What to do with a flower from Matrona of Moscow? Favorite flowers of Matrona of Moscow

Mother Matrona is a great saint who gave the entire Orthodox world eternal faith in miracles. Stories and legends are written about her to this day, and in front of the temple where her relics are located, there are always huge queues of people seeking help and advice in difficult and sometimes almost hopeless life situations. And they go to the blessed one with large bouquets of flowers, which she loved so much during her life, in order to show their affection, honest intentions and disposition. This decoration has its own special power and purpose. And therefore you can often hear the question: “What to do with the flowers that were given in the temple of Matrona?” The answer is further in the article.

Blessed and helping people

Saint Matrona became famous for her miracles during her lifetime. She became famous for asking before the Lord for us and thereby granting miracles. This gift was revealed to the girl in exchange for the fact that from birth she had no eyeballs and could not see. God gave her the ability to foresee the future, as well as heal the sick.

Mother's life was not easy. She often suffered mockery from those around her, but humbly bore her cross and endured all the hardships that came her way. So she addressed everyone with such instructions that they should not grumble about their fate, but accept all its trials.

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During her lifetime, she said that many would come to her grave and ask for help, and she would listen to everyone and would not refuse anyone. Many people say that before asking for anything, you should appease the saint. To do this, you can bring a bouquet of fresh flowers to her relics or to the grave.

Where did the tradition come from?

Saint Matrona of Moscow was marked by God even before her birth. From an early age, the girl had the gift of seeing people and their future; she could predict the healing or death of a patient. The blessed one never repaid anyone with evil for evil, although she endured bullying more than once. Humility and patience were her special gifts. Filled with love for God, Matrona was always ready to help people, even after the age of 18, when her legs became paralyzed.

St. Matrona Moscow

She lived a difficult life, full of persecution, hunger and cold, but until the last hour she continued to serve people, being a conduit between God and Christians. Not only ordinary people, but also the powers that be, including rulers and generals, turned to the saint for help in moments of special problems, including diseases incurable by doctors.

Before her death, Matrona of Moscow said that at first rarely would anyone come to her grave, and then the pilgrimage would begin, and for every person who asked for her relics, she would ask before the Almighty.

Preparing to meet Saint Matronushka at her icon with her relics, believers try not only to explain their problems to the mother, but to please her with her favorite flowers.

Important! Bouquets brought to the blessed Matronushka are not a sign of her appeasement, but a symbol of the expression of love, veneration and gratitude.

Childishly devoted to God, never having seen the light, born with empty eye sockets, Matrona of Moscow loved flowers very much.

Standing in prayer near the icon of Matronushka, you feel amazing warmth and acceptance, tears themselves begin to flow. One gets the feeling that the holy prophetess is standing nearby. My soul becomes especially calm, as if the answer has come that everything will be fine.

Flowers of the Matrona of Moscow - consecrated flower bouquets, handed to everyone who comes out after veneration at the holy relics, have healing powers with faith in the power of the Creator and His saints.

It is difficult for the earthly mind to comprehend how a blind person can not only identify flowers, but also have special favorites among them.

How many flowers should Matrona bring?

Even during her life, mother said that people should come to her as if she were alive, turn to her for help, and she would ask the Lord God for them. Therefore, there should be an odd number of flowers.

You need to talk to Matrona as to a family member. She will hear our prayers and requests and will definitely help. Mother Matrona is the heavenly intercessor and comforter of all those who suffer.

The flowers that believers bring to the temple become a gift for other people. They are blessed and distributed by the servants upon leaving the monastery. Everyone gets one or more flowers.

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The beginning of the wandering

Matrona predicted a revolution as a child. She said that there would be murders, robberies, destruction of churches, persecutions. With the help of symbols, she communicated that first everyone would seize the land and then abandon it. Matrona gave advice to the neighboring landowner to sell his estate and go abroad. He didn’t listen to her, but in vain...

Indeed, after the October Revolution, Russian villages and villages were devastated and destroyed. Their residents, in order to feed themselves, began to look for work in the cities. Matrona, following her family, moved to Moscow in 1925.

Matronushkin's brothers, following the trends of the times, became members of the party. They were afraid of reprisals from the authorities because of the presence in their house of a healer and fortune teller, to whom people regularly came, and she taught them the Orthodox faith. Realizing this, feeling sorry for her elderly parents, Matrona leaves her home, changes apartments and basements.

Matrona of Moscow loved wildflowers most of all

Many people prefer to go to the grave with flowers. You need to take the most beautiful bouquet, thereby you will show your love and respect for the Blessed Old Lady. What were Matrona of Moscow’s favorite flowers? She loved wildflowers.

Wildflowers are brought to the grave of Blessed Elder Matrona

How many flowers should I carry?

Very often you can hear how many flowers to bring to the grave, what number should there be, even or odd? Even during her lifetime, Matrona said that people should come to her as if she were alive. Therefore, you need to carry an odd number of flowers.

