Khovanskoye Cemetery how to get there, how to get there, how to get there

  • An active closed necropolis.
  • Location: Novomoskovsky administrative district of Moscow.
  • The nearest metro stations: “Teply Stan”, “Salaryevo”, “Rumyantsevo”.
  • Residents of Moscow have the right to receive a free place at the Khovanskoye cemetery for a new burial
  • Related subburials are available.
  • You can buy plots for ancestral (family) burial.
  • There is a columbarium, a crematorium, and an area for burying urns in the ground.
  • There is a burial plot for Muslims in the Western Cemetery.
  • An archive of burials is maintained.
  • Area: 197.2 hectares.
  • Coordinates 55.615806673923,37.454545423401.

The largest cemetery in Moscow is Khovanskoye Cemetery.
Divided into Central, Northern and Western. Khovanskoye Cemetery is a memorial cemetery, the resting place of many famous Russians. There are several halls for farewells, a functioning temple and a chapel. Why do you need an agent RITUAL.RU?

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At home

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In the morgue

At the cemetery

Opening hours of Khovanskoye Cemetery:

Summer (from May 1 to September 30): daily from 9 to 19.

Winter (from October 1 to April 30): daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Burials may take place every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Khovansky Crematorium

The cemetery houses a crematorium, operating since 1988. It provides cremation services to the population of Moscow, Moscow Region and residents of neighboring regions of Russia. 30-40 cremations are carried out daily. Niches in the columbarium, as well as specially designated areas, are provided for the burial of urns with ashes.

At the Western Cemetery there is a plot for Muslim burials. To carry out the burial in compliance with all the traditions of Islam, there is a ritual ablution in this territory.

How to get to Khovanskoye Cemetery:

Public transport:

Khovanskoye (Western) No. 1. From the metro station "Filatov Lug" walk 1.4 km. No. 2 From the Salaryevo metro station, take bus No. 420 to the Khovanskaya Dubrovka stop, then walk 1.1 km. Khovanskoye (Northern) From the Filatov Lug metro station, take bus No. 866 to the Khovanskoye Northern Cemetery stop.

Khovanskoe (Central). From the Filatov Lug metro station, take bus No. 866 to the Crematorium stop, then walk 600 m.

How to get there by car:

Along the Moscow Ring Road: from the outside, turn 45 km onto Kievskoye Shosse, then along the street. Admiral Kirillov, on passage 134 to the cemetery.

Third transport ring: at the Gagarinsky Tunnel, turn onto 60th Anniversary of October Avenue, then drive along Profsoyuznaya Street, turn onto Kaluzhskoe Highway, go around the Troitsky Forest Park and drive to the cemetery.

From the center: st. New Arbat, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, exit to the Third Ring Road, then see above.

Along the Kaluga Highway: after 1.5 km from the Moscow Ring Road, turn right at the sign “Khovanskoye Cemetery”, after 1.7 km turn left, after 500 m there will be the central square of the Khovanskoye Cemetery.

Fast and convenient travel to the Khovanskoye cemetery

The territory of the necropolis covers more than 197 hectares. It is considered the largest not only in the country, but also in Europe. The churchyard is located in the Novoperedelkino district, which in turn belongs to the Leninsky district. You can find out how to get to the Khovanskoye Cemetery on the website of the departmental institution. Since its foundation in 1972, the necropolis has been classified as the capital. The date of its foundation is not unique. Since in 1972 only the first part of the necropolis was founded, which can be seen on the route map of the Khovanskoye cemetery. It occupied an area of ​​88 hectares. Gradually, the necropolis began to grow and in 1978 another 60 hectares were added to it. The new formed part was called the northern cemetery. And only in 1992 the necropolis acquired its final features; a little more than 50 hectares were added to it on the western side. Here they set up a burial plot for Muslims and built a washroom. Without knowing how to get to the Khovanskoye Cemetery, you can get lost in the tangle of streets. It is located on the 21st kilometer of the Kiev highway, p/o Mostrengen .

Average prices for services at Khovanskoye Cemetery

Official starting prices for a plot for family burial at an open auction, established by the Moscow Government:

  • For burial with a coffin at Khovanskoye (Central) Cemetery: from RUR 197,973. up to 356,355.72 rub.
  • For burial with an urn at the Khovanskoye (Central) cemetery: from 87,108.12 rubles.
  • For burial with a coffin at the Khovanskoye (Western) cemetery: from 131,983.6 rubles. up to 356,355.72 rub.
  • For burial with an urn at the Khovanskoye (Western) cemetery: from 87,109.18 rubles.
  • For burial with a coffin at the Khovanskoye (Northern) cemetery: from 229,974 rubles. up to 413,953.2 rub.
  • For burial with an urn at the Khovanskoye (Northern) cemetery: from 101,188.56 rubles.

