How to get to the Khovanskoye Cemetery, celebrity graves, opening hours

Cities with a large population are required to have not only a well-developed infrastructure, but also to think about where the dead will find their final resting place. In such megacities there is not one, but several cemeteries. Moscow was no exception. This city is crowded with people. Several dozen people die every day. And they all need to be buried. The capital of Russia has several cemeteries where both ordinary people and those who have a state-defined right to burial benefits are buried. The list of the most famous also includes the burials of the Khovanskoye Cemetery, the opening hours of which and how to get to it you will learn from our article.

History of education

The cemetery was founded near the village of Nikolo-Khovanskaya in 1972. Over time, this site began to belong to the Novomoskovsky administrative district, and the graveyard is now geographically located in the Novoperedelkino area.

The Khovanskoye cemetery is not only the largest in Russia, but is also considered one of the largest necropolises in Europe. Today its territory covers almost 200 hectares of land, although initially the area did not exceed 88 hectares. This is the Central part , which was founded first. Just six years later, in 1978, the Northern part - an area of ​​60 hectares. And in 1992, another 50 hectares were annexed from the western side - the Western part . Thus, the territory of the cemetery is conditionally divided into three parts:

The Central Cemetery is the oldest, founded in 1972. The Northern Cemetery was added later, in 1978. The Western Cemetery was opened in 1992.

In 1988, a crematorium was opened on the territory of the necropolis, the services of which can be used by residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as nearby districts. You can find out how much cremation will cost directly from the crematorium staff or by contacting the administration. Next to the crematorium there is a columbarium where you can place an urn with ashes, and a special area for burial.

In 1997, in the Western part of the churchyard, a plot was allocated for the burial of Muslims. The ritual ablution, located there, allows for burial in compliance with the traditions of Islam.

On the territory of the necropolis there are Orthodox monasteries:

The Chapel of the Icon of the Vladimir Mother of God is the first Orthodox building of the Khovansky churchyard. The Church of the Holy Prophet the Forerunner and Baptist John is the most majestic building with two chapels. One was consecrated in honor of Archbishop Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra, the other in honor of Prince Vladimir. The Church of Marina the Venerable is located in the administration building.

Despite the vast territory, there is almost no free space left in the cemetery. Therefore, in recent years, burials in a coffin have been permitted only in family graves.

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Driving directions.

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History and how to get there

This is one of the largest cemeteries in Moscow. It is located in the Novomoskovsk district. There is a functioning crematorium on its territory. This cemetery was founded in 1972 near the village of Nikolo-Khovanskaya. Some mistakenly call it Nikolo-Khovanskoye, although the real name is Khovanskoye Cemetery.

There is also some unpleasant history associated with this cemetery. It's no secret that such territories are under the control of certain criminal groups. They make a certain profit from this. So in May 2021, a mass fight took place on the territory of the cemetery, the participants of which, according to some sources, were from 100 to half a thousand people.

It took place between representatives of the Healthy Nation organization, as well as natives of Chechnya and Dagestan, against residents of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. During the fight, rebar, baseball bats, shovel handles and shovels themselves, as well as traumatic weapons, were used. In addition, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and several shell casings were found at the scene.

During the brawl, 3 people died. Law enforcement agencies detained about fifty participants. 14 people were arrested. As the press service stated, the cause of this conflict was the division of the necropolis service area. This field of activity brings in quite a bit of income.

The territory of this necropolis is about 197 hectares, which gives it a full right to first place in the ranking of the largest cemeteries in Moscow. Visiting the territory is allowed only during opening hours of the Khovansky Cemetery. Geographically it is divided into three parts:

Western. It has been open since 1992 and at this time the territory is already more than 50 hectares. Northern. Started working in 1978. The territory is located on 60 hectares. Central. It has been operating since 1972 and occupies about 80 hectares.

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The crematorium was built in 1988 and put into operation the same year. It provides services to residents of Moscow, the Moscow region and surrounding districts. About 30-40 cremations are carried out there every day. Not far from it there is a columbarium and a special area where you can bury an urn with ashes in the ground. Since 1997, a special site appeared on the territory of the Western part where burials of Muslims were allowed. There is also a functioning ritual ablution, which allows you to observe all the traditions of Islam.

The cemetery is also famous for its buildings. So among them there are:

Church of the Holy Prophet the Forerunner and Baptist John with the chapels of Prince Vladimir and Archbishop Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra, two chapels of Marina the Venerable and the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God.

Various ritual services and funeral services are held in the monasteries. There is also an administration office at the cemetery. Since the opening of the necropolis, an archive of burials has been maintained.

How to get to Khovanskoye Cemetery

On the Internet, as well as on cemetery booklets, the address is indicated: Moscow, Sosenskoye settlement, Mosrentgen settlement, 21st km of Kievskoe highway. These coordinates will be useful to you if you use a navigator.

