4 text of Orthodox prayers for the spiritual father, when and how to read correctly

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Our love for our parents is an enduring thing, and the happiness of motherhood is the cherished desire of every woman. Every parent and child are bound by invisible, eternal bonds.

It is known that the conception of a child and his birth do not depend entirely on us, as does his health in the future. This is why prayer for children is the main means for both conception and upbringing. A mother's prayer for a child is the most powerful means of helping him throughout his life. Parents provide assistance to a person not only materially, but also mentally and spiritually. Our body is also important to God, being one of the three main components of man: spirit, body and soul. They represent unity and interpenetration.

Thus, caring for children should be expressed in monetary support, and in verbal support - acceptance, advice - and in spiritual support, that is, prayer

Prayer for the health of parents

Any little child loves his parents, no matter what they are. As we grow up, we face different situations in life, and we always need the support of our parents. If it is not there, a person can swear, rebel and be indignant at parental rejection, but at the first movement of the mother towards him, love and unconditional acceptance blooms again in everyone. But what if the parent is sick? Of course, you need to help personally and pray for the health of the mother or father, read a prayer for the sick. It is fashionable to pray to the Lord, St. Nicholas, Matrona of Moscow.

“Holy righteous and blessed mother Matrona! You help all people, help us when we are sick. Do not abandon us with your help and intercession, grant us health, pray to God for His servant (name), so that we always glorify His holy name and your intercession. Amen".

How can we thank our parents - and above all, of course, our mother - for everything they do for us? Don't forget to call them regularly and visit them. And, of course, say nice words to them regularly. You can also pray to the Lord Himself and His Most Pure Mother for the well-being of your parents. You can read this prayer, especially for health, at any time:

O Lord and our Savior! I ask You for the health of my parents. Be merciful to them, help them cope with infirmities and weakness, and not get sick. Grant them strength and understanding to pray, enlighten them and prolong the days and years of their earthly life - may Your will be done for their lives! In Heaven, accept them into your Kingdom. Amen.

In addition to Saint Matrona, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker also helps us all.

O Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray, kneeling my heart before you. Protect and save my parents, if they are sick, from infirmities, from insults and misfortunes. Help them to be faithful to God and kind to people, deliver them from temptations and falls. Pray yourself, O Wonderworker, to the Lord for them, may His will be done for our family. Amen

Protective prayer

Dangers and trials may await the family from the outside. A strong marriage and the warmth of the family hearth are often the envy of others. Protective prayer is effective help and protection from the dark thoughts of envious people, demonic temptations and severe trials. The person praying turns to the Father and the Son of God, hoping for protection and protection from troubles, misfortunes, and harm from ill-wishers.

When is protective prayer needed?

  • to maintain peace in the family;
  • to protect against negative interference;
  • to get rid of someone else’s energy after an unkind person visits your home;
  • to protect against theft, fire and loss.

Text of the protective prayer

“Lord God and Jesus Christ, listen to our prayers and hear the words of Your unworthy servants, whose heads are bowed near the icons. Protect our house from human envy and from the attacks of blacks. Save our souls from the abyss of sin, do not test our loyalty with severe trials. Let our house be spared by ruin, fire, filth, envy and anger. Everything is yours. Amen".

Strong prayer for the health of parents

In an Orthodox church shop you can see a proposal to write notes on the proskomedia and the litany. This is a prayer not to the Wonderworker Nicholas, but to the Lord Himself as the Wonderworker of the world, a special prayer during the celebration of the Sacrament of the Liturgy, and therefore very powerful. When submitting a note for the proskomedia, you will be given a prosphora with pieces taken out of it, and when submitting a note for the litany, the names will be read in the center of the temple. In essence, notes for proskomedia have the meaning of a stronger prayer, but the difference is made in terms of price - after all, there are poor people who need to save on prosphora, and they only submit lists for the litany.

How to write health notes in church - when parents are alive

  • On the temple grounds or in the temple, find a candle box (church bench). When entering the temple, cross yourself three times, repeating “Lord, have mercy on me,” “Most Holy Theotokos, save us,” “All saints, pray to God for us.” Women must wear a headscarf and a skirt when visiting the temple - most temples offer both skirts and headscarves on loan.
  • Ask for a health note form.
  • List in the note the names (in the genitive case) of the people you want to pray for. Traditionally, no more than 10 names are placed on one note, but you can write more (however, then you will have to pay for more notes - this is the traditional donation). Before the patient's name, write "sick" or "sick." You can also list the names of healthy people as a kind of spiritual prevention, so that they get sick both mentally and physically. .
  • The note should only list the names of baptized people.
  • Remember that a prayer for health is a request for physical and spiritual health. Therefore, you can order a prayer service for your enemies, for loved ones who suffer from unpleasant emotional reactions and suffer from sins. So we ask the Lord to help such people, so that He Himself touches their hearts.
  • You can also order the magpie about health: this is the commemoration of a person in the church during forty Liturgies at the proskomedia.

