Ruslan is an Orthodox name or not. Ruslan celebrates Orthodox name days. Career and hobbies

The name Ruslan, popular in Russia, is of Turkic origin and means the word “lion”. In the Turkic version it sounds like Aslan or Arslan. This name became widespread in Russia after Pushkin’s poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. After all, the name Ruslan is very consonant with “Russia”. In the folk epic there is even a legend about the hero Eruslan Lazarevich. But despite this, there is no one under this name. And you cannot baptize a child under the name Ruslan.

Parents can choose any other name for the child, which will be given to him at baptism. What's the best way to do this? You can choose a name for your child according to the calendar for his birthday and the next day. For example, the baby was born on September 3. You can see in the Orthodox calendar which saints are venerated on September 3 and 4. And having chosen the name you like, give it to the child at baptism.

You can find the name directly on the day of baptism. Let's say baptism is scheduled for October 19th. On this day, the holy righteous John of Kronstadt is revered. You can call the boy Ioann, or in common parlance Ivan.

Among the saints with a name close to Ruslan is the Great Martyr Rustik (on the last syllable). He is revered by the Russian Orthodox Church; in the St. Daniel Monastery there is an icon of St. Martyr Rusticus of Paris. Most often, priests offer to name a child with this name if parents contact them.

It is important to remember that you can only pray for Ruslan by the name under which he was baptized. Our ancestors believed that the more names a child has, the greater the chance of misleading the dark forces. In Catholicism, for example, children are given several names at once.

The sacrament of baptism is a rite in which a person seems to be born again into a new spiritual life and with a new Orthodox name. This name is given to him in honor of one of the saints, it is contained in the Saints and is “written in heaven.” The saint whose name a person is named will protect him, being his heavenly patron. People who are not fully versed in religious matters may wonder what name to choose when baptizing their child and themselves.

You will need

  • Saints.


Moreover, it used to be customary at birth to name a child after the saint on whose memorial day his birth occurred. A slight “shift” when choosing a name was allowed. This was done because the days of remembrance of holy women are somewhat rarer than those of holy men. But at baptism a person received a different name.

Some names, for example, Georgian or Serbian saints, are not in our Saints. Despite this, their names can be given at baptism, because they are versions of the names available in the Saints, adapted for another language. If your name or your child's name is one, take it at baptism.

In addition to the presence of the name in the Saints, the day of remembrance of the saint who bore it should be celebrated in the interval from the day of birth of the child to the eighth day of his life. Today, the “seven-day rule” is no longer mandatory when choosing an Orthodox name, so follow it only if you wish.

A person receives a new name after going through the rite of baptism, during which the priest reads a prayer three times, calls on the Holy Spirit three times, blesses the water and immerses the baby in it. Adults are simply sprinkled with blessed water. The priest applies a drop of myrrh oil to the forehead of the receiving person. It is when immersed in water that a person is, as it were, then born to a new spiritual life, receiving at the same time a new Orthodox name. The anointing is the blessing of the Lord.

If a person has forgotten the name he was given at baptism, he cannot be baptized again, but he must repent, take communion and ask to take another Orthodox name. It can be selected from the names present in the Saints, so that it is consistent with the passport version. You can also ask for a blessing to take for yourself the name of that saint whose deeds and life left a mark on your soul.


Throughout the year, the days of remembrance of many saints are repeated. The child's name day will be considered the closest day of remembrance of the saint after his birthday.

Helpful advice

Now adults receiving baptism have the opportunity to take the name of a saint whom they consider themselves close in spirit.


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When an ultrasound has already shown the sex of the child, one of the most important questions arises for expectant mothers and fathers: the future child. After all, the future of his beloved child depends on him to some extent. Many people choose a name depending on the month the baby is expected to be born.

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  • Saints, horoscope, family tree


Of course, having a child is a gift from God. However, in order to fully present the baby before the Lord and allow the child to be reborn not in the earthly, but in the spiritual world, he must be baptized and given a name by which he will be known to God.

What is baptism

The baptism of a child is a sacrament, his first acquaintance with God and spiritual birth. This is not just a ritual or a beautiful tradition, as it is often perceived in modern society, it is something more and deep. At baptism, a child is cleansed of original sin, presented to God, and named a patron who will accompany him and protect him throughout his earthly life. At baptism, a person is given God's good, which he undertakes not only to preserve and protect, but also to increase it and share it with others.

