How to read the prayer of the Mother of God “Softening Evil Hearts”? Text in Russian

“Softening Evil Hearts” is that prayer book, the reading of which in front of the “Seven Arrow” icon is capable of granting the believer divine reverence and peace. These sacred lines addressed to the Virgin Mary free loved ones from hard-heartedness and contribute to the reconciliation of the Orthodox.

“Softening evil hearts,” among other things, has healing powers, as proven by the incredible cases of recovery of all those who cried out to heaven before the face of the Fresh Virgin.

A little about the text of the prayer itself

The prayer of the Seven Shot Mother of God “Softening Evil Hearts” exists only in two forms. One is in the Old Church language, the second is in Russian, it is small in volume, so there are no problems with studying it.

It is recommended to read the prayer slowly. Pronounce each word with the necessary stress, thinking about it. Having finished your prayer, linger near the holy image, mentally concentrating on what worries you. Share your experiences with the One Creator.

“Softening Evil Hearts” is the most powerful prayer that is aimed at restoring the Orthodox world. She is able to eliminate discord in relationships with relatives, reconcile people after a conflict, give Christians happiness and health, peace of mind, which we all seek in faith.

What to talk to Our Lady about?

A believer, knowing the text of the prayer by heart, knows exactly in what cases it needs to be read. What is the text of the prayer about and how to talk to God?

  • about protecting the heart from anger;
  • about the health of all relatives and friends;
  • about curing envy and hatred;
  • about asking for good luck in business and new endeavors;
  • about cleansing your own soul.

You can turn to the icon every day if the believer’s heart is not calm. Prayer and requests to the Almighty are said when a person stands in close proximity to the heavenly face. It is important to first light a candle and only then begin to tell the Mother of God about what you want to share. The seven-shot prayer contains requests for the salvation of the soul. If you are not in the mood, do not want to say words, or do not have time for prayer, then you should not turn to the Mother of God.

A conversation with her should be in a quiet environment, when a person has nowhere to rush and has something to talk about with the Mother of God. Prayer should always be read from a pure heart, you should not think about something bad and unpleasant. You can ask both for yourself and for other people - for example, for your family, for your children, for your loved one. “Softening evil hearts” is already the beginning of a conversation with the Mother of God, and as soon as the believer finishes saying a prayer with the words “Amen”, you can tell what worries, haunts and constantly sits in your head. The Lord God always hears those who ask for help from a pure heart without evil thoughts, and guides each and everyone on the true path.

  • Prayer from enemies and evil people
  • Prayer to the Tikhvin Mother of God - here
  • Prayer of the Mother of God Quick to Hear -

Today, even doctors confirm that the Orthodox faith is an incredible support and support, especially for those who are seriously ill . After all, how many cases exist when a person was between life and death, and only faith in the Lord God saves and gives hope. Doctors say that prayer always contributes to a speedy recovery and uplifting of spirit: people believe that they will soon get better. Having been healed, they begin to sincerely believe in God, believing that this is not the merit of doctors and expensive drugs, but the will of the Almighty. The prayer “Softening Evil Hearts” is very powerful, so every believer is recommended to read it as often as possible. Cherish in your heart the love of God and hope for the best.

How exactly does prayer help to soften evil hearts?

We see the icon of the “Virgin Mary” with only the face of the Fresh Virgin depicted on it, without the baby. The image shows only seven arrows and swords piercing the Mother of God. Why seven? This number is not accidental, because seven symbolizes the completeness of the world, everything that is in it.

We also recommend reading about the “Our Father” prayer.

The prayer “Softening Evil Hearts” is said precisely in front of the Seven Arrow Icon. Of all those addressed to the Virgin Mary, this one is considered one of the most powerful. This face itself perfectly reflects all the pain that the Mother of God had to experience during her lifetime. Seven arrows and swords are weapons that struck her soul, the pain in which is still alive.

Some clergy interpret the meaning of this icon a little differently. In the second interpretation, seven is a symbol of mortal sins, which every Christian is well aware of. A person cannot hide these sins from the Virgin Mary, no matter how hard he tries. The Mother of God, who looks into the souls of the laity, knows about every sin.

By reading “Softening Evil Hearts” in front of the “Seven Arrow” icon, you can get rid of a heavy burden on your heart, from loneliness. This is a prayer book that will be useful to anyone who has believed in Christ, who needs a hint, help, and does not know what to do next.