Prayer to Ksenia of St. Petersburg from quarrels in the family

Marriage is a serious test of strength of spirit, love, not only for your spouse, but also for God. People with different characters, beliefs, upbringing and habits unite in a union. Family life is like an indicator that reveals true human qualities: kindness, patience, respect, the ability to make concessions and forgive.

Even in a strong, loving family, disagreements, misunderstandings, quarrels, resentments and even anger are possible. Fighting, creating conflicts and remaking your loved one to please yourself is the road to nowhere. In such situations, the prayer of Ksenia of St. Petersburg will help you cleanse yourself of bad thoughts, realize the value of family and feel the warmth of home.

The text reflects the full depth of repentance for unclean thoughts, cowardice, anger, pride, claims and grievances towards loved ones. Christians ask Xenia, and with her the Savior, to cleanse their hearts from the filth of harmful actions, to grant humility, to help them find happiness in marriage, to honor their parents, and to raise children, glorifying the Lord and his word.

Text of prayer to Ksenia of St. Petersburg for quarrels in the family

Oh, simple in the way of her life, homeless on earth, but heir to the abodes of the Heavenly Father, blessed wanderer Xenia! Just as we previously fell to your tombstone in illness and sorrow and were filled with consolations, now we too, overwhelmed by pernicious circumstances, resort to you and ask with hope: pray, O good heavenly woman, that our steps may be straightened according to the word of the Lord to do His commandments, and yes The godless atheism that has captivated your city and your country, plunging us many sinners into mortal hatred of our brothers, proud self-indignation and blasphemous despair, will be abolished. O most blessed one, for Christ’s sake, who has put to shame the vanity of this age, ask the Creator and Giver of all blessings to grant us humility, meekness and love in the treasure of our hearts, faith in strengthening prayer, hope in repentance, strength in a difficult life, merciful healing of soul and body our chastity in marriage and caring for our neighbors and sincere ones, the renewal of our entire life in the purifying bath of repentance, as we praise your memory with all praise, let us glorify the miracle-working One in you, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity Consubstantial and Indivisible forever and ever. Amen.

What to do if your parents are non-believers

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Unfortunately, the relationship between parents and children is not always deep and sincere. Very often we quarrel with mom or dad, do not accept their views on life, and suffer because of their critical attitude towards us.

No matter how you feel about your dad and mom, they remain the people who gave you life. It was thanks to your parents that you had the opportunity to be born, learn and build your destiny, and come to faith. God gives us parents, and our task is to agree with this (this is relevant if you have conflicts with mom or dad).

If the parents are not believers, then you cannot go to the service with them or talk about faith. But your task is to pray that they come to God, think about how important it is in life to rely on higher powers and trust them in everything.

Think about the fact that we are all sinners, many of us have made bad decisions that could negatively affect the lives of others. Your parents are just like the rest of us! And you can love and respect them, despite all their mistakes or difficult characters.

Pray for them and that will be the best show of love. This is also important because such prayer helps soften the hearts of not only the older generation, but also your own souls. Pray for your parents, cry during prayer, remember and let go of your grievances. And then after prayer you will feel renewed, cleaner and brighter, ready for a better relationship with your dad and mom. Then, perhaps, a miracle will happen - and your parents will become interested in faith and will be able to come to God.

Prayer - blessing the mother of her children

Since the time of our ancestors, mothers have blessed their children before any important event. Maternal blessing is a reliable protection, and in combination with prayer it is also a powerful amulet.

With the phrases of the prayer, the mother asks the Lord to save and have mercy on the child, to forgive all sins, voluntary or involuntary, to guide him on the path of the commandments and canons of the Christian faith. The parent prays for the protection and patronage of the child, wherever he is: at home, at school, traveling, at work - wherever the will of the Lord leads him. Keeps in the heart the faith that the Savior will ward off trouble, protect from lies and harmful influences, strengthen and increase bodily and mental abilities and bless for a righteous life and happy childbearing.

The response from a heard prayer is immediately felt in the life of the believer and his loved ones, transforming everything around him. The invisible energy of goodness seems to trample a path through the thorny grass, illuminates the path in the darkness of doubts and fears, throws a life preserver to someone drowning in the abyss of worldly vices, creates invisible protection and a reliable rear.

Prayer to Nicholas the Ugodnik for deliverance from drunkenness

From my husband's drunkenness

Wonderworker Nicholas, I turn to you with a prayer. Generously have mercy and deliver my husband (a person close to me) from demonic drunkenness. Against his will, they found disgust and devastated his craving for drunken libation. He will not sip, swallow or pour out harmful drink without a shudder. And he will sip and pour the property into the belly of holy water. Thy will be done. Amen.