Modern trends are such that many not fully religious parents baptize their children only in order to pay tribute to traditions or so that the child is not “jinxed.” Although their motives are not entirely correct, the very fact that children are still baptized is already positive.

When to baptize a child

When to baptize a child, in infancy or adulthood, is a matter of choice for his parents. However, the church recommends not delaying this and baptizing the child after 40 days from the date of his birth, because it is after 40 days that the child’s mother is cleared of original sin and she is allowed to enter the church.

Until the child reaches 7 years of age, the baptism ceremony takes place only with the help of godparents, who accept God's blessing and renounce Satan for the baby and undertake to be his guide to the world of God and the church.

What name to baptize a child with?

Which name to choose for depends on what principle the child was named at birth. If a child’s name was given at birth in honor of a specific saint, then there is no need to choose a name for baptism; his own name will be ideal.

As a rule, the name for the ceremony is chosen according to the calendar, most often similar or similar in sound to his name in the documents. But this is not entirely correct. If the parents chose a name for the child based simply on the beauty of the sound or in honor of relatives, then for baptism it must be chosen based on the saint whose life is close to the parents and in some way delighted them. The euphony and similarity of the saint’s name with the intended one are, of course, also important. It often happens that there are several saints with the same names and parents have the opportunity to choose who they would like to see as the patron of their child.

You can also take advantage of the practice and traditions of your ancestors, using the name of the saint whose calendar takes place on the day of the sacrament of baptism. It is not at all necessary that it repeats its own name or be close to it, the main thing is that this saint is close to the person.

Meaning of the name Ruslan:

lion (Turkic-Iranian).

Ruslan has a rather complex character, especially in childhood. He is emotional, unrestrained, capricious, stubborn and very cunning. Ruslan wants his parents, and everyone around him, to give him maximum attention; he really loves praise from them. If they don’t notice him or don’t appreciate one or another of his actions, he can be very offended. Risk-prone.

You can be friends with Ruslan for a long time; he is a loyal and devoted friend. Due to his character, he can flare up over a trifle and offend someone, but he is also quick to respond. Easily creates conflicts. He loves himself very much, wants to be the center of attention, he is a real egoist.

Ruslan is looking for a very beautiful woman for his wife. When choosing a life partner, he is guided only by her external data, since her inner world does not bother him. This is explained by the fact that Ruslan needs a beautiful wife so that he can go out with her. He does not always love his wife, but at the same time he is very jealous of her. He is disgusted with everything that he does not like.

Other forms of the name Ruslan: Rus, Ruslik, Rusya, Ruslanchik, Rusik.

Happy holiday to you, Ruslan. We wish you an ocean of love, a carriage of spiritual warmth, a million in your bank account.

Owning a beautiful car will make your wife happy. Children - healthy, mischievous, Friends - cheerful, lively.

The holiday has come to Ruslan, Ruslan is going for a walk, and we will help him with this, congratulate him and give him advice.

Don’t get discouraged over trifles, Just take the most from life, Look at everything only with optimism, May you be lucky in life.

Ruslan, I sincerely congratulate you! I wish all your hopes and dreams come true. May your days be filled with happiness and love. May all doors on your path be open. Health, joy, inspiration and only the best!

Ruslan! We congratulate you on your wonderful celebration! We wish you love and fidelity, so that happiness enters your home!

So that luck is a frequent guest Enter your life without knocking, So that toasts thunder for you And a friend’s shoulder is nearby!

Ruslan - even his name is like steel. Unbending, strong, beautiful. A proud look and aimed into the distance - This is a sign of victory and strength!

Always be adamant and firm, let failures fear us. And with your loved ones, be like honey - Only they can hold on to in life!

Ruslan, our friend, Today is your holiday, You are a unique character, Always cheerful and lively,

We wish you to be happy, healthy, strong, young, always love and be loved, remain so groovy,

We wish you to smile more often, not to know sadness and adversity, and try to be an optimist, may you be lucky in life!

Congratulations, Ruslan! Do not let sorrows disturb you, May good luck be for you. I wish you happiness in life.

I sincerely wish you joy, luck, goodness, money, strength and good health. Let your life be without grief.

May your dreams come true. Always be confident and courageous, and in all your aspirations I wish you to be the very first.

You are cheerful, charismatic, like a daring hurricane. You are a loyal and excellent friend. I send congratulations, Ruslan.

Let your dreams come true, Let your goals be within your reach, I want to wish you success on your special day.

Brave, dexterous and skillful captain of his life. It's all about him, of course. This guy is our Ruslan.