Prices are as of January 2021; source:

The register of plots for family (tribal) burials in cemeteries in Moscow and New Moscow, put up for auction by the Moscow Government, is being updated. Keep an eye out for new offers on the website

Kinship (re-) burial at Khovanskoye Cemetery is free.

Khovanskoye Cemetery: graves

Family burial plots are available. They can be purchased in advance at the Moscow department auction. In the churchyard, it is also possible to bury the urn in a columbarium.

MosGupRitual provides assistance in organizing burial at the Khovanskoye Cemetery. Our agent resolves all issues of the funeral process: legal formalities, arranges a place in the necropolis for the family burial, negotiates the burial of the urn in the columbarium, helps select ritual paraphernalia and hold a funeral dinner.

call an agent

Place at Khovanskoye Cemetery is free

Since 2021, any citizen of the Russian Federation who died in Moscow can get a place at the Khovanskoye cemetery (Western and Central) free of charge.

You can get a place at the Khovanskoye Northern Cemetery for free:

  • If there is a related grave (and direct relationship with those buried in it);
  • If the deceased had services to the state or Moscow (awards, titles, regalia).

A free place for citizens with merit must be requested and processed in a special manner through the Department of Trade and Services. This can be done by relatives of the deceased or a ritual agent on behalf of the family. In a number of particularly important cases, the decision to allocate a site is made at the government level.

Registration takes place at the “one-stop service” of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services at 1st Krasnogvardeisky Proezd 21с1. Consultation on the possibility of providing a free cemetery plot can be obtained on the official website of the Department of Trade and Services or from the Central Dispatch Service by calling +7 (495) 100-3-100.

Order the production of a monument at the Khovanskoye cemetery

Driving directions.

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Select a monument

Assistance in organizing a funeral at Khovanskoye Cemetery

The city ritual service will help arrange a related subburial and cremation at the Khovanskoye cemetery. will also help you buy a plot at the Khovanskoye cemetery for a family burial at an auction by the Moscow government or purchase a niche in the columbarium of the necropolis. For qualified advice, please call the 24-hour city ritual information service 8 (495) 100-3-100.

Nearest cemeteries in Moscow:

  • Nikolo-Khovanskoye Cemetery
  • Salaryevskoye Cemetery
  • Oryol Cemetery

The largest in the capital

Near the village Nikolo-Khovanskoye in 1972 the Khovanskoye cemetery was organized. It expanded quickly. In 1988, a crematorium was built here. Now this is the largest burial site in Moscow, conditionally divided into three regions: Central, Northern and Western. The central section is the oldest. The northern section appeared a little later - in 1978. And Western - the newest one opened in 1992.

Nowadays there are 3 churches here. Ritual ceremonies and funeral services are held there.

What time can you visit the necropolis (official website information)

Khovanskoye Cemetery (official website) opening hours are distributed as follows:

  • During the warm season, the cemetery is open to the public from 01.05 to 01.09 daily from 9.00 to 19.00.
  • During the cold season - from 01.10 to 01.04 daily from 9.00 to 17.00. All funeral events are held daily from 9.00 to 17.00.

This necropolis is one of the largest in Moscow. It stretches for several kilometers, between the Kyiv and Kaluga highways. Before entering its territory there is a road along which buses and minibuses move.

Cost of funeral. Turnkey packages

Economy class cremation cost

From 5 to 11 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin silk-smooth 3500 RUR
  • Cotton bed RUR 700
  • Silk pillow500 RUR
  • Cotton bedspread560r
  • Cotton slippers100r
  • Delivery1250rub
  • Transport5500rub
  • Total: 11000 RUR

Cost of funeral “Economy class”

From 7 to 20 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin silk corrugated 4700 RUR
  • Silk bed RUR 1800
  • Silk bedspread900 RUR
  • Silk pillow700 RUR
  • Slippers300 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin600 RUR
  • Sign800 RUR
  • Wreath 110 cm2000 RUR
  • Tape200r
  • Delivery2500 RUR
  • Transport5500rub
  • Total: 20,000 rub.