But what to do if, for example, in winter, it is impossible to get the wildflowers that she loved so much. Then flowers such as roses, tulips, carnations, chrysanthemums and many others would be a good option.

Both in winter and summer there are a lot of people at the grave of Mother Matrona. Everyone is carrying huge bouquets of flowers. If you can’t find wildflowers, you can buy roses, tulips and many others

One of the pilgrims, who was in the monastery of St. Matrona, who was there about a year ago, claimed that the flower taken from the relics still smells fragrant.

Holy water, consecrated in the monastery, at the relics of Matrona also heals through the prayers of the Blessed Elder. Therefore, anyone who wishes can, if possible, visit this monastery and venerate the relics of the Holy Blessed Matrona.

Blessed Matrona was born in 1881 in the village of Sebino, Tula province.

The Holy Blessed Matrona was born in 1881 in the village of Sebino, Epifansky district, Tula province. Her parents were pious people; they lived, however, poorly, but they worked as best they could. There were 4 children in the family, Matrona was the youngest. She was born when her parents were no longer young.

The family understood that they would not be able to feed the fourth child, and the mother decided to get rid of him even before birth. But it was impossible for anyone to find out about this. But there were orphanages where illegitimate children were sent, who were raised at the expense of benefactors.

Matrona’s mother wanted to leave her in the shelter. But one day, in a dream, Matrona appeared to her in the form of a white bird with a human face and closed eyes. The woman realized that this was a sign and immediately abandoned the idea of ​​​​giving the child away. The girl was born blind, but her mother still loved her very much.

At baptism the girl was named Matrona. During the baptism, when the priest lowered the girl into the water, everyone saw a column of fragrant light smoke above the baby. The priest, seeing this, said that he had been baptizing for many years, but this was the first time he had seen this.

He also said that the girl would be special and would also predict his death. In the end, this is what happened, one night she came to her mother and said that Father Vasily had died. The parents ran to the priest, and it turned out that he had died.

Saint Matrona not only had no vision, she had no eyes. The eye sockets were closed with tightly closed eyelids. But the Lord gave her spiritual sight.

Matrona not only had no vision, she had no eyes. The eye sockets were closed with tightly closed eyelids

Flowers for Mother Matrona

When going to visit a saint, everyone wants to show her their love and respect. Internally this is expressed in unshakable faith, and externally in bringing a bouquet of your favorite flowers. What flowers does Matrona of Moscow like? What should I bring as a gift to the old lady, so that she will be happy and favorable to the one who asks?

There is no clear answer to this question, since everyone tries to bring the best and most beautiful flowers. But there is still an opinion that during her earthly life mother was very fond of wildflowers. Therefore, bouquets of precisely these gifts of nature can most often be seen in the hands of those who come to her with requests and prayers for help.

In addition, there is evidence that Matrona always asked that people come to her and treat her as if she were alive, and this suggests that the number of flowers in the bouquet for the blessed one must be odd. The saint herself also said that if a person does not have the opportunity to bring her favorite wildflowers, then the best option may be:

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all types and colors of roses; white lilacs; white chrysanthemums; red tulips; red carnations.

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The flowers that people bring for the saint have enormous power, because they are imbued with the spirit of Matrona, her prayers to the Lord and great faith, which has no equal in world Orthodoxy. Therefore, almost always those who bring them take a certain number of flowers from the bouquet they bring with them, so that even far from the temple they protect them, as well as their family and friends, from everyday troubles and misfortunes.

Flowers for Matrona

When going to Matrona’s grave, don’t forget to take a bouquet of flowers for the saint. This will show her your love and respect. The internal expression is a sincere belief in strength and help, and the external expression is a bouquet of flowers brought. What flowers did Matrona of Moscow love during her lifetime? When choosing an offering, everyone tries to buy the most beautiful and best bouquet. Nobody forbids you to do this. The most important thing to remember is that during her lifetime mother was very fond of wildflowers. That is why such gifts of nature can be increasingly seen in the hands of parishioners.

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You can also often hear the question of how many flowers to bring to Matrona of Moscow? There is also information that Matrona always said that you need to come to her as if she were alive. Therefore, the number of flowers in the bouquet should be odd. There is also a story that Matrona, in her address to people, said that if it is not possible to bring her favorite wildflowers, then the best option may be:

roses of any color, red tulips, white lilacs, red carnations, white chrysanthemums.

The flowers that are brought to Matrona have a special power, which they receive from the relics and spirit of Matrona, as well as from the great faith of the saint in the Lord. That is why the flowers that some bring become souvenirs for others. After the flowers are blessed on the relics, the nuns of the monastery distribute them to all parishioners. They serve as a talisman and protection for family and friends from troubles and bad weather far from the monastery. After you receive the flowers, you need to know how to use the flowers from Matrona.