We wish that the wind was only in the sails. So that your other half keeps pace with you.

God has long had a plan, To send a demigod to earth, He named the boy Ruslan, There were a lot of advantages, We won’t list them, But let’s say - you’re a great guy, We just want to wish: May everything go well in your personal life!

I want to wish you, dear Ruslan, May there be sunshine in your heart, may you have a pocket full of money, I wish you many new victories!

I wish you huge and pure love, only loyal friends, career heights, only kind, beautiful, radiant smiles, May every moment bring you joy!

Congratulations: 38

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The name Ruslana, like many other female names, comes from a male name. In this case it is Ruslan, perhaps Arslan or Aslan. The origin of the name is Turkic. Translated into Russian it takes on the meaning “lioness”. Some researchers believe that it has Slavic roots and means “blond.” The name is quite rare, found in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Patron saints and name days

Orthodox calendars do not contain the name Ruslan. Therefore, the boy will be baptized under a different name. To choose the right name for the ritual, you can use the following tips:

  1. Carry out a baptismal ritual under the name of the saint whose memory was celebrated on the child’s birthday.
  2. Use the name of a saint who is venerated on the day of Ruslan’s direct baptism.
  3. Use a name that is most similar in sound to the name Ruslan, for example, Rustik. In Orthodoxy there is Saint Rusticus of Paris, and it is he who in this case will become the patron saint of Ruslan. The saint lived in Paris in the 1st century, served as a presbyter in the church, and was killed by pagans during the persecution of Christians.

    Rusticus of Paris - presbyter, early Christian saint, revered as a martyr

If you baptize Ruslan under the name Rustik, then the name day will be celebrated on October 16.

Character traits

The very sound of this name reveals the strong character of its owner. Indeed, Ruslana is naturally endowed with the qualities of a leader, self-confidence, and impulsiveness. This is a sensual, unrestrained and very lively nature.

Little Russia looks more like a boy. She is not particularly curious and loves knowledge. And the point here is not at all a matter of weak intellect. Quite the opposite - she is very smart, it’s just difficult for her to sit still and control her irrepressible energy. Ruslana can solve any problem, “resolve” any difficult situation. Her mind is very insightful and, as a rule, she does not repeat her mistakes.

As an adult, she softens, but her willfulness and energy remain with her forever. She has one unpleasant property - to crush other people with her authority. The owner of this name will always stand up for herself with honor; she is not one of those who dig into her words. She takes problems and life's troubles easily; she can safely be called an optimist.

The secret of the name Ruslan hides a very sociable person. She always has a lot of friends, mostly men. Due to her impulsiveness, she sometimes commits rash acts, which she later regrets. It can be inconsistent and quick to draw conclusions. She is impatient, so it is difficult for her to listen to others. He doesn’t know how to understand people, which is due to his tendency to overestimate himself. She loves and knows how to dress beautifully, and is partial to flattery and praise. What others think about her is very important to a woman.

The meaning of each letter in the name

Interpretation of the meanings of the letters in the name Ruslan:

  1. Letter R. A person penetrates into the essence, is not able to be deceived by a superficial judgment. He is endowed with a self-confident, impetuous and brave character. Prone to taking unnecessary risks.
  2. Letter U. The guy has an active imagination, generosity and an empathetic nature. It is important for him to reach the highest spiritual level.
  3. Letter S. The man is sensible, impetuous, domineering and capricious. He tries to achieve independence and financial well-being. This person needs to decide on his life path as early as possible.
  4. Letter L. The young man subtly perceives beauty, is endowed with artistic and artistic talents, strives to share his knowledge and sensations with his partner. In order for life not to pass by, a person needs to find his true purpose.
  5. Letter A. The personality wants to create something of its own, is ready to start life anew several times. An important goal is to achieve physical and mental harmony.
  6. Letter N. A protesting nature, having inner strength that helps not to accept everything indiscriminately. The man is smart, diligent, loves to work, but does not accept useless work.

Ruslan has inner strength, active imagination and self-confidence

Family and marriage

A woman with this name often has several marriages. As in life in general, in the family Ruslana claims to be the leader. She cannot be allowed into command positions, otherwise she will begin to lead her family as she wants. Perhaps she will even “throw” the homework she so hates onto their shoulders. Her husband must be a strong and strong-willed person, capable of guiding his wife in the right direction and calming her down with his firm masculine hand.

