In Velikoretskoye, an icon of the Kazan Mother of God appeared in the door of one of the houses

Consecrated objects and church attributes are endowed with special energy and require careful attention. Despite the fact that the clergy speak categorically against any superstitions, our ancestors came up with many beliefs associated with the images of saints. Some of the signs explain why you should find an icon on the street. This is considered to be a warning sign. If you deal with your find correctly, you can avoid many troubles.

Why use signs to find an icon?

Images and faces of saints are, first of all, a symbol of faith, and therefore they must be treated with respect.

Found icons can promise both prosperity and good luck, and future troubles. The fact is that, according to superstitious people, holy images could be used in various rites and rituals, after which they got rid of the church attribute. The person who found such a thing, through it, took upon himself damage, the evil eye, illnesses, and sins of the previous owner.

The clergy urge people not to believe in mysticism and magical rituals. According to them, finding an icon is a good sign, symbolizing the favor of divine powers. A person can expect a quick resolution of difficulties and a change in life for the better.

The Church claims that this kind of discovery is not accidental and is a divine gift that cannot be rejected.

It is believed that in this way the Lord supports a person and gives him help in a difficult period of life.

Church opinion

Christianity preaches love for humanity, and the Lord forgives even the worst sinners. However, people are often frightened by church paraphernalia found in an unfamiliar place or found on the street. Succumbing to fear, a Christian falls into deep ignorance, because all signs are only superstitions that came from antiquity and are considered a remnant of paganism, which supplanted Christianity.

It is believed that the found icon brings prosperity

For Orthodox Orthodoxy there is no “bad energy”; it forbids followers to pay any serious attention to these speculations, which are not actually supported by the rational mind.

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Church officials claim: the image of a saint and a biblical story found on the street is a gift from the Lord. The canvas appears in one place or another for a reason, and carries with it a certain omen. The found icon is intended to provide protection during a difficult period of life, as well as to help in overcoming the strong changes that God wants to send us.

On a note! In Christianity there is an icon-venerable tradition and an iconoclastic tradition that is opposite to it. Adherents of the second act according to the commandment, which says: “Thou shalt not make an idol for yourself.” And the first respond that the canvas with the sacred image of the Most Pure Virgin, Jesus Christ and all saints is a relic that is an intermediary between the material and heavenly worlds.

Any prayer comes from the heart directly to the Lord, and the icon plays the role of a visual object that makes it easier to concentrate the mind on a specific thought.

Is it possible to select such a find?

Regardless of whether a person decides to take the found icon or not, he must not leave it lying on the ground. The sacred cloth must be raised to avoid possible desecration of this attribute of faith.

Many people are afraid to pick up other people's things. After all, their past is unknown: it happens that owners abandon holy paintings when they absorb a large amount of negative energy and begin to attract misfortune. Sometimes icons that belonged to deceased people, or images with which some extremely unpleasant events or memories were associated, are thrown away.

It is believed that picking up such an image and bringing it home means bringing trouble to your family. Therefore, you should listen to your own intuition and then decide what to do. If the icon evokes unpleasant associations and disturbing thoughts, it is better not to take it with you.

Negative signs about the find

According to signs, some things cannot be given as a gift, picked up on the street, or even stored in the house. It is believed that, in principle, things lying on the road simply cannot have good energy. Often, negativity and damage are removed from them, leaving them to lie until someone takes them over.

But is it possible to raise an icon on the street? People who call themselves sorcerers claim that an icon can also become an object for removing negativity; picking it up is just as unsafe as money, a wallet and other things. She has very bad energy if she was in the same room with a dying person.

The next superstition is that sinful people who are not religious enough can throw away a religious attribute. They donate crosses and icons and get rid of them. In this case, picking up the item is really dangerous, since you will take on the sins of the one who threw it away.

What to do with the found icon

The person who finds the icon must pick up the sacred object and take it to the church. To avoid the possible transmission of negative information, it is recommended to wrap the image in a cloth and not touch it with bare hands.

You should tell the priest about the find and ask him to consecrate it. Only after this can the icon be taken home. After all, even if the item was lost by accident and does not carry any negativity, it may not be consecrated. And according to popular beliefs, you cannot pray to such images or keep them at home.

If the find is alarming and causes some unpleasant emotions, it can be left in the temple. Such an act is considered good, and therefore will certainly bring goodness and good luck to the giver.

Another option is to leave the icon on the memorial table in the church, where parishioners put food in memory of their deceased relatives.