You can resort to “Softening Evil Hearts” both in church and at home, but then you need to acquire the appropriate holy image. It is recommended to repeat the prayer regularly, so that after a certain time, you can make the right choice in a difficult situation, and decide on a step that would please, first of all, the Lord.


The very name of the conspiracy says what it comes from.

Read the plot in front of the icons, on the water, as you wish. He is very strong.

Light a candle in front of the icon and read it for 3 days, 7 times.

“I sit down in a sleigh covered with beavers and sables and martens. Just as foxes and martens, beavers and sables are honest and dignified between lords and priests, between the world and the village, so my born son would be honest and dignified between lords and priests, between the world and the village. I’m riding at a fast pace, I’m already driving, but I’m hefty, the lords and judges have a yard full of pigs, and I’m going to eat those pigs. Judgment by judgment, century by century! I sow poppy. All the judges will burst into laughter, and they sit there eating me. I won't be eaten; I have a bear's mouth, a wolf's lips, and a pig's teeth. Judgment by judgment, century by century." Whoever picks up my poppy will bring judgment against me. I will hide my poppy in an iron tub, and throw the tub into the Ocean Sea. The ocean sea does not dry up, no one takes out my pot, and no one picks up my poppy seed. Judgment by judgment, century by century! I close my teeth and lips with an evil heart, and throw the keys into the Ocean Sea, into my iron tub. When the sea dries up, when the poppies from the cadi are eaten, then I will not be there. Judgment by judgment, century by century!”

Plot-amulet from evil people.

If you need to go to people who don’t love you, or there is a bad person next to you who wishes you harm, read the following conspiracy: Raise me, O God, to a high mountain, Fill, O Lord, the eyes of my enemies with cold water, Close them, Lord, And their lips and teeth are a golden lock. Amen.

Plot-amulet from trouble.

If you want to protect yourself from all possible misfortunes, then regularly read the following conspiracy: Heavenly Savior, be in front, Guardian Angel, be behind, Queen of Heaven, be above your head, Save me safe from evil people and sudden death. God save us. Amen.

Plot-amulet from enemies.

If you know that you have enemies who are ready to hinder you, before leaving the house you should read the following charm-amulet: Jesus came down from God's Heaven, took the golden cross with Him. He washed himself with the dawns, wiped himself with the sun, crossed himself with a golden cross and locked himself with locks. Let these castles be in the sea. Whoever drinks this sea and drives away the sands, the enemy will not come to him. Jesus Christ, You are the Son of God, Save, save from all evil at all times. Amen.


,,Jesus Christ, come to my aid. I go to the upper room, there sit kings with kings, lords with lords, all the authorities over me are silent, like walls.”

Read them before leaving home when you are going to go solve serious issues.


If you go to those people on whom your well-being depends, and those people are angry with you, when you go to them, read it three times to be on the safe side. “Jesus Christ, help me, I’m going to the upper room, there sit kings with kings, lords with lords, all the powers over me, dumb as walls. They take the plates, I take the knife out from under my heart. I shut the throats of my enemies. My top, my truth, my victory. I will turn around in all directions and I am not afraid of you, my enemies. Amen".


In a terrible hour for you, have time to call the Intercessor Angel. “Come to me and never leave me, wherever I go. Amen".


“Martyr Paraskevia, named Friday, and the martyrs Terentius and Neonil and their children: Sarvil, Fota, Theodulus, Hierax, Nitus, Vil, Eunicius, save, save from enemies visible and invisible. Amen".

Amulet from evil people.

If you had a fight with an evil person and are afraid that he may harm you, perform such a ritual. Take a small potato with a reddish or pink skin and at midnight pierce it with a large sewing needle (such needles are also called gypsy needles), saying the spell 4 times: “The anger was flying, but it flew past, it got into the potato, but it settled there.” Place the potatoes in a plastic bag until the morning. The next morning, take the potato out of the bag and throw it away at the intersection, saying: “It was left there, I didn’t get it, but you, (the name of the evil person), have lost the desire to harm. Let it be so!" Leave without looking back and without talking to anyone.

1 way. Imagine that you are on public transport. Among the other passengers, you discover a man who looks intently into your eyes. You move away from his gaze, but every time you return to him, you again meet his gaze, most often angry, unkind. You get scared - the damage has “sat” on you.

