The fight against evil is part of the spiritual life of every Christian

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When a person wants to punish evil, he has no idea what is behind it and that he wants to disrupt the harmony of this world. What is evil, is it worth fighting against it and how to do it?

God created all worlds and spaces, everything that we see and do not see. And if so, where do you think evil came from?

For God there is neither good nor evil. He creates worlds and the laws of these worlds. Everything obeys these laws, absolutely everything.

The law by which worlds live in universes is called the law of karma or cause-and-effect relationship. I wrote about this in the materials: “The Law of Karma” and “Cleansing Karma.”

It is clear that any action leaves its mark. Now think about how a person can learn his lesson if there is no evil? No way. Through what people call evil, they learn their life lessons and gain the necessary experience for the soul.

A person takes actions that lead to results he does not want, and receives lessons from other similar people with little experience in this life. We are all students of the same school, who study in different classes, and a 1st grade student is no worse than a 10th grade student, he’s just at his own level of development. For God it looks something like this, and you begin to realize this when you take the necessary lessons.

However, awareness does not always come through unpleasant lessons. This can be called a slap on the head, which gives life so that you don’t interfere wherever you need to. If a person lives according to his conscience, according to the feelings of his soul, he does not need slaps on the head.

But what then about catastrophes and natural disasters, where sometimes thousands of people die? Do they all really need such hard slaps? Answer - Yes. Remember the joke when, during a disaster, a woman shouted to God: “Is it really because of me that you will sink an entire ship”? Remember the answer “I’ve been gathering you all here for a whole year.”

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