It is recommended to put a few coins along with the canvas as alms to honor the memory of deceased ancestors.

Is it possible to select

According to folk superstitions, you should not pick up someone’s things lying on the road, even very valuable ones - they can be saturated with negative energy and such a find promises misfortune for the entire family. The past of the owners of the icon is unknown, which means it is unclear what was said about it and by whom .

The clergy recommend not leaving the find and be sure to take it to the house of God for the rite of consecration.

It’s unclear who to believe. Therefore, if there is any doubt, it is better to pick up the icon not with your bare hands, but through a glove or cloth and take it to the temple - so the damage, if it is on the image, will not “stick”, and the mission to save the sacred symbol will be completed.

Predictions associated with the icon of the Mother of God

There are especially many signs and beliefs associated with the image of the Virgin Mary, which is considered a family amulet.

Finding an icon of the Mother of God for newlyweds or a couple planning to get married means a long and happy married life. The canvas depicting the Blessed Virgin must be selected, consecrated in the temple and placed in the red corner of the first joint home.

For a pregnant woman, the found icon of the Mother of God is a talisman that protects throughout the entire period of waiting for the baby. If a couple has problems conceiving, then such an image will help them become parents in the very near future.

An icon is not just a picture, but an important church attribute. Therefore, if you come across such a valuable find on the way, you should not pass by. Even if a person helps the sacred canvas find a new home in the church, he will certainly receive a blessing and save himself from many troubles.

What to do if you find an icon on the street?

The clergy claim that the icon found on the street is a gift, that it did not just appear in that place and at that time. There are known cases when such an icon appeared in a family where one of its members was seriously ill, after which, with God’s help and the prayers of the people, he recovered. The found icon may have been sent to protect you at the most necessary moment. It is believed that if you find an icon with the face of the Mother of God, then strong changes and trials await you, which the Mother of God will help you endure.

It's up to you to decide what to do with such a find. But it is very important, if you find an icon on the street, do not leave it where it is, do not pass by, regardless of whether you want to keep it or not.

If you decide to keep the icon for yourself, then before taking it into your home, it is strongly recommended to visit the temple and illuminate the find. Even if the icon has already been illuminated, there is nothing wrong with repeating the procedure, but quite the contrary, it will strengthen your belief that it was sent to help you.

It is your right not to take the icon into your house, but you still cannot leave the icon on the street. Take it to the temple and give it to one of the clergy. Perhaps one of the parishioners will be glad to take this icon. Be sure to tell them that you found it on the street, and that in this case the icon should be consecrated. If for some reason you are embarrassed to give the icon to someone personally, you can leave it on the funeral table, where parishioners put food in memory of deceased loved ones. Usually such a table is located near the entrance to the temple near the tetrapod, a candlestick for commemorating the dead. It would be good in this case to also leave alms on the funeral table, thus expressing love for your departed. But keep in mind that not all products can be brought in on all days. In the same way, you can transfer your icon, which for some reason you no longer want to keep.

Do not pass by holy images; it is quite possible that the history of the icon you found goes back decades and more than one generation. Be that as it may, an icon is not just a painting; if you don’t help it, that trace of past indifference will remain in your soul. Or maybe its appearance is exactly what you need in your life now, even if you help the icon find a new home in the temple.

For many years now, images of saints have accompanied Christians from the Sacrament of Baptism to the last funeral service. Miraculous images give people strength in sorrows and illnesses, and share infrequent joys. Some Christians find images of saints on the street and bring them home.

There are two opposing opinions: some believe that this provokes troubles, others - prosperity. These signs have lived for many centuries and were created, first of all, in order to instill in the younger generation respect for icons.

The meaning of the sign taking into account the details

If you believe folk superstitions, a fallen and broken icon warns of imminent misfortune or makes it clear that its owner has somehow angered higher powers. If the image was broken on purpose, then expect illness, poverty and troubles. But when the image breaks accidentally, you will soon cope with the upcoming troubles.

If you fall but are not injured

A believer is very sensitive to images of saints. He carefully looks after the images and tries to find a worthy place for them in his home. Periodically, as a sign of respect, candles and lamps are lit near them. When a person thinks about why his icon falls on the floor, his soul becomes restless. What if something bad happens?

If you believe popular superstitions, then even the fact that the icon simply fell without breaking is already a bad sign:

  • this could be a warning about the imminent death of a loved one;
  • a harbinger of future discord in the family;
  • a sign that the owner of the icon will be left without work.

