How to get to the Perepechinsky cemetery (address)

The Perepechino cemetery in Moscow is located near the village of Perepechino in the Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow. One of the largest in Moscow - its area is close to 130 hectares - founded in 1999. There are Muslim sections, separate sectors reserved for the burial of unidentified and unclaimed persons, and columbariums are also equipped. There is even a burial site for disabled children from boarding school No. 28. A military memorial with a monument to the Unknown Soldier and the graves of military personnel was built in the cemetery. The grave structures in the necropolis are very diverse: from modest horizontal and vertical slabs to metal, wooden and stone crosses and sculptural images made of granite and marble.

Improvement work continues at the cemetery. There is all the necessary infrastructure: water and electricity supply, equipment rental, waste collection areas, dry closets, etc. You can get to distant parts of the churchyard for free by electric car. There is a granite workshop on the territory of the necropolis, and exhibitions of finished monuments and metal fences are held. Near the cemetery there is a flower market and shops selling ritual items. There is parking for vehicles at the necropolis.

Regarding the organization of burial at the Perepechinskoe cemetery, it is best to contact a reliable funeral agency. The employees of the City Ritual Service “Loss” have many years of experience in the field of funeral services.

Funeral arrangements

at the Perepechynsky cemetery

How to get to Perepechynsky cemetery

To take the bus to the Perepechinsky cemetery, you need to take the metro to the station. "Glider". Then take bus number 865 to the stop. “Perepechinskoye Cemetery” and walk 700 m to the gates of the necropolis. You can get there by your own transport in two ways:

  • MKAD: on the outer side at the 10 km interchange, turn right onto Leningradsky Avenue. After the village Kirillovka to the right to the village of Rodnik, turn left.
  • Third transport ring: exit to Leningradsky Prospekt. After the village Kirillovka to the right to the village. Spring, turn left.

Columbarium of the Perepechinskoye Cemetery

The open columbarium is ready to accept urns with ashes after cremation. The diagram of the cemetery shows the location of the columbar walls.

Temple at the Perepechinskoe cemetery

In the cemetery there is the Church of All Saints (All Saints Church), as well as the chapel of the All-Merciful Savior, where funeral services for the deceased and memorial services for the deceased are held. There is a memorial hall and a refectory where you can order a funeral lunch.

Perepechinskoye Cemetery - address, phone number, opening hours, directions to the cemetery on the map

Perepechinskoe cemetery contacts
Address:p/o Perepechino, 32 km of Leningradskoye highway.
Telephone for questions regarding exhumation:+
Cemetery opening hours:from May to September: Mon-Sun from 9:00 to 19:00 from October to April: Mon-Sun from 9:00 to 17:00 burial time: from 9:00 to 17:00
Driving directions:from M. Planetarnaya or M. VRechnoy station

Consultation on funeral arrangements 84991364106

How to get to the Perepechinsky cemetery from Moscow by public transport

  • how to get there from Planetarnaya - Bus No. 905 from the Planernaya metro station - schedule: runs every 20 minutes.
  • how to get there from the river station - Regular buses No. 342, No. 343, No. 370, No. 443, No. 532, No. 350, No. 482 or by city bus No. 851 from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station - Sheremetyevo to the Butakovo stop, then transfer to a bus No. 905 to the final stop.
  • how to get there from Lobnya - Bus No. 52 from the Lobnya platform, Savelovskoye direction - runs every hour.
  • how to get from Altufyevo - Severny - Altufyevo (any bus)

How to get to the Perepechinsky cemetery from Moscow by car

Scheme of the Perepechinskoe cemetery

Get a place at the Perepechinskoye cemetery in Moscow

A place in the Perepechinskoe cemetery is not provided free of charge, since it is closed to new burials. Only sub-burial of the deceased in a related grave, if available, is allowed free of charge. This can be done in one of two ways: a coffin or an urn with ashes in the ground. When re-burying a coffin, you must ensure that at least 15 years have passed from the date of the previous funeral. Sub-burial of an urn with ashes will not require compliance with sanitary deadlines. An urn containing ashes can also be placed in a rented columbarium niche. Free burial places are provided for citizens who have performed special services to the state and society.