Matrona moved to Moscow, where she remained to live for the rest of her life.

Matrona moved to Moscow, where she remained to live for the rest of her life. She performed spiritual and prayerful service, which helped many from death and led to salvation. She had to stay with many people and always left on time so as not to cause trouble for her owners.

In 1941, the blessed one predicted war. But she said that no one should leave Moscow. After the end of the war, she asked people to bring her willow branches, she broke them, cleaned them, and prayed. It was she who told everyone that the Germans were coming to Tula.

In the last years of her life she lived with a distant relative. On May 2, 1952, she died. Before her death, she said: “Everyone, everyone, come to me and tell me, as if alive, about your sorrows, I will see you, and hear you, and help you.” And so mother’s earthly life ended.

“Everything, everything, come to me and tell me, as if alive, about your sorrows, I will see you, and hear, and help you” - the last words of Matrona of Moscow

What to do with flowers received from Matrona of Moscow

A real surprise greets pilgrims when leaving the temple - each person who comes to venerate the relics of Matronushka receives a gift from her, one will be given a flower, and another a bouquet of roses.

A person with an open soul brings a gift to Matronushka, prayers of pilgrims are performed over it, the flowers are filled with holy power and, in a transformed state, go to a completely random person, as a surprise from the Matrona of Moscow.

Not everyone knows what to do with flowers received from Matrona.

It is important that the flowers consecrated in the temple do not become an idol. They have healing power as long as faith in the saving grace of the Lord, transmitted through the blessed prophetess, lives in a person’s heart.

Icon of Saint Matrona in the Intercession Monastery (Moscow)

Dried flower bouquets are stored near the icons of the home iconostasis, often their petals are sometimes placed, the leaves are placed in pillows, and the stems are placed under the mattress.

People who came to the icon of the saint as tourists and accidentally received a unique flower gift should not treat it with disdain.

Important! Compositions consecrated near holy relics must not be thrown into the trash.

Out of respect for the blind prophetess, who devoted her entire life to helping people, give these flowers to just passersby, explaining their origin, or, in extreme cases, place them on the ground.

How and when to use flowers from Matronushka

Flowers received upon leaving the temple have healing properties if you have faith in the healing power of prayer from the saint. Flower arrangements consecrated in the church are used as teas for various problems:

  • cure ailments;
  • comfort;
  • help in life situations.

You can make a tea from the flower petals and add it to your regular drinks. Some people use the decoction and buds as a lotion for sore spots. According to parishioners, a bath prepared from consecrated plants calms and guarantees sound sleep.

Blessed Matrona of Moscow, a saint, despite her infirmities, was able to fill the world and instill in people who came to her, living and deceased, faith in goodness and God's love.

The strength of her love and the fulfillment of petitions expressed at her relics are evidenced by the endless stream of pilgrims who come from all over the world to worship Mother.

Among believers there are whole legends and stories about the saint’s selfless help; the temple book contains evidence of Matrona’s help in difficult, almost hopeless situations. So grateful Christians bring their flower bouquets to venerate the holy face and feel the presence, love and support of Mother Matrona of Moscow.

The relics of Blessed Matronushka are located both in the monastery of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary in Moscow and on the territory of the Danilovsky cemetery.

Attention! God forbid you take flowers from a shrine or grave yourself, so as not to incur God’s wrath

Miracles of Saint Matrona

Favorite flowers of Matrona of Moscow

From an early age, Matrona helped people; she always knew that she would serve the Lord. Being blind, the girl had special inner vision and saw right through a person and his future. From the age of 18, she could not walk, experienced great difficulties in life, but despite this, she did not refuse people’s requests.

Even during her lifetime, the old woman was known to people for the healings and miracles that she performed in the name of the Lord God.

Everyone knows that mother loved flowers, especially wild ones. Before meeting her, believers try to buy the best bouquets. These can be roses and chrysanthemums, daisies and cornflowers, carnations and tulips.

You can give different flowers. It is important that the soul of the person who brought them has pure thoughts.

Youth Trials

In her adolescence, Matrona had the opportunity to travel to sacred places. The daughter of a neighboring landowner, a sincere and deeply religious girl, invited the blind girl on pilgrimage trips - to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, to St. Petersburg with its grandiose cathedrals. There is a legend about a meeting in Matrona with John of Kronstadt, who somehow learned about her arrival at the cathedral and called her his successor, the eighth pillar of Russia. Most likely, Father John knew that Matrona would have a special service to her people in difficult times of persecution of Orthodoxy.

At the age of 17, Matrona suffered the following test: her legs gave out. For the rest of her life—50 years—she could no longer move independently. She foresaw this event and did not resist God's will. There were always volunteer helpers nearby. All the troubles of life did not make Matrona despondent and complain; she believed that everything was God’s will, and continued to carry out her service.

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