This indicates the spiritual fall of a person and his family. The way out of this situation is to go to the temple, sincerely repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness from the saint who is depicted on the fallen icon.

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If it crashed

Even if an icon breaks in your house, this does not mean that you need to panic and stress yourself out. It is within your power to avoid negativity. Try to repair the image of the saint or take it to a church master for restoration. To better understand why an icon in the house falls and then breaks, you need to visit the temple with repentance or simply pray at home in front of a burning church candle. It is also recommended to go to confession and undergo the rite of communion. This will help you rethink your life and find the right path in it.

If it fell on a person

When an icon fell from a shelf onto a person, think about what it was for. What happened may be a sure sign that the victim is behaving inappropriately

You can judge the situation more if you pay attention to what kind of icon it is. If it was given by a loved one, perhaps you are being unfair to him

Often images fall when there is a conflict in the family with older relatives.

Interpretation taking into account the face of the saint

Much also depends on the image of the saint, which is depicted on the fallen icon. This may give you some hints on what to do:

  1. Many people wonder why the icon of the Mother of God falls. Signs warn: take care of your health and forget about traveling. There is no need to go on a long journey in the coming weeks.
  2. If the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker suffered, then expect fateful events that will change your life.
  3. The image of Jesus Christ has fallen - the time has come to tackle a complex issue that has long been suspended.

If a fallen icon of the Savior was given to you at your wedding, then there are likely to be health difficulties for family members or financial problems.

If a small swatch that fell from someone else’s pocket is found

The ancestors were afraid to touch icons that were found somewhere on the street, especially those found near intersections. It was believed that the image could be damaged. Perhaps they got rid of the icon specifically to remove the negativity associated with it from their lives - atonement for serious sins, death and illness.

It is not recommended to take the icon into your home, but you also cannot pass by it, so as not to deprive yourself of the support of higher powers. It’s better to take the find to the church to have it blessed. After this, you can leave it at home or in the temple.

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What to expect?

But there are some options, for example, if it suddenly fell in the house, by itself or by your accident, or you happened to lose the icon or find it right on the street. What's all this for?

1. Finding an icon is a good and kind omen. There are such small pocket icons that many people carry with them - for example, in a wallet, for protection.

And if someone has lost such an icon, and you happen to find it, this means that you need it. Consider that she herself found you, and will protect and protect you. It is this saint, who is depicted on the icon, who will be your patron and protector.

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However, if you are lucky enough to find someone’s lost icon, do not rush to take it to your home. After all, this item stores a lot of information and carries the energy of the former owner. And who knows what the man prayed in front of her, what sins he atoned for, and in general, what he was thinking about.

So that the icon that you manage to find by chance does not bring trouble, but protects and takes care of it, you should immediately find a temple nearby and be sure to consecrate it in this temple. After this, you don't have to worry about anything.

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2. If you have lost an icon, don’t worry. This may seem like a bad omen, but it really isn't. Superstition says that if you have lost the icon, it means that it has already done everything for you, as if it had completed its job, and has left you.

Don’t be upset, go to church, pray, and buy a new icon for yourself. It must be consecrated, and after that it will become a talisman and amulet for you.

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If she fell, it means something bad portends. Don't panic or be afraid - everything will be fine. When icons fall, this is how higher powers warn you, indicate that you need to be more careful, perhaps even this is a hint that you have gone astray.

To prevent troubles and misfortunes, you need to carefully pick up the icon that has fallen, kiss the image of the saint and ask for forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. After this, you need to put her in her place and pray, ask for protection.

And by the way, it’s worth checking whether the icon stands securely, and why it falls - maybe the wrong place was chosen for it? Treat this thing very carefully and reverently.

What is the risk for someone who keeps an ancient icon at home?

Is it really necessary to get rid of the shrine stored in your home so as not to bring trouble to yourself and your family? Of course not. Just talk less about what kind of relic you have in your possession, and provide decent security for your home. It is very effective and quite inexpensive, for example, to contract with a security company - in this case, if there is unauthorized entry into your home, within a few minutes men in uniform will arrive and detain the intruders. Preserving the icon and passing it on to descendants is the duty of a true believer.

Orthodox priests do not recognize omens, since they consider them the slyness of the unclean. The icon is the personification of holiness and purity. Where did the sign come from that a donated icon could bring trouble? In the old days, they tried to refuse donated icons, considering them damaged. Signs: is it possible to give icons as a gift? Let's consider the issue in detail.