On a paid basis, through official auctions, you can purchase a family plot at the Perepechinskoye cemetery. In June 2021, the minimum initial cost of a single burial place was 106,241 rubles.

Historical information about the Perepechinskoe cemetery

It is one of the largest cemeteries in Moscow, it was founded in 1999 by a joint order of the Mayor of Moscow Yu.M. Luzhkov and the Governor of the Moscow Region A.S. Tyazhlov.

It is located in the North of Moscow, in the Solnechnogorsk district, not far from 32 km of the Leningradskoe highway. The Perepechinskoe cemetery is a funeral destination for the new formation. On the territory of the cemetery there is a Military Memorial Necropolis, a separate plot for the burial of military personnel, two Muslim plots, a columbar wall and land plots for the burial of urns with ashes after cremation. Not far from the main entrance there is a chapel for funeral services.

There is a rental point for equipment for caring for graves.

There are also halls for holding funerals. For further improvement of family and clan burials, granite workshops operate; there is a huge selection of forged products (fences).

To this day, the cemetery is open; the city of Moscow allocates plots of land for new burials measuring 1.8 * 2.0 free of charge.

By car

Along Leningradskoye Highway

If you drive along the Moscow Ring Road, then you need to get to Leningradskoye Shosse. On maps this road is designated M-10. Also, before approaching the Leningradskoye Shosse, you can see signs to Sheremetyevo Airport, this is where you need to go.

  • Move 10 kilometers forward and then smoothly turn right onto Sheremetyevskoye Highway.
  • Drive along the highway for 5.8 km. To your right there will be a monument to the IL-62 aircraft, to the left of it there is a turn onto Lobnenskoye Highway. Don't miss it, you need to wrap it up.
  • After 1.9 km you will need to turn left again. Focus on the construction market, which will be on your right hand.
  • You will need to take the nearest left turn from this market.
  • Always follow the main road. As soon as you pass the Meshcherskaya Aloba River, keep left.
  • Continue straight to the Y-shaped intersection. Then keep to the right and you will reach the Perepechensky cemetery.

Along M 11

The Perepechensky cemetery can be reached by car along the Moscow-St. Petersburg Expressway. And this will be the fastest way. Travel time is about 28 minutes. But it should be noted that this is a toll road for most of the route.

In the summer, on major holidays, this path will be a salvation for those who value time and do not want to spend half a day in traffic jams.

  • Along the Moscow Ring Road or from the city center you should move towards the road, which has the symbol M 11.
  • When you get out on M 11, move towards the highway. Sheremetyevskoe. You need to drive 14 km. You need an exit onto Leningradskoye Shosse.
  • Once you reach the right sign, keep right. Now your goal is to reach Sheremetyevskoye Highway.
  • Follow it to the monument to the IL-62 aircraft, to the left of it turn onto Lobnenskoye Highway. Don't miss it, you need to wrap it up.
  • After 1.9 km you will need to turn left again. Focus on the construction market, which will be on your right hand.
  • You will need to take the nearest left turn from this market. Always follow the main road.
  • As soon as you pass the Meshcherskaya Aloba River, keep left.
  • Continue straight to the Y-shaped intersection. Then keep to the right and you will reach the Perepechensky cemetery.

The Perepechenskoye cemetery is not so far from Moscow and the average travel time is one hour. But in the summer, due to congestion, the time spent on travel will increase. It should be noted that during rush hours and on major religious holidays, Mosgortrans tries to increase the number of buses on the route. For exact bus schedules, please visit the official website.