From my son's alcoholism

Holy Wonderworker, Nicholas the Pleasant! I turn to you with a motherly request. You always help those who ask you for assistance in matters of life. So listen to my request. I ask you to have mercy on me and send my son deliverance from bitter drunkenness, which is destroying his soul and body. I ask you, Wonderworker Nicholas, to send him disgust in vodka and any other alcoholic drinks. Deliver my son from internal cravings that are harmful and harmful to health, let everything intoxicated become disgusting and tasteless for him. Do this, Saint Nicholas, so that my son will never again be able to drink alcohol without feeling disgust in his soul and strong disgust. Do this, Pleasant of God, who became famous for his miracles during his lifetime, so that my son will not be able to drink alcohol either day or night, not at a party, not at home, not on a weekday, not on a holiday. May Your strong word forever stop my son from his destructive drunken passion. Just as none of the Saints ever drank vodka, so may my son, the Servant of God (son’s name), never drink it and forget about it forever. Amen.

There is always some kind of spiritual connection between parents and children, and their prayers for each other are extremely strong. The Lord gives children, but the connection that is established between these three people is very strong. From birth, babies are under the protection and care of their fathers, and when they grow up they become a support for their aging mother and father.

It is very important to respect them and take care of them the same way they took care of their babies. It is important not only to help them physically, but also spiritually, asking the Lord and the saints for their health.

Orthodox traditions of honoring parents in Russia

Orthodox traditions, according to which people lived in Russia for a thousand years, were based, among other things, on the veneration of elders: no serious business began without parental blessing. Whatever the parents, they, as a rule, could count on supporting their sons and daughters in old age, especially since there were no pensions. These norms were brought up in children, and abandoned old people were a disgrace for the family.

In Russia, a host of holy saints are glorified, who as individuals were formed in such customs, and in many lives there are direct references to this. One of the beloved and revered righteous women, Matrona of Moscow, grew up in a peasant family in the Tula province. Her biography provides several examples of the respect and care with which she treated her father, Dmitry Ivanovich, and mother, Maria Nikitichna Nikonov. This was naturally instilled in her at home.

In her memoirs about the blessed old woman, her own advice is given: “If the old, the sick, or those who have lost their minds tell you something unpleasant or offensive, then do not listen to them, do not be irritated, but simply help them.”

Why do you need prayer for your spiritual father?

A spiritual director is an extremely important figure in the life of a Christian. After all, he guides a person through life, defining moral and ethical standards, giving permission for certain actions, and performing important church rituals. Previously, a confessor was appointed at the time of a person's baptism. Most people lived in small villages with one church. And there was only one priest for the entire village.

Nowadays the situation has changed. People often move from place to place, their state of mind can be very different, and for some reason the confessor may not be able to take care of the person. Despite this, it is advisable to still take all measures to find a mentor. After all, it is very important to have spiritual support and help. It is more difficult to resist the temptations and passions of the world alone.

The first thing you need to know about the relationship with your confessor is strict obedience. The child is obliged to obey all the commands of the priest, because he may simply not understand God’s providence. Second: you cannot arbitrarily choose a confessor or change him. If a person is burdened and does not feel grace, then it is necessary to confess to the mentor, receive absolution and blessing. It is forbidden to judge the mentor. Third, perhaps the most important, is that a believer is obliged to pray for his priest.

Undoubtedly, a mentor plays a big role in a person’s life. It is the priest who conducts the sacraments of confession, holy communion, imposes penance, and, if necessary, prays for his charges. It is clear that this person bears enormous responsibility for his spiritual children. Such work requires wisdom and great moral strength in order to continue to serve the Lord and the flock.

This is why it is so important to pray for a spiritual mentor. Many holy fathers and elders emphasize the need for this measure. The flock prays for the salvation of the confessor, which gives the priest all-round help from God. Often the entire community performs united prayer work in difficult moments, for example, if the priest is ill. In such situations, the value of sincere prayers increases.

Prayer for a confessor is a contribution with which a Christian can support the priest and provide assistance. After all, the mentor devotes a lot of energy to his children, and bears the entire burden of other people’s sins, doubts and fears. He just needs support from his wards. Mentioning the priest in prayer is such support.

Church demands for father and mother

If the mother or father is seriously ill or in a difficult situation, you need to strengthen your prayer with the help of church demands. Church prayers are offered only for those baptized into Orthodoxy.

The following are ordered in the temple:

  • notes for the liturgy about the living and the deceased;
  • magpie;
  • “The Everlasting Psalter” (in monastery churches);
  • prayer for health;
  • memorial service for the dead;
  • Sacrament of Unction.

They pray especially intensely for unbelieving parents. In this case, reading the Psalter, remembrance at services, alms given for health and admonition help.

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