But even if Ruslana is lucky enough to find just such a man, she does not turn into an exemplary housewife.
However, this gives her the opportunity to become attached to her home, children, and become spiritually closer to her family. She treats children more like a friend than like a mother, but this suits everyone. Short form of the name Ruslan.
Rusa, Lana.
Origin of the name Ruslana.
The name Ruslana is Russian, Slavic, Ukrainian.

The name Ruslana is the feminine form of the male name Ruslan, which is of Turkic origin. Translated it means “lioness”. There is also a version that the name Ruslana is related to the Slavic language and is interpreted as “fair-haired”. The affectionate name Lana is also an independent name.

The owner of the name Ruslana is a curious mixture of endless energy, strength, courage, confidence with caution and doubt. Ruslana is more inclined to common sense, work and rigor, and, as a rule, wants to be in charge. This may explain her attempts to be rebellious, undisciplined, as well as her manifestations of authoritarianism and some aggression. However, the combination of these qualities can often be seen in strong and strong men who are able to defend themselves, but Ruslana is not ready to only be protected, she is always ready to stand up for herself.

Her pride is emphasized by stubbornness, which causes her certain difficulties and leads to mistakes. Her strengths are not at all her girlish courage, which sometimes borders on recklessness, but her unshakable willpower, as well as her physical and intellectual potential. Ruslana has excellent business sense, the ability to lead others, and she is a loyal and resourceful girl.

Ruslana's shortcomings can be such character traits as intransigence and lack of moderation, her arrogance and authoritarianism. Her stubbornness is ineradicable; Ruslana will never admit that she was to blame and will not apologize. However, parents can be reassured by the fact that the girl will be very independent and independent from an early age, and these non-childish character traits will help her in the future decide on the choice of profession and her own life path. Ruslana will not be a young lady hanging on her parents’ necks and living according to orders.

In her personal life, Ruslana will have a hard time, because it is so difficult to find a man who will be willing to tolerate the superiority of a woman. Ruslana's partner will need to learn to understand his beloved, to understand her mood swings. In addition, this girl is quite jealous; it is difficult to say that she is romantic and sentimental. But in any case, Ruslana is a reliable friend and undeniable support in difficult times, she is ready to help, no matter what kind of help is needed.

The owner of the name Ruslana can find her calling in business, politics, as well as in professions associated with a certain risk (stunt performer, athlete, firefighter). She will also be able to realize herself in areas such as mechanics, surgery or modern technology.

How did the name Ruslan appear?

There is no reliable story about the origin of the name Ruslan. There are several versions of its appearance:

  1. Turkic. The name Ruslan is derived from the Turkic name Arslan, meaning “lion”.
  2. Scandinavian. The nominal form Ruslan comes from the Old Norse word “rysaland”, which translates as “Russian land”.
  3. In Slavic culture, the name Ruslan acquired the meaning “fair-haired”.

The name Ruslan gained particular popularity after the publication of the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila”

In the crowd of mighty sons, With friends, in the high grid, Vladimir the sun feasted;
He married his youngest daughter to the brave prince Ruslan and drank honey from a heavy glass to their health. A. S. Pushkin “Ruslan and Lyudmila”

Famous people named Ruslana

  • Ruslana Korshunova ((1987-2008) Kazakh fashion model)
  • Ruslana Lyzhychko ((born 1973) Ukrainian singer, songwriter, participant and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004)
  • Ruslana Rukhadze ((born 1974) Russian actress)
  • Ruslana Lyasheva ((born 1943) Russian literary critic, journalist, published in various almanacs and magazines)
  • Ruslana Pysanka (Pysanko) ((born 1965) Ukrainian actress and TV presenter)
  • Ruslana Taran ((born 1970) Ukrainian yachtswoman, three times Olympic medalist)
  • Ruslana Sushko (Kirichenko) ((born 1975) Ukrainian basketball player, winner of the title of European champion in 1995)

Discussion of the description of the name Ruslan

Today we will find out what the name Ruslana means for a girl. When choosing a name, the future child needs to be very careful to understand what qualities he will have when he receives it. Carefully read the article below to understand the secrets of the name and its meaning and characteristics.

The name Ruslana, by origin and meaning, belongs to the Slavic people. Some believe that it came from the male Ruslan, which has Turkic roots. There is also information that its root is the Scandinavian Rysaland, which is what Kievan Rus was called in those days

. Ruslans are often found in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

This baby is not very calm, because she is often bottle-fed.

The meaning of the name Ruslana is very influential for the girl and her destiny. She is capricious and does not sleep well at night, so it will be difficult for parents with a baby. At school she has great success in her studies, but it is very difficult to wake her up in the morning, and she is also reluctant to do her homework.