Perepechinskoe Cemetery assistance in landscaping

  1. Installation of monuments in the cemetery . When purchasing a beautiful, high-quality monument, you should take care of high-quality and durable installation, entrusting this important and responsible process to experienced professionals. Cemetery staff will not only help you choose a memorial plaque based on your needs or budget, but will also install it at a professional level. We guarantee high quality work to avoid subsidence or destruction of the monument.
  2. Installation of fences in the cemetery. A solid grave fencing, the installation of which you can order from our specialists, will be an organic addition and protection from unauthorized entry. We will help you choose a decent, durable and reliable fence, and ensure its high-quality installation without the need for replacement for a long time.
  3. Engraving on monuments . A meaningful inscription on a memorial plaque will help perpetuate your love for your deceased loved ones and their memory. We employ professional engravers who will transfer touching words to any surface with high quality. The engraved lines will become a lasting testimony of your feelings for your loved ones resting in the Perepechinskoye cemetery.
  4. Improvement of graves in the cemetery . It includes a full range of works necessary to maintain the burial site in a decent form, create order and cleanliness. Cemetery employees in Moscow will install benches, tables, flower beds and all other necessary attributes, plant flowers, destroy weeds, and will regularly, at any time of the year, clean the grave, clear it of snow or fallen leaves.

Perepechino Cemetery official services, what do we offer?

Our company specializes in providing services for the production of ritual products, as well as comprehensive maintenance of graves. Therefore, by contacting us, you can order everything you need to improve the burial site.

From us you can order high-quality granite monuments based on an individual project, which will help make your grave special. At the same time, this solution will help to quickly find the burial place.

In addition to standard-shaped products, we also offer the production of any other variations of monuments. Additionally, they can be decorated with various decorative elements, as well as coatings. All this is at the discretion of the customer.

Another service that our company offers is the manufacture of granite plinths to order or the installation of a ready-made option. This way you can get a reliable protective structure. Additionally, these products can be refined with granite chips or tiles.

Administration of the Perepechinskoe cemetery, information from the official website

Administration - State Budgetary Institution "Ritual". All information about the opening hours of the churchyard administration is available on the official website. Here you can find out the administration's phone number. Using it, relatives of the deceased can clarify any question regarding new burials. Visitors to the necropolis can borrow cleaning equipment to clean up the graves. There are water containers on site. A hard covering was laid between the burial sites. At the main entrance there is a diagram of the location of burial sites. Visitors can leave their personal vehicles in the parking lot.

Administration of Perepechinskoye Cemetery

The administration of the Perepechinskoe cemetery pays great attention to the improvement of the territory. Events are carried out periodically to restore order.

Administration phone number

Improvement of graves, monuments

Opening hours of the Perepechynsky cemetery:

  • in the summer - from 09.00 to 19.00;
  • during the winter period of the year - from 09.00 to 17.00.

It is worth noting that the churchyard's work schedule may be changed during church holidays. Relatives of the deceased can find out information about the work of the graveyard on the official website of the Perepechinskoe cemetery.

Address: 141592, p/o Perepechino, 32 km of Leningradskoye highway.
Driving directions: from metro station "Planernaya" bus No. 865
Cemetery phone number: ,

(495)592-53-57 – For questions regarding exhumation

Assistance in organizing funerals. Funeral service telephone 24 hours a day

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Perepechinskoye Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in the Moscow region. Located near the village of Perepechino, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region, not far from the 32nd kilometer of the Leningradskoe highway. Area - 106 hectares.

The cemetery was founded on June 1, 1999 and has since served mainly for the burial of deceased Moscow residents, despite the fact that it is located at a considerable distance from the city limits. Currently, the cemetery territory includes more than one hundred plots. There are plans to expand the burial area by 25 hectares.

In addition to the main areas, some of which are intended for burying urns with ashes, on the northern outskirts of the cemetery there is an anonymous sector where unclaimed and unidentified bodies from all over Moscow are taken for burial. Also, not far from the entrance there is a Military Memorial Necropolis with places for the graves of military personnel and a monument to the Unknown Soldier (2000, architect A.I. Laptev). There are two Muslim sections.

