare. St. Cyril can support and help a little, but subject to work from the student. If a person is lazy and does not prepare, the result will be predictable.

For the prayer before an exam to work properly, it must be learned by heart. This may seem a little difficult, since the language of prayers is unusual for modern people, but the result will be much greater than the effort that was spent on memorizing.

Prayer to the Holy Guardian Angel

Everyone needs prayer, because it is like a breath of clean air. There are prayers that you can read every day, but only once a year on your birthday. There are those that I read only in the morning, before going out or before going to bed. They are different so that everyone can find their own according to their needs and desires.

Every prayer has incredible power. The Guardian Angel hears all your requests and asks the Lord God for help for you. He not only does not leave us throughout life, but also does not leave us after death. In prayer you can repent of your sins, ask for protection, spend a day without evil, direct you on the path of salvation, and strengthen your faith. Ask for help from your soul so that it does not give in to temptation with these words:

“Holy Angel, standing before my accursed soul and my passionate life, do not leave me, a sinner, nor depart from me for my intemperance. Do not give room to the evil demon to possess me through the violence of this mortal body; strengthen my poor and thin hand and guide me on the path of salvation. To her, holy Angel of God, guardian and patron of my accursed soul and body, forgive me everything, I have offended you so greatly all the days of my life, and if I sinned this past night, cover me on this day, and save me from every opposite temptation May I not anger God in any sin, and pray to the Lord for me, that He may strengthen me in His passion, and show me worthy to be a servant of His goodness. Amen".

Prayer to Saints Cyril and Methodius Equal to the Apostles

For the glorification of the enlightener of the Slovenian language, Saints Methodius and Cyril, Equal to the Apostles, having been enlightened by the light of your writings and teachings and being instructed in the faith of Christ, as children of our father, we now earnestly run and with contrition of heart we pray: even if we do not keep your covenants, for pleasing God we are careless and from the fraternal unanimity in the faith of those who have fallen away, both as in ancient times in your earthly life, do not turn away the sinners and unworthy people now, but, as you have great boldness towards the Lord, diligently pray to Him, that He may turn us to the path of salvation, that He may pacify the discord of those of the same faith, may he lead those who have fallen away to unanimity and unite us all with the spirit of love into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church! We know that the prayer of the righteous can do much through the mercy of the Lord.

Do not forsake us, sad and unworthy, your children, for the sake of their sins your flock is divided by enmity and seduced by the temptations of the heterodox, they have diminished, while the sheep of words are torn apart, admired by destructive wolves. Grant us, through your prayers, the zeal of Orthodoxy, so that we may well preserve the traditions of our fathers, we will faithfully observe the canons of the Church, we will run away from all strange false teachings, and, thus succeeding in living a life pleasing to God, we will be worthy of heavenly life in Heaven, where together with you we will glorify the One God in the Trinity forever and ever. . Amen.

Angels and Demons

Good and evil constantly struggle in every person. The outcome of this battle depends on who is stronger - angels or demons. Demons try to win a person over to their side, resorting to various tricks. Angels stand in their way, protecting us from bad deeds and temptations. All people have personal angels, but the most powerful are the zodiac ones.

Behind Aries, the Demon of Cowardice and the Angel of Sincerity are fighting. The dark side provokes a person to remain silent when it is necessary to openly demonstrate his position in life, so Aries prefers to keep his mouth shut. Then he is oppressed by remorse, but the Demon of Cowardice triumphs - at the right moment his “ward” hid in the bushes. However, the Angel of sincerity and openness does not remain idle - it charges Aries with energy and forces him to express his own opinion. You need to seek protection from the angel Bakariel.


Behind the phlegmatism lies a storm of passions. In the soul of Taurus there is an irreconcilable struggle between the Demon of stubbornness and greed and the Angel of selflessness. Great attachment to material wealth and dependence on them is on the conscience of dark forces, as well as obstinacy and inflexibility. It is easier for Taurus to throw money away than to give it to those in need. It is important for him not to become a slave to material things, so he must listen to the voice of the Guardian Angel as often as possible. Taurus are reliable as a rock and faithful as a dog, and this is also the merit of good forces, in particular the angel Amatiel - the patron saint of new beginnings and happy changes.