A girl named Ruslana is very lively and will fight back against any offender. She can say whatever she thinks about a person, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong. She is not one to listen to other people's opinions.

, although in some situations this ability is extremely necessary for her. If you pay attention to this character trait, parents will be able to try to explain to the child how to act in a given situation.

At a young age, she loves to be in society, so she has a huge number of friends, most of whom are boys.

With age, the girl becomes more patient and soft, she attaches importance to the opinions of others, but does not lose the makings of a leader. She is arrogant and capable of taking rash actions that will not always benefit her. Ruslana can get along with people, but she understands them very poorly.

Not the best side of an adult woman’s character is that she is capable of sarcasm and often speaks first and thinks later

. That is why she has few friends, and many simply turn away from her because of such an inappropriate attitude. This attitude towards people promises to remain in deep loneliness. But she considers this more an advantage than a disadvantage, because she is sure that loneliness is her merit, and she likes it.

How the name Ruslan influences a person’s destiny

Ruslan is a purposeful and fearless person. He is not afraid of anything, easily steps over any obstacles, and never looks back. This person will not lead a calm and measured life, he is used to achieving what he wants at any cost, he does it very well - everything that Ruslan puts his hand to has a successful outcome.

Ruslan is rapidly moving towards the goal, not noticing any obstacles

A man is selfish and loves only himself, tries to win universal recognition, loves attention to his personality. He is very vain, so he wants to become famous at least in his own circles. The guy easily takes credit for other people's achievements, comes up with heroic biographies, plays to the public, and intrigues others in every possible way. In pursuit of the dream of popularity, Ruslan forgets about the simple values ​​of life, such as family and love. He has no time to take care of his loved ones, because all his attention is directed to himself. Ruslan has a good imagination, excellent intuition, he can be honest and decent. External circumstances will never dominate the fate of this guy; he has freedom of views and thinking. In addition, the man is pragmatic and responsible, loves precision in deeds and actions. He resolves all important issues quickly and irrevocably, rarely thinking about the consequences.

Ruslan is capable of inventing a fantastic personal biography, ascribing fictitious character traits and heroic deeds to himself, and behaving theatrically in public

A man sets many goals for himself, but is not always able to achieve them, as he is prone to laziness. Negative character traits can also be considered rancor and excessive pride, which prevent a young man from having friendly relations with people. A closed personality type also creates many barriers to communication skills. Often Ruslan selfishly and insidiously uses those around him.

Ruslan is a lover of muses and women.
He is overflowing with courage. He loves risk and adventure, duels are his nature. He can be quick-tempered and capricious, But he is kind when a crisis passes. He is a Leo, narcissistic to the point of horror, vain, and does not joke with his name. Inconstant in desires. Plays the button accordion very well. Always the eldest at the crossing, And therefore he will achieve glory. unknown

Ruslan is a proud and vindictive man
. According to Boris Khigir, Ruslan is a brave but slightly lazy person. The guy is hot-tempered, which significantly ruins his life. In addition, he has an unstable nature, prone to making illogical decisions. A man likes complex and creative work that requires extraordinary thinking. Loves an active life, plays sports, travels and relaxes in nature. Ruslan's wife can always rely on him, because he knows how to make decisions and bear responsibility for them.

Ruslan easily gets interested in something interesting, is not afraid of unfamiliar activities and takes on new things with enthusiasm.

Ruslan's character in childhood

As a child, Ruslan is very emotional and fickle. His mood changes several times a day, he is constantly capricious, tries to attract the attention of adults, which causes a lot of trouble for mom and dad. He needs to hear praise addressed to him, but it must be deserved. If you praise a child for every little thing, then with age he will turn into a real egoist. The boy loves to dream, imagine himself as a hero of a fairy tale or cartoon.

Ruslan at a tender age needs praise, but it must be deserved

Ruslan is very active at school. He tries to participate in every contest or competition and tries his hand at quizzes. However, such a busy, responsible life does not affect studies in any way. This child easily masters all subjects, and in the company of classmates he takes the place of leader, and the female half of the class is not indifferent to him. Although the boy can be touchy, vindictive and vindictive.