You can get to the cemetery by car along Leningradskoye Shosse, as well as by bus No. 865 from the Planernaya metro station. There is also regional bus route No. 35 from the cemetery to the Skhodnya railway station.

Famous people buried in the cemetery

  • Akinshin, Alexander Vasilyevich (1921-2007) - participant in the Great Patriotic War, full holder of the Order of Glory (3rd class).
  • Valikov, Fyodor Mikhailovich - (1926-1999) - Soviet actor (30 students).
  • Gaidash, Alexander Nikitovich (1916-2008) - participant in the Great Patriotic War, hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Grachev, Anatoly Dmitrievich (1937-2005) - Soviet actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Grigoriev, Konstantin Andreevich (Konstantin Grigoriev) (1968-2008) - informal poet, songwriter, member of the Association of the Order of Courtly Mannerists.
  • Elenok Tatyana Dmitrievna (1930-2013) is a world-famous artist, a classic of Russian naive art.
  • Kolomiychuk Oleg (Garik Assa) (1953-2012) - Russian artist and avant-garde fashion designer of the 1980s-1990s.
  • Demina, Galina Yakovlevna (1925-2005) - Russian actress
  • Kosovichev, Yakov Fedorovich (1908-2003) - participant in the Great Patriotic War, hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Leshchenko, Vera Georgievna (1923-2009) - Soviet pop singer, wife of Pyotr Leshchenko.
  • Lipkin, German Nikolaevich (1924-2007) - participant in the Great Patriotic War, hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Mironov, Alexey Ivanovich (1924-1999) - Soviet actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Molchanov, Albert Makarievich (1928-2011) - an outstanding Soviet mathematician.
  • Nosovets, Sergei Anatolyevich (1958-2004) - journalist, politician.
  • Parmenov, Georgin Semyonovich (1926-2013) - participant in the Victory Parade, leading role in the film “For Faith and Fatherland” (78 students).
  • Pitsek, Vladimir Kondratievich (1915-2000) - theater and film actor, Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (33 students).
  • Pliguzov, Andrey Ivanovich (1956-2011) - Russian historian.
  • Prigoda, Sergei Ivanovich (1919-1999) - Soviet scientist, developer of biological weapons.
  • Ragozin, Lev Nikolaevich (1928 - 2012) - Soviet, Russian cinematographer, film director. He is especially known as the author and director of documentaries about the history of domestic locomotives: “Revived Steam Locomotives”, “From Steam to Electricity”, “With Diesel on Rails”.
  • Ryzhov, Ivan Petrovich (1913-2004) - Soviet actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Safonov Maxim Anatolyevich (1974 - 2000) - Russian submariner who died on the Kursk APRK, awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously)
  • Sichkar, Svetlana Petrovna (1936-2012) - Soviet and Russian animator.
  • Khvostenko, Alexey Lvovich (1940-2004) - Russian avant-garde poet, songwriter, artist (19 students, No. 7525).
  • Tsarev, Vyacheslav Valentinovich (1951-2006) - Soviet film actor, known for the role of a boy with a net in the film “Welcome, or No Trespassing” (study 6, No. 4661).
  • Shagalova, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna (1923-2012) - Soviet actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
  • Shifrin, Boris Isaakovich (1930-2008) - Soviet actor, songwriter.
  • Shtanko, Boris Anatolyevich (1944-2006) - Soviet hockey player, Honored Coach of Russia.
  • Shumsky, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich (1921-2011) - Soviet cinematographer, People's Artist of the RSFSR.

Cemetery Perepechinskoe granite workshop

Perepechinskoe cemetery is the youngest in the northern part of Moscow. Its area is 106 hectares, with plans to expand to 131 hectares. At the cemetery you can order any type of services for the improvement of burials, including the addition of earth necessary to level the grave mound. It often happens that it is too early to erect a monument, the grave has not yet completely sunk, and its appearance is already spoiled. It is necessary to add earth and sand so that the burial place of a loved one is not a sad sight.

Buried celebrities (with site nos.)