There was a popular belief among the people that an icon given as a gift would bring misfortune to the house. After accepting such a gift, quarrels and scandals began in the house, household members fell ill with serious illnesses, or even went to another world. This was due to the damage that evil people caused through the icon.

However, in the modern world there is no need to be afraid of such surprises, especially if the icon is given by relatives or close people with good wishes and from the bottom of their hearts. Representatives of the Orthodox Church believe that a consecrated icon brings God's grace to the house, cleanses from negativity and blesses those living in the house


Icons must be given according to the rules established by the church:

  • on birthdays they present personalized icons;
  • icons are given to a sick person to help in healing;
  • Colleagues and bosses should be given icons that help in work and business;
  • family people are given icons that bless the family hearth;
  • young girls are given images of holy saints, and young men are given images of holy saints of God.

It is customary to give icons for a wedding, but this should be done by the newlyweds’ parents or close relatives. For the bride they choose the image of the Virgin Mary, and for the groom - Jesus Christ.

Holy images can be given at any time, however, icons dedicated to an important event - birth, wedding, christening - are endowed with a stronger beneficial effect. You should also know where the icon should be located in the house. For this purpose, there used to be a “red corner”, that is, the most prominent place in the house

For this purpose, there used to be a “red corner”, that is, the most prominent place in the house

You should also know where the icon should be located in the house. For this purpose, there used to be a “red corner”, that is, the most prominent place in the house.

Is it possible to give hand-made icons that have not been consecrated in the church? An unconsecrated image does not carry positive energy, so homemade icons must be consecrated in the church.

Famous Discovered Icons

Many holy paintings that defended the Fatherland for centuries, stopped enemy armies and healed the seriously ill, were found in various parts of the homeland and the world.

  • The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God was located at the site of the fire; it was found in 1579 after the Most Pure Virgin herself appeared three times in a dream to a girl named Matrona. Today the relic is kept in the St. Petersburg Kazan Cathedral.
  • Legend has it that the Tikhvin Icon was found in the city of Tikhvin at the end of the 14th century.
    She is considered miraculous and intercessory, and is currently located in the Monastery of the Assumption of Our Lady. Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God in the Assumption Cathedral of the Tikhvin Monastery
  • The Iveron image appeared to the monks of Athos in the 11th century, and in the 17th century it was transported to Russia. Today, pilgrims can see the ancient miraculous painting in the main temple of the Novodevichy Convent.
  • The Kursk Icon of the Most Pure Virgin was found in the forest on the day of the Nativity of the Mother of God; this happened at the end of the 13th century. At the place of discovery, a source of holy water began to flow. Legend has it that its halves grew together after the Tatar-Mongols hatedly cut the relic in two. From the middle of the 20th century. The miraculous canvas is kept in the Cathedral of the Sign in New York.

If a person finds a sacred image on the street, he can either pass by, or pick up the relic and take it to the church for consecration. Depending on faith, the believer will make a decision. The Orthodox Church considers the find as a gift from above and advises not to ignore it or be afraid.

What to do with the found icons? The priest's answer

Is it possible to lift an icon from the ground?

Esotericists say that it is impossible to lift money, jewelry and religious objects from the ground. They may be damaged or cursed . If the icon needs to be taken away or it needs to be removed from the road, then you should not touch it with your bare hands. Use gloves or a scarf.

Seeing an icon on the street, one cannot be sure that it has been consecrated, which means it could easily become the object of damage or other negative influence.

The clergy advise not to leave the icon on the street; it should be brought to the temple. Tell the priest that this is a find, and it will be sent for illumination.

Saint Nicholas the Pleasant, miracle worker

Advice! If in any doubt, it is better not to touch the found relic with bare hands. Use a handkerchief or piece of paper, or any material that will prevent direct contact between you and the find.

The church's opinion on the find

Throwing away an icon or other consecrated thing is considered a sin and blasphemy, but finding it is a great blessing. The Church and its clergy say that it was not a person who found an icon, but an icon that came to life to someone who needs help . The saint revealed to you that he is praying for you.

Important! One of the reasons why people are afraid to pick up icons is not knowing who has used them before. And the fear of receiving negative energy that she could absorb. The Church does not recognize the fact of the accumulation of any energy in holy objects.

What to do is everyone’s choice and it is individual. You can pass by, or you can not remain indifferent. It all depends on a person’s views and aspirations.

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