Ruslan strives to take part in all competitions, quizzes and competitions

In his youth, Ruslan already knows how to control his emotions and can be calm and reasonable if necessary. The guy is sociable and sociable, but does not try to make a large number of friends. He doesn't like conflicts. Achieves the desired goals not only on his own, but also with the help of intrigue. The young man has a kind heart, you can always rely on him. But when doing any good deed, the boy always looks for benefit. Ruslan is used to living for today, he never makes plans for anything, does not make plans for the future. He is a skilled manipulator, and his skill extends not only to his peers, but also to adults. Also, to achieve his goal, the guy uses charm and cunning.

Boris Khigir's theory states that in childhood Ruslan is a lazy and slow boy. He has a nervous and hot temper. The child is vindictive, but not vindictive. Studying is difficult for him, he does not like to do the same thing regularly, which causes a lot of trouble for both him and his parents. But various clubs and sports sections are very attractive to Ruslan. In addition, it is difficult for him to communicate with peers, relationships are uneven and strained.

Ruslan studies reluctantly, regular classes do not attract him, but he happily attends various clubs

Hobbies and talents

The main hobby in Ruslan’s life is sports. He enjoys football, basketball and swimming. He likes to show his skills, win awards, medals and certificates. Active activities help the guy keep his body in good shape. Ruslan also has acting abilities. He loves to play different roles in life. He likes to feel like a star. A young man is attracted to any activity that will bring him fame, fame and financial well-being.

Ruslan is attracted by prizes, awards, medals, diplomas that he can receive by playing sports

In addition, a man is interested in expensive cars, beautiful clothes and all those things that can emphasize the high status of the owner and make him stand out from the crowd. Ruslan tries to create the impression of a wealthy person, although he rarely actually is one. The young man is a master at throwing parties, it helps him feel significant and important. At corporate parties and parties, he was the main ringleader.

Ruslan's passion is beautiful and expensive clothes, luxury cars and other things that emphasize status and allow him to stand out from the crowd

Career and profession

Ruslan takes a very long and painful time to decide on his professional activity. This person believes that he can do everything, which is why he often makes rash decisions. A man wants to take the place of a leader in order to play the role of a boss, and not actually be one. He is prone to adventurism, ambitious, does not like mental work, and tries to find an easy and simple job.

Ruslan does not like hard and mental work

The guy has excellent intelligence, many abilities, he has perseverance and diplomacy. Receiving a good education contributes to success in professional activities. Ruslan is successfully implementing himself in politics, law and finance. But what attracts this person most is popularity. Therefore, he often becomes a public figure - an artist or actor. Good diction and competent speech allow a man to try his hand at journalism or commentary.

Ruslan dreams of being a famous and popular person

Ruslan rarely receives a high official salary. He lives comfortably on fees and shadow income. The guy is not one of those who will save and save money for the future. He spends all his income on maintaining the status of a successful and wealthy person. If finances are not enough for a decent life, a man becomes petty and stingy.

Ruslan spends a lot of money on creating a prestigious image


Ruslan is in good health. But the man himself subjects his body to various tests. He loves alcohol, does not know how to control his intake, and is prone to alcoholism. There is also a danger of acquiring mental illness, since this person reacts very sharply to family troubles and is often in a state of depression. The guy devotes a lot of time to his appearance, so he is always in good physical shape and has a strong, toned body.

Ruslan should not drink alcohol, because, succumbing to temptation, he quickly becomes an alcoholic and degenerates

Love and sexuality

Ruslan loves women, and they love him. The guy often changes girls, tries to gain experience and get enough of female attention before committing himself to a serious relationship. A man takes care of his appearance, knows how to charm ladies, and is gallant in communication. Representatives of the fair sex easily fall in love with such a young man; it seems to them that a carefree and cloudless life awaits them next to him. But it is not so. Ruslan quickly becomes disillusioned with his chosen ones, he is bored of spending time with the same woman, and instead of an extravagant gentleman he becomes a boor and a cynic.

Ruslan easily wins women's hearts

A man prefers sophisticated and sensitive women. It is important for him that his partner is weaker in spirit, because Ruslan dreams of becoming a protector for his lady. She should also speak with admiration about her lover's abilities and temperament. Having fallen in love, a guy becomes jealous and hot-tempered. Any compliment said by a stranger to his girlfriend can turn him off.

Ruslan is incredibly jealous

In his intimate life, Ruslan is used to dominating. He doesn’t like it when his partner tries to lead; a man dreams of her unquestioningly fulfilling all his desires. He does not like boredom and monotony in bed. The guy often leaves his mistress unsatisfied, which provokes scandals and misunderstandings in the couple .