  1. Akinshin A.V. (1921 – 2007) – WWII participant, full holder of the Order of Glory – No. 3;
  2. Belyaev K.N. (1934 – 2009) – bard, musician – No. 56;
  3. Valiev K. A. (1931 – 2010) – scientist, physicist – No. 5 C;
  4. Grigoriev K. A. (1968 – 2008) – rock musician, singer – No. 57;
  5. Demina G. A. (1925 – 2005) – People’s Artist – No. 13;
  6. Zapashny M. A. (1938 – 2016) – circus artist – No. 1C;
  7. Koltsov V. M. (1940 – 2006) – film director – No. 45;
  8. Mironov A.I. (1923 – 1999) – Honored Artist of the RSFSR – No. 30;
  9. Nikolaev V. A. (1921 – 2009) – football coach – No. 20;
  10. Prelovsky A.V. (1934 – 2008) – poet – No. 10;
  11. Ryzhov I.P. (1913 – 2004) – People’s Artist of the RSFSR – No. 25;
  12. Smetnev A. S. (1928 – 2003) – cardiologist, therapist – No. 14;
  13. Sosedko Yu. I. (1939 – 2005) – forensic medical expert – No. 8;
  14. Udalov Yu. F. (1924 – 2006) – scientist, biochemist – No. 18;
  15. Khvostenko A. L. (1940 – 2004) – poet, artist, composer – No. 19;
  16. Tsarev V.V. (1951 – 2006) – film actor – No. 6;
  17. Shagalova L. A. (1923 – 2012) – film actress – No. 6;
  18. Shumsky V. M. (1921 – 2011) – Soviet cinematographer, People’s Artist of the RSFSR – No. 65.

Perepechinskoye Cemetery our advantages

We have been working in the field of providing funeral services for many years. We know the specifics, we know how to find an approach to the client in a difficult life situation for him. Our distinctive features:

  • We always meet our clients halfway;
  • We take into account the slightest comments and wishes of our customers;
  • We use modern construction technologies;
  • We make memorials only from high-quality materials;
  • We strictly monitor the fulfillment of contract terms;
  • We provide a guarantee for the work performed;
  • We leave behind perfect order;
  • We equally value budget and luxury orders;
  • We provide discounts for citizens of preferential categories and regular customers.

A small plot of land on which a loved one is buried should look neat and strict. Entrust its arrangement to a trusted company. We service the Perepechinskoe cemetery, professionally decorate the graves, put them in order, and monitor their cleanliness and safety.

We install fence monuments

The Perepechinskoe cemetery is considered one of the largest in the Moscow region. We are engaged in its maintenance, improving the graves, installing memorial complexes. Our specialists perform the following types of work:

  • Installation of tombstones;
  • Dismantling and installation of monuments;
  • Creation and installation of fences, plinths;
  • Creation of memorial zones;
  • Installation of tiles;
  • Cleaning the area, etc.

We also provide other types of services and carry out a full range of work aimed at improving the place of memory of departed loved ones. For many years now, we have been trusted with the most precious thing - the memory of those who left this world.

To discuss the details, you can contact our employees and receive detailed advice. In a telephone consultation, you will receive answers to all your questions and will also be able to discuss the details of your order. We will always find an opportunity to devote time to you and will complete all types of work strictly within the agreed time frame.

Average prices for services at the Perepechinskoe cemetery

How much does a place cost at the Perepechinskoye cemetery in Moscow? Official starting prices for a plot at the Perepechinskoye cemetery (central territory) for family burial at an open auction, established by the Moscow Government:

  • For burial with a coffin: from 106,241.40 rub. up to 318,724.20 rub.

Prices are as of August 2021; source:

The register of plots for family (tribal) burials in cemeteries in Moscow and New Moscow, put up for auction by the Moscow Government, is being updated. Keep an eye out for new offers on the website

Kinship (re-) burial at the Perepechinskoe cemetery is provided free of charge.

Order the production of a monument at the Perepechinskoe cemetery

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