Protection. Remember laughter is the most powerful remedy. The second piece of advice is encapsulated in the familiar saying: “They knock out a wedge with a wedge.” When you see such a person, make a false attack on him with your gaze. To do this, you need to start tracking various parts of his body: legs, shoulders, top of the head, stomach... Having chosen one of the zones, you carefully examine it (this part of the number), after several glances you begin to “hold back a smile”, while looking at the intended zone. Do not forget to periodically look into his eyes and again turn your gaze to the selected area. Success is guaranteed - he will begin to look for the defect on himself, and you do not “remove” the defect, since you continue to “observe” it. The person will leave or turn away from you.

Method 2. Suddenly a person comes up to you and utters a phrase that frightens you: you will die soon, you are seriously ill, your loved one will die... There are a huge number of options. If you get scared or try to leave this person, or want to find out more details, then you will receive coding for this prediction.

Protection. Without losing your composure and sense of confidence, calmness and humor, you answer with a smile: “Thank you, I know. If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you what awaits you tomorrow.” You can say it even simpler: “Already.”

The natural question of the interlocutor is: “What already?” And you complement your answer: “Everything is already.” And you too." You can prepare a list of “stupid” answers.

3 way. The person faces a direct threat. He says nasty things to you and promises you various troubles, failures, grief, etc. Use direct defense in the form of the phrase: “You speak everything for yourself.” Or: “You are bringing these troubles upon your own head.” After that, calmly leave.

4 way. A person from whom you do not expect anything good offers you a gift: an item, food, a drink. He has prepared a moment when you cannot refuse what is offered. This gift may contain coding (slander).

Protection . The simplest thing is to accidentally drop a gift (if it’s breakable, then it’s all over). When the “gift” falls, say the phrase: “What fell from your hands is lost.” If it is not possible to get rid of the “gift”, then you need to sprinkle it with a small amount of ordinary salt - it removes the curse immediately.

Let me remind you once again that the best defense is laughter, smile, emptiness.

You can use a mirror, which must be placed in your pocket with the mirror side facing outward - this will reflect energy strikes well.

There is universal protection for your (but only your personal!) photo from the evil eye, damage and love spell. To do this, you need to place a photo on the screen and imagine how it becomes more and more distorted, trembles and deforms, like a reflection in water or in a crooked mirror. At the same time, you need to take a sharp knife, take it in your right hand and move it from right to left between you and the image on the screen, as if you were cutting the threads connecting you and the image. At the same time, you need to read a special conspiracy:

The shadow is not mine, it is not me, not my sadness, not my mask. You can’t see me in a mirror, you can’t catch me in water! The word was spoken, but not thrown at me, He opened the door, but went out the window!

The plot is read five times in a row. Now you can place photos wherever you want, no one will harm you!


Prayer for Softening Evil Hearts in Russian

The prayer book “Softening Evil Hearts” itself consists of only two sentences, which, thanks to the fact that they are written in Russian, every Orthodox Christian can remember. Before reading this prayer, the clergy also recommend reading the Troparion, in particular its 5th tone.

It contains a request addressed to the Fresh Virgin for salvation from one’s own hard-heartedness and the hard-heartedness of others. Thus, immediately before reading the prayer book, the believer asks the Mother of God to “quench” the misfortunes of every hater and soften his own evil heart.

After the Troparion, in the 5th tone, comes the Kontakion, which presents an appeal to the Many-Sorrowful Virgin Mary, who is capable of turning the sorrows of believers into joys and saving the world with her mercy. The sorrows of the laity are well understood by the Mother of God, since she herself endured many sorrows and illnesses during her lifetime.

“Softening Evil Hearts” is a short prayer. It also contains a list of the virtues of the Fresh Virgin, as well as her glorification directly. It is not necessary to say the Troparion and Kontakion before reading “Softening Evil Hearts”, but it is advisable, since this is an important church prayer that can often be heard at the liturgy in the church. There, Troparion and Kontakion necessarily accompany the main prayers and are repeated regularly.

There are no strict rules regarding the reading of the data preceding the “Softening of Evil Hearts”, so you can adhere to the general ones, which apply to ordinary prayer books.

The Prayer of the Mother of God “Softening Evil Hearts” is an ancient custom that, among other things, can be called soul-saving and pious.

Prayer before an icon: how to ask correctly

Prayer before the icon of the Seven-Arrow Mother of God is the most powerful prayer to the Fresh Virgin. What you ask for will definitely come true if you approach the reading of the prayer correctly:

  1. Go to an Orthodox church.
  2. Place a candle in front of the image of the Son of God.
  3. Touch your forehead and lips to the Cross.
  4. Stand in front of the seven-arrow icon, light a candle and begin reading the prayer words.
  5. You can complete your communication with the Mother of God with your own words in your mind.