Table: compatibility of the name Ruslan with some female names

Excellent compatibilityAida, Angela, Anna, Ada, Bronislava, Violetta, Dina, Dora, Evdokia, Irina, Zemfira, Larisa, Lydia, Marianna, Olga, Rose, Tatyana
Average compatibilityAnastasia, Isabella, Lilia, Tamara, Faina, Edita, Julia
Poor compatibilityAngelina, Venus, Diana, Elena, Ksenia, Mirra, Nora, Seraphima, Flora, Eleanor

Marriage and family

If Ruslan's marriage happens at an early age, then it will definitely end in divorce. By getting married after thirty, this man will be able to create a strong family. He does not help with housekeeping, performs only male duties, and places increased demands on his wife. The guy believes that he has already brought happiness to the woman by entering into a serious relationship with her. He wants special treatment for himself, as he considers himself an extraordinary and creative person.

Ruslan is demanding of his wife and wants special treatment for himself

Ruslana's chosen one is obliged to feed him delicious food, look beautiful, always follow all instructions, and create a comfortable and cozy environment in the house. This man is completely beyond re-education. If you put him in his place, he will begin to take revenge in a sophisticated manner. The guy often provokes quarrels, expressing to his wife dissatisfaction with everyone around him, who, in his opinion, prevents him from enjoying a beautiful life. He is of little interest to the material well-being of his family. Ruslan loves children and tries to spend time with them, but only when he has nothing else to do. Maintains a strong connection with his parents and relatives.

Ruslan is always proud of his beautiful wife and brags to his friends

Ruslan remains faithful in marriage; he himself will never forgive his wife for betrayal. If a woman stops taking care of herself, the man’s passion disappears, and coldness and cynicism take its place. A beautiful and well-groomed wife makes a guy feel proud; he will never miss the opportunity to show her off to his comrades. The chosen one, Ruslana, must give freedom of action and not make demands on her husband, then the marriage will be calm, long and happy.


  • The female name Ruslana is of great importance for the child and his health
    . The name carries with it a tendency to various diseases, especially before the age of three.
  • The time of year and date of birth are also of great importance for the health of a girl named Ruslana.
  • A child's weak immunity is often caused by acute respiratory infections
    , so it must be protected from drafts and bad weather. If a girl is born in the morning, her immunity will become stronger. Children born during the day get sick more.
  • In the summer you need to take your child to the sea and strengthen your immune system through sports from early childhood.
  • If a child was born in October, he will often have a sore throat
    . Also, such a child should not be fed a lot, because due to impaired metabolism the girl will be prone to obesity. If your child is prone to this, consult a doctor.
  • Such a child is very emotional, and any punishment for him can only be verbal. Try to attach great importance to this, make compromises with the little naughty girl, because she will not be able to survive physical punishment
  • The child's health will also depend on patronymic and heredity.


Ruslanchik grows up as a nervous and spoiled child, demanding that everything be as he wants. Parents need to be patient and direct his nervousness in a calm direction, then by adolescence Ruslan will be able to get rid of this nervousness. It is undesirable to allow Ruslan to play computer games that have a detrimental effect on his nervous system and sleep.

Ruslan is an average student. During boring lessons, he does not listen to the teacher, minds his own business or chats with classmates. In high school, he has difficulty coping with the increased school load. If you praise him, Ruslan will be more diligent in class. With the help of sports, Ruslan will be able to reduce the nervous load accumulated in the lessons. He accumulates grievances inside himself, which causes his nervousness to intensify.

As an adult, it is important to have a person next to him who supports and pushes Ruslan to achieve great achievements. Then Ruslan will be able to achieve significant success. He will never give up on risky ideas and understands technology with ease. May become a violator of laws and regulations. He dreams of becoming popular, believes that after popularity everything will come to him: success and money.

Marriage and family

Ruslana is very sensual, beautiful and charming, and it is difficult for a man to resist her. Despite this, she takes a long time to choose her life partner, because she considers this choice a very significant and serious step.

She does not belong to the category of excellent housewives, but her family life is quite successful. Doing household chores is not exactly her credo, so she happily entrusts these routine chores to her husband

, a housekeeper or a woman who will be in the house with her. Often her mother-in-law or mother is always with her. Also in the family, she will take the place of an unspoken leader who will quietly guide her husband.

Children are of great importance to her, so she will become a good mother. Ruslana also takes a leadership position with children, giving them good education and support. It is thanks to these qualities that she will make a good teacher or educator.

The girl is incapable of betrayal, and her husband’s fidelity will be of great importance to her.