Cost of a “standard” funeral

From 12 to 32 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Combined coffin13900 RUR
  • Composition on the coffin1900 RUR
  • Silk bed RUR 1800
  • Silk bedspread980r
  • Silk pillow700 RUR
  • Slippers300 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin700 RUR
  • Sign800 RUR
  • Wreath 100 cm2500 RUR
  • Tape200r
  • Delivery2500 RUR
  • Transport7200rub
  • Total: RUR 31,480

Business class funeral

From 80 thousand rubles.

More details Order

  • Coffin-Rurik 6-sided42500 RUR
  • Elite jacquart bed 5500 RUR
  • Quilted bedspread with sewing3500 RUR
  • Satin pillow with gold frill1500 RUR
  • 4 pens “gold”2000 RUR
  • Cross on the coffin lid - elite brass 3500 RUR
  • Sign on the cross900 RUR
  • Wreath of fresh flowers aa2729900r
  • Wreath of fresh flowers aa2423000r
  • 2 custom satin ribbons 3000 RUR
  • Delivery of accessories2500 RUR
  • Transport Mercedes Sprinter for the whole day12500 RUR
  • Total: 142800 RUR

Your application for a full package of funeral services.

We do not share contact information with third parties

Cemetery address: Moscow region, Mytishchi urban district, Borodino (Ostashkovskoe highway, 3 km from the Moscow Ring Road)

How to get there by public transport: from Medvedkovo metro station by bus 314 or 314k to the Borodino stop, then walk to the Church of the Epiphany Opening hours: Summer (from May 1 to September 30): daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Winter ( from October 1 to April 30): daily from 9 to 16. For burials daily from 9 to 16.

Driving directions:

To free the family of the deceased from difficult worries, it is enough to call a funeral agent to your home.

We do not share contact information with third parties

Availability of free plots, cost of services provided for burial in the ground - can be found by calling: +7(495)7766584

Regarding the acquisition of FREE and COMMERCIAL plots in cemeteries


+7(495)7766584 Check the cost of the plot by phone

Main buildings

In addition to the crematorium and columbarium, on the territory of the necropolis there are buildings associated with Christianity, such as a chapel and a temple. They hold memorial services and religious services. The first to be erected was the chapel of the Mother of God, for the construction of which funds were mainly collected from parishioners. After this, the chapel of Marina the Venerable appeared, which is located in the administration building and is mainly used for funeral services. The most important is the temple of the Holy Prophet, Baptist and Baptist John. Its construction took several years and became a real event, both for regular parishioners and all residents of Moscow.

There is also a wash basin on the territory of the cemetery, which is necessary for ritual activities of citizens of the Muslim religion.

Having found out the operating hours at the Khovanskoye cemetery (it is better to look at the official website of the graveyard), you can view the archive, which is under the control of the State Budgetary Institution “Ritual”. This may be needed to search for a burial or other purposes, since the cemetery area is very large.


Having found out the opening hours and regime on the official website of the Khovansky Cemetery, you can provide care for the graves, both independently and with the help of cemetery employees. To maintain cleanliness on the territory, there are special water intakes, garbage bins, paved paths, and equipment rental points. There is also a landscaping program that includes creating a variety of flower arrangements and planting flower beds.

Outstanding cultural figures, as well as sports and politics, found their eternal rest on the territory of the Khovanskoye cemetery. A group of students who died in the Urals during an expedition are also buried here, the cause of whose death has not been reliably established to this day. More accurate information about all burials can be obtained from the cemetery administration.

Administration assistance

If there is a Khovanskoye Cemetery telephone number, you can find out information about the burial places of prominent figures in culture, sports, politics, the military, as well as famous figures from the criminal world. The necropolis is under the control of the State Budgetary Institution “Ritual”. The cemetery administration provides assistance in organizing the burial, carrying out the cremation procedure, selecting an urn for storage in the columbarium and other ritual paraphernalia, as well as organizing a funeral dinner. The cost of a funeral depends on the class and is divided into: economy, standard, VIP.

The administration does not provide new places for coffin burials, since the necropolis is closed. Despite the huge territory, there are no free places. It is only possible to carry out subburial in the grave of a relative after the expiration of the sanitary period or cremation with subsequent storage of the ashes in a special urn. So new burials have not been made for several years now.

The administration of the Khovansky cemetery is ready to answer your questions and if you have a desire to visit the necropolis for the sake of simple interest or to honor the memory of famous people, you will be able to see good landscaping, a large number of flowers in the summer, flower beds and flowerpots, alleys decorated in vertical landscaping. This necropolis is considered one of the most comfortable cemeteries in Russia.

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