Dear brothers and sisters! We invite you to visit the unique resource With its help, you can convey your aspirations to St. Petersburg churches, chapels, monasteries, and also contact the righteous at the place of their burial. We will write a note ourselves, take it to the temple and send you a photo report by email. Turning to God with the help of prayers has helped many people overcome grief, regain health and the joy of worldly life.

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But if you travel by public transport, then you need to know how to get from the metro to the Khovanskoye Cemetery. There are several ways to get to your destination from different metro stations. So:

From metro station Teply Stan goes by bus number 600. Get off at the Khovanskoye Cemetery stop. From the station. metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya, metro station Troparevo, metro station Salaryevo and metro station From Rumyantsevo, take bus number 802 to the Khovanskoye Central Cemetery stop.

Opening hours for visiting the graves of the Khovansky Cemetery depend on the time of year, as in other cemeteries. Visits from October to April are allowed from 9.00 to 17.00, and from May to September from 9.00 to 19.00.

Graves of famous people

Russia is rich not only in territory and resources, but also in outstanding people who continue to be admired even after their death. Fans visit the graves of their idols to commemorate and pay tribute.

Celebrity graves in Russian cemeteries, photos of tombstones.

I. S. Turgenev, A. I. Kuprin, N. S. Tyutchev, D. I. Mendeleev and many other writers, musicians and public figures are buried on the “Literary Bridges” of the Volkov Cemetery in St. Petersburg. The All Saints Cemetery in Tula became the last refuge for the outstanding gunsmiths and designers F.V. Tokarev and P.P. Tretyakov. Many celebrities have found eternal rest at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow. Here you can visit the graves of S. A. Yesenin and V. I. Surikov, as well as A. A. Mironov, V. S. Vysotsky and many others. The remains of Chekhov and Mayakovsky, Yeltsin and Gromyko, Levitan and Serov and other great figures of our country rest at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Moscow attracts the ambitious and talented. Many people have not only found a home, friends and family here, but also become famous. They lived and worked in this city, and here they found their last refuge. This is why the elite Khovanskoye Cemetery in Moscow is so popular: the graves of celebrities attract visitors from all over Russia.

Buried here:

heroes of the USSR - Vinogradov, Chernikov, Khvostunov; artists and singers - Belov, Volyntsev, Karavaeva, Lezhdei; athletes and coaches - Bykova, Khomich, Broshin; famous scientific workers - Delaunay, Kostomarov.

In addition to law-abiding citizens and public figures, many crime bosses are buried here. For example, the leader of the Orekhovskaya group is Sergei Timofeev, nicknamed Sylvester. He is buried in the Western part of the Khovanskoye cemetery, on Orekhovskaya Alley.

Finding the right burial site will not be difficult. It is enough to contact the administration of the Khovanskoye cemetery; the list of those buried can also be viewed on the official website. And near the entrance to each part of the necropolis you can see the layout of the sites.

Khovanskoye Cemetery


Since this territory is serviced, it is in its office that archival records can be found. They contain all the necessary information about the buried people. The data is stored from the first day of operation of the cemetery.

The Help Center is located to the left of the entrance. Here you can also see a diagram of the entire territory, and with its help you can find the necessary grave. It is worth noting that the list of people buried here can be found on the official website.

Military and historical burials

Heroes of the USSR - Vinogradov, Khvastunov Chernikov, and many others - were interred in this cemetery. Here are the burial places of heroes of the Great Patriotic War:

  • Kabanova K.M.;
  • Kirichenko M.M. and others.

It is worth noting that the territory contains a huge number of graves of those killed in the Great Patriotic War. Tombstones were installed in their place. Not long ago, a monument to the fallen heroes was erected on the site of the mass grave.

Place at Khovanskoye Cemetery is free

Since 2021, any citizen of the Russian Federation who died in Moscow can get a place at the Khovanskoye cemetery (Western and Central) free of charge.

You can get a place at the Khovanskoye Northern Cemetery for free:

If there is a related grave (and direct relationship with those buried in it); If the deceased had services to the state or Moscow (awards, titles, regalia).

A free place for citizens with merit must be requested and processed in a special manner through the Department of Trade and Services. This can be done by relatives of the deceased or a ritual agent on behalf of the family. In a number of particularly important cases, the decision to allocate a site is made at the government level.

Registration takes place at the “one-stop service” of the Moscow Department of Trade and Services at 1st Krasnogvardeisky Proezd 21с1. Consultation on the possibility of providing a free cemetery plot can be obtained on the official website of the Department of Trade and Services or from the Central Dispatch Service by calling +7 (495) 100-3-100.

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