They are torn apart by the Demons of variability and frivolity, but are protected by the Angel of optimism and activity. The latter takes care of Gemini’s wide circle of acquaintances, without which they will wither away and lose their zest for life. Thanks to him, they easily make new acquaintances, especially fleeting ones. The angel of optimism saves you from depression and pessimism, but insidious demons force you to flatter, fake, and lie. Shallow attachments and frequent changes of partners are also the work of dark forces, as are frequent changes of mood. You need to seek salvation from the angel of victory Bahram, who will help you cope with all difficulties.

The object of attention of the Demon of temper and lust for power, the patron is the Angel of care and sympathy. Hence the weaknesses of Cancer - excessive vulnerability, emotionality, the desire to keep everything under control. He often rushes from side to side and is scattered, wanting to do everything everywhere, but in the end he does not have time to do anything, gets irritated and takes his anger out on loved ones. He often wants to please everyone and takes a neutral position, but this is perceived from the outside as sycophancy. His guardian angel Dina persistently encourages him to gain new knowledge, actively develop, and look for a new application for his strengths.

Proud, arrogant and arrogant, Leo is a victim of the Demon of Vanity. Those around him are sometimes unbearable to tolerate his categorical attitude, dictatorial habits and unwillingness to listen to other people's opinions. Leo is an unsurpassed artist, for whom all life is a game. To nullify the influence of dark forces, you need to turn to the Angel of humility and cordiality as often as possible. This is the only way to turn from a boastful and narcissistic egoist into an attentive and kind person. His faithful guardian angel, Aquariel, constantly encourages him to develop spiritually.

The Demon of envy and superficiality prevents you from enjoying life. He always wants to be in the forefront in everything, does not tolerate competitors and tries with all his might to prove his superiority. For Virgo, there are two opinions - one is hers, the other is wrong. It is useless to argue with Virgo; she will still remain with her opinion. To achieve harmony and happiness, you need to delve deeper into what is happening, look for cause-and-effect relationships. The angel of fate Kadmiel - one of the most powerful cherubs of the entire Zodiac - forces you to patiently go towards your goal and work hard. You need to turn to him in difficult times.

On the right shoulder stands the Angel of measure and balance, on the left is the capricious Demon of moods, uncertainty and selfishness. The latter is responsible for the arrogance, quarrelsomeness and coldness of Libra. The demon constantly sows doubts in the soul. Libra's pain points are a lack of determination and activity. They try to shift responsibility onto others. Dark forces infect with pessimism, induce depression, and suppress the psyche, which is why Libra’s nervous system is quite shaken and unstable. For help, you need to turn to Angel Barchiel, who gives inner strength, adds optimism, and teaches you how to cope with problems.


The object of confrontation between the Demon of revenge and resentment and the Angel of truth and justice. Dark forces often get the better of the insightful Scorpio, and it is difficult to resist them. Offending Scorpio means making an enemy. He will harbor a grudge and will fuss over it for a long time and tediously. But that's not so bad! If Scorpio is obsessed with a thirst for revenge, no one will be in trouble. Masterfully dealing with offenders, Scorpio self-destructs, and this only plays into the hands of the demons. He always strives for justice, demands the same from others, lives according to the highest, Hamburg standard. Gabriel, his guardian angel, protects Scorpio in extreme situations.


He is guided by the Demon of Arrogance, and given strength by the Angel of Cheerfulness. Dark entities cause arrogance and narcissism; because of them, it is difficult to build relationships with others. Projecting, squandering, indulging one’s own weaknesses and desires - these are the “seals” of demons. Sagittarius does not accept criticism; he himself is ready to ridicule everyone. But he owes his broad nature to the good forces that keep him in his wanderings around the world. When going on the road, starting a new business, Sagittarius needs to pray to the guardian angel Adnachiel.

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