Table: personality characteristics of Ruslan depending on the zodiac sign

Zodiac signPersonality characteristics
AriesBorn under the sign of Aries, Ruslan is a passionate and open person. He easily makes new acquaintances, does not pay attention to failures, and does not give up in the face of difficulties. This person does not like flatterers and liars. To make Ruslan-Aries fall in love with you, you need to be an attentive, devoted and calm girl.
TaurusRuslan, who was born under the auspices of the sign of Taurus, has a demanding and arrogant character. The guy does not tolerate criticism and other people’s opinions, he always stands his ground, easily gets into quarrels and conflicts, and is ready to defend his truth to the end. But this man is an excellent friend, not prone to betrayal and lies, as well as a wonderful husband and father. Falls in love once and for life.
TwinsThis guy is charming, sociable, artistic and positive. He becomes the soul of any team; they want to see him at every party. The guy knows how to make friends. He chooses girls who are ready to recognize his talents and virtues, who show passion and are able to obey in everything. He is not attracted to overly proactive ladies.
CancerThe influence of the Cancer sign makes Ruslan an honest and noble man. However, this person loves attention to his person, for which he is ready to do anything. He does not disdain either flattery or deception, which alienates those around him. With his beloved girl he will be a gentle, kind, passionate and devoted partner, capable of protecting him from any misfortune.
a lionRuslan-Lev has a bright and multifaceted character. The guy is prone to emotionality, self-confident, loves adventure, risk and the taste of victory. This is a true leader who does not raise any doubts about his superiority. To be among this man's comrades, you must obey him in everything. In family life, he demands obedience from his beloved, but is not inclined to tyranny.
VirgoThe young man has good compatibility with most women, but he prefers bright, passionate and popular ones. Ruslan-Virgo wants everyone to envy him when they see his companion. The nature is domineering, but reasonable and calm. The guy is prone to touchiness and isolation, but tries to hide these qualities from others.
ScalesThe patronage of the zodiac sign Libra gives Ruslan romance, passion, charm and impressiveness. This man knows how to win a girl, strives for new and new victories, does not like monotony in life. Love experiences are not for him, even having fallen in love with a woman, he will continue to dream about other ladies.
ScorpionThis guy is a real egoist. He loves to rule, is capable of meanness, and easily resorts to deception and betrayal. All his actions are aimed at some kind of benefit or selfish goals. A man never regrets his decisions, he is ready for vile acts in order to attract attention to his person. Women should stay away from such a person.
SagittariusUnder the influence of the sign of Sagittarius, Ruslan is born, who has an honest, delicate, courteous and sincere character. A man easily wins the attention of others, feels comfortable at noisy and crowded parties, tries to find adventures and new experiences. But having fallen in love, he completely changes his life, becomes more serious and stable, but touchy and vulnerable.
CapricornThe sign of Capricorn reveals in Ruslan such qualities as pragmatism, thoughtfulness, prudence, and emotionality. However, this man makes all important decisions based only on logic and reason. He knows how to wait, has great patience, it is almost impossible to piss him off. It takes quite a long time to choose a life partner, as he places very high demands on his future wife.
AquariusThe man is endowed with enviable determination and self-confidence. This kind of person never changes under the influence of outsiders, does not depend on anyone, and has his own, original opinion on everything. This is a self-sufficient person, living by his own laws and rules, possessing special values. He chooses women who are strong-willed and decisive.
FishRuslan-Pisces has a subtle mental organization. A person lives in an illusory reality, which is characteristic of almost every person born under this sign. He lacks consistency and reliability; the guy leaves any task unfinished. But the man is an attentive and generous gentleman, prone to idealizing the fair sex. Therefore, he is often disappointed in the ladies.

Career and hobbies

Ruslana has a lot of creativity and diligence, but if she decides to go into business, then only under the guidance of a person who understands this matter.

She has well-developed intuition and imagination, and she also has an analytical mind. Thanks to these inclinations and numerology, she is protected by the number 7; a girl can achieve great success in the scientific, religious and philosophical spheres

activities. It can also be used in construction.

In her work, she will definitely take a leadership position, begin to build her own career and will definitely achieve great success in this.


  • There are several famous girls in the world. A popular presenter in Ukraine is Ruslana Pysanka
  • Famous Ukrainian basketball player, 1995 European champion Ruslana Sushko
  • There is also Ukrainian singer Ruslana Lyzhychko
    , who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004.
  • Russian journalist Ruslana Taran
  • Artist Ruslana Rukhadze

Ruslana Pysanka

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