If for some reason you cannot attend Church regularly, buy a “Seven Arrow” icon for home, as well as church candles. Read “Softening Evil Hearts” in front of the icon, asking the Mother of God for help in difficult times.

If possible, periodically visit the Church of the Archangel Michael, located in the capital, on the Maiden Field. The myrrh-streaming, miraculous face of the Queen of Heaven is kept there. You can visit the temple, for example, on the day of the celebration of the icon. This holiday is also known to the Orthodox as “Simeon’s prophecy”; it is celebrated in the Christian world during the period of All Saints, as well as on August 26.

The Most Holy Theotokos will definitely respond to the request of the person asking. However, while reading “Softening Evil Hearts,” do not ask for anything that is contrary to the Commandments reflected in the Bible. In addition, what you want comes true only if it is God’s Will.

Ceremony in the church

If you want to approach God directly, go to the temple. Light a candle near each image of a saint and say the following words:

“Lord my God, be so merciful and forgive me, your servant (name), my sins. May you strengthen my spirit, may you enlighten my mind, may you strengthen my body. Grant health to my soul and body. For You are merciful and I trust in Your generosity. Amen."

Do this every Sunday morning for 3 months. At the end of the cycle, you will feel more confident and energetically stronger.

Miracle after reading a prayer to the Mother of God

A prayer to pacify evil hearts is said in front of the “Seven Arrow” icon of the Mother of Christ, a well-known image that can be found in the vast majority of churches. This Holy Face can also be purchased at a church store in order to be able to use the popular prayer book at home, taking into account all prayer rules.

The prayer to the icon “Softening Evil Hearts” works, which is proven by many examples of a real miracle happening, which cannot be explained based on logic and common sense. Vivid examples:

  1. A peasant from the Vologda province, who suffered greatly from lameness, was able to be healed thanks to the intercession of the Fresh Virgin. Before this, the man, who could lose the ability to walk, turned to all sorts of doctors and healers, but they only threw up their hands, realizing that they were not able to help him. His legs continued to hurt, getting worse every day, and somehow in a dream the Lord came to the suffering man and ordered the lame man to go to the bell tower of the Church of St. John the Theologian. There, as God said, was the man’s salvation. He did not put off visiting the church for long; on the spot the man discovered the upside-down face of the Virgin Mary. When he transferred this image to the temple and hung it on the wall with the words of the prayer to the Seven-Shot Icon, a prayer service was read over it. Immediately after this, a miracle happened. The peasant was able to walk normally without limping.
  2. The religious procession of 1830 near Vologda was carried out with the image of the Mother of God. And it was thanks to the healing and miraculous power of the latter that people managed to put an end to a serious cholera epidemic. After this incident, all Orthodox Christians began to believe that the icon of the Virgin Mary and the “Softening of Evil Hearts” addressed to it are truly capable of miracles through true faith. It was after the campaign of 1830 that the true meaning and meaning of the “Seven Shot” face and prayer book was revealed to everyone.

Despite all this, you can still meet people who are disappointed in the miracle of “Softening Evil Hearts.” However, these Christians should understand that after one reading of a prayer they cannot expect healing and the accomplishment of some incredible event. An Orthodox Christian needs to turn to the Mother of God every day, grow and develop spiritually, repent, speak with the Almighty more often, not break the commandments, try to live in Christ and strengthen his faith in him.

Why are non-believers often disappointed in the miracle of healing?

Many people tend to think that prayer is a pill that can cure any human condition. After reading the text once, you should not hope that all troubles and adversities will be resolved at that very moment, and that the sick will be healed of deadly diseases. It will not happen.

About the author About the book

It’s all about sincere faith in God and the dialogue the believer has with the Mother of God after reading the prayer “Tenderness of Evil Hearts.” You need to pray every day, attend church more often and talk to God, even while walking down the street. Until a person believes in God, until he allows the Almighty into his heart, there will be no result. And if there is a conversation with God, it is also important to know all the commandments and in no case sin. Thus, a prayer to the seven-arrowed Mother of God will be miraculous only if the believer stops constantly thinking about the bad and evil, opens his heart and lets faith into it, and repents of all